PointsBet, FOX Bet Gearing Up For NFL Season With User-Created Custom Prop Bets

Written By Marco Cerino on August 27, 2020
FOX Bet PointsBet Create Own Custom Prop

Nothing is set in stone in 2020, but it appears one major portion of Americana will go forward as planned: the National Football League.

The return of the NFL means a big boost to sports betting. From weekly games to season-long futures, billions will be wagered across the nation on the action. While many sportsbooks have extensive menus of options, some players will go for off-the-board action – and some outlets are there to offer these players a chance to design their own prop bets.

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PointsBet and FOX Bet allowing for users to get creative

PointsBet and FOX Bet are accepting custom bets from accountholders through email or social media. You can tweet @PointsBetUSA with your own idea for a prop, and at @FOXBet with the hashtag: #custombet.  The books have the final say on whether they will accept a bet and how they will price it.

“Name-a-Bet is typically a game-by-game ordeal,” said Patrick Eichner of PointsBet. “Throughout the whole NFL offseason, we’ve been going along with season player props, particularly in response to trade news, like DeAndre Hopkins going to Arizona, the free agency moves like Teddy Bridgewater joining the Panthers.”

Each book has several season long custom props currently available on their respective sites. Most of these feature expected starters at key skill positions. Some listed props only have the option to bet the Over on a total, while others offer both sides of the wager. Eichner noted that if the season doesn’t go the full 16 games, the bets will be voided.

Custom prop examples

FOX Bet has a full section of their NFL menu devoted to custom bets. In lieu of listing by teams, the site has tiered props (more like multi-leg parlays) grouped by payout. Some examples include:

  • An all-Keystone State Super Bowl between the Eagles and Steelers priced at 100/1
  • Tom Brady getting two or more rushing TDs this year at +110
  • Bills to make the playoffs and Stefon Diggs to record 1000 or more receiving yards at +150
  • Bird gauntlet: Cowboys to win a game against all five NFL bird teams (Eagles, Cardinals, Ravens, Seahawks, Falcons)
  • Any division to have all four teams make the playoffs +2000
  • All four NFC West teams to make the playoffs at +2800

Like many other portions of their book, FOXBet has input from some on-air personalities when it comes to custom bets. Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright are featured on FOXBet, taking opposite sides on the Brady to Tampa move. Cowherd’s offering +250 for the Buccaneers to make the playoffs and the Patriots to miss the postseason, while Wright’s taking the opposite for +333.

Eichner noted that the sites are limited to what’s available through state regulations on these customs bets. Sites will feature major names and will typically avoid fringe players who aren’t certain to get much playing time. For instance, the Bucs offer props on Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski, but so far they aren’t taking action on second-year wideout Justin Watson – who will be a candidate to fill the Julian Edelman/Wes Welker/Chris Hogan spot in the Brady paradigm.

One area that PointsBet will not engage players in is uncertainties – like where certain names will wind up this season (if at all). So for those who think they have an inside track on who will sign Josh Gordon or Antonio Brown, sorry – no bets will be taken on those markets.

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