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Written By FairwayJay on May 21, 2021 - Last Updated on May 23, 2021

The NBA Playoffs bracket is set, and the play-in tournament games are complete. That includes the Los Angeles Lakers securing the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference with a play-in game victory over the Golden State Warriors. Now the Lakers are a historic favorite over the No. 2 seed Phoenix Suns in opening round playoff action.

Bettors are taking positions in NBA playoffs series and futures bets, and PointsBet is offering some enticing promotions during first-round action.  

Beyond the two risk-free bets up to $2,000, PointsBet is offering the best spread odds that continue through Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs.

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PointsBet “No Juice” Promo for NBA Playoffs

Sportsbooks have some amazing offers for the start of the NBA Playoffs, and PointsBet is leading the way with its “no juice” promotion.

PointsBet “no juice” offer means all spread bets have +100 odds, or the equivalent. There is no juice, as opposed to the standard -110 odds you’ll often see at most sportsbooks.  

This offer is for the following states only:

So, if you’re looking to bet on the NBA games, PointsBet will give you a great chance to maximize your profit — and at normal sportsbook limits.

Bet Amount+100 (No Juice)-110-120-130
$10Win $10Win $9.09Win $8.33Win $7.69
$20Win $20Win $18.18Win $16.66Win $15.38
$100Win $100Win $90.91Win $83.33Win $76.92

While you can see the difference in your profit when you win a $10 bet with no juice vs -110, -120 or even -130 vigorish, the savings applies to when you lose your bet as well.

If you place a $10 spread bet and your team loses, you lose $10. But in order to win the same $100, you would have to bet $11 or more to win $10. So if the team you bet on loses, you lose $11 at -110 odds, and $12 at -120 odds.

Fans of the top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers may be able to take advantage of these fantastic offers next year, as PointsBet gains access to Pennsylvania.

NBA Futures Bets

The Knicks (+100) vs Atlanta Hawks (-120) series match-up is drawing more action and interest at PointsBet.

“The Knicks represent our top liability for both the Eastern Conference and NBA Title,” PointsBet Director of Communications told TheLines.

PointsBet took a $2,000 bet in February on the Knicks to win the Eastern Conference at 150/1 odds.

PointsBet also took a $1,000 bet in early March on the Knicks to win the Eastern Conference at 200/1 odds.

In mid-April as the Knicks were rolling through a 9-game winning streak, PointsBet took a $500 bet on the Knicks to win the NBA Title at 250/1 odds.

New York enters the NBA Playoffs at +10000, or 100/1 to win the NBA Title.

Check out the daily NBA Playoffs odds, matchups and game analysis at TheLines, and take advantage of the PointsBet “no juice” promotion during Round 1.

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