PrizePicks And Underdog Return To Florida With New DFS Options

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Florida PrizePicks Underdog

Florida DFS fans have officially seen the return of PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy to the Sunshine State. After previously being forced out of Florida by the Gaming Control Commission, the fantasy sports operators have returned with new game modes.

These new game modes are peer-to-peer options that seem to satisfy Florida’s regulations. Florida initially booted PrizePicks, Underdog, and other similar apps for offering game modes that were too similar to player props at sportsbooks. Fans in Florida can now return to the popular Pick Em apps in new forms.

PrizePicks Arena Explained

PrizePicks returns to Florida with PrizePicks Arena. This new peer-to-peer game sees fans compete with other customers for cash prizes. The way it works is fans will select at least two players from different teams. Patrons would then have to choose either More or Less on the player’s stats. After this selection, fans will have two ways to win.

The first is coming first place in the group assigned by PrizePicks. PrizePicks will assign patrons into groups with the same amount of player selections. Whoever scores the most in that group will receive the payout.

The second way to win will be to pick a perfect lineup. If fans’ player selections are perfect, they automatically payout. Whichever payout is higher will be granted by PrizePicks.

Underdog Pick Em Champions Explained

Underdog Fantasy is returning to Florida with Underdog Pick Em Champions. This game mode is a peer-to-peer fantasy contest where participants create rosters of two to five players. For each player on the roster, fans select either higher or lower on the player’s stats for their respective games.

At least two players from different teams must be selected for rosters. Entrants will compete with their rosters against other entrants for a set prize pool. The calculation of the Champions Prize will be awarded based upon the scoring criteria accompanying the contest you enter. This is according to the terms and conditions.

If only one contestant has the most correct picks, then that contestant will win the full prize. If contestants are tied, they will split the prize pool. A total of 50,000 entries will be available for each contest.

  • Total fees for a Champions contest: $50,000
  • Total amount of Champions Prize: $30,000
  • Maximum number of entries in a Champions contest: 50,000