A Dota Lull, Overwatch Full Release, And Even Some Vainglory: What’s On This Week In Esports Betting

Written By Ollie Ring on May 24, 2016 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]Although last week was somewhat of a quiet week in the esports world, it’s beginning to heat up across multiple games again as we gear up towards some truly epic events.

Here’s the roundup of what’s going on this week, both in terms of events and the markets available at esportsbooks.

The bookies and what they’re offering

Following an intriguing eSports Betting Summit in Kensington, London last week, we would expect high street bookmakers to begin to expand their offering significantly.

Most representatives seemed amazed when told about the size of the esports world and just how much revenue is floating around the industry. Here’s the round-up of what each bookie has on offer.


Pinnacle are the “veterans” in the budding esports betting industry and offer the most comprehensive range of odds available on esports from any traditional bookmaker. Its sportsbook is not as deep as others, but the sheer size of its esports offering dwarves that of most other bookies.

Pinnacle offers markets including kill lines, first blood, first to ten kills and map markets in a significant offering across Dota and CS:GO this week.


SkyBet’s partnership with Betgenius continues to see them take a leading stance for the more renowned high-street bookmakers.

The company offers odds on League of Legends this week, where Pinnacle do not, as well as all Dota games, CS:GO games and even Call of Duty games. The detail on SkyBet this week actually usurps that of Pinnacle.

SkyBet is offering markets on first Roshan/Baron, Total Roshans slain, etc., as well as the markets that are found on Pinnacle. The Dota odds and CS:GO odds are more limited than that in League of Legends, but with up to 31 additional markets available in League, it’s definitely the place to go for a fan of Riot’s leading title.


BetWay are covering the big fixtures in League, Dota and CS:GO as well as offering simple match betting on Call of Duty. BetWay features up to eight additional markets in CS:GO and up to 18 in League of Legends and Dota.

It remains a top site to visit should you wish to take advantage of accumulator insurance offers or welcome bonuses exclusively for esports.


Bet365 continues to offer variety without a huge amount of depth. It covers all of the big esports fixtures including Call of Duty, yet the markets are significantly more limited than that of BetWay, SkyBet and Pinnacle.

Arguably, the markets for League on “being undefeated in regular season” are unique and the ante-post markets tend to be relatively substantial.

Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and Coral

The offering from PaddyPower this week is probably more bizarre than ever. The site is offering no match betting markets on any of the big games across League or CS:GO, yet has match betting on Vainglory, the mobile game that has become a small esport in its own right.

Ladbrokes is offering match betting and map betting on each of the big titles and games this week. Meanwhile, Coral again seemed to have missed the boat, plane, bus and train on this one, as it is offering a whopping zero markets for any game this week.

Now, let’s move on to the events.

Esports events of note this week

League of Legends

The action this week in the Riot community comes from Asia, with South Korean and Chinese teams in action.

It’s not the tier one teams that will be facing off, but the action from the Coca-Cola-sponsored Champions Korea Summer Group Stage, as well as the Pro League, should keep League fans satisfied.


The Starcraft scene continues to be quiet, with very few matches taking place this week. The Dutchman “uThermal” will take on Korean “TY” later this week in the Kung Fu (Season 1) Playoffs.


The Counter-Strike scene is back in full swing this week with top teams competing against each other in both E-League and the eSports Championship Series.

If one thing’s for sure, fans are spoilt for choice this week as Operation Kinguin also continues.

Dota 2

The Dota 2 world is in a slight lull, with qualifiers being dusted off for The Summit 5 and Nanyang this week.

All eyes, however, will be on the Manila Major, which kicks off at the start of June and will be quickly followed by ESL Frankfurt. Teams are competing for their invitation to The International, Valve’s flagship event.

The compendium is on sale and fans are ploughing money into the crowd-funded prize pool, which could reach even more than the staggering $18 million it reached last year.

Heroes of the Storm

There’s very limited HotS action this week with the main competition coming from the Super League playoffs and the Taiwan regional.


The wait is over, and Blizzard’s latest blockbuster title, Overwatch, has finally been released to the general public. There are several launch tournaments taking place, but none of them to a professional level just yet.

With a lot of the esports world watching on keenly, this title is expected to be the next big esports platform. Keep an eye out as the professional scene starts to take shape over the coming weeks and bookmakers latch on.

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