Can I Bet On College Football In Oregon?

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In 2024, sports betting laws across the country are fairly consistent. Either a state has legalized and launched sports betting, or it hasn’t. But when it comes to college sports betting, laws can be pretty muddy, especially in Oregon. This season, the Oregon Ducks college football team transitions from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten. They’re currently among the favorites in Big Ten odds and even National Title odds.

If the answer to “Can I bet on college football in Oregon?” was straightforward, there wouldn’t be any need for this piece. But it’s not as simple as yes or no. So, let’s explore.

Can I Bet On College Football In Oregon?

Well, kind of. DraftKings Sportsbook has an official partnership with the Oregon state lottery, established in 2021. Since then, no other major brands (FanDuel, Caesars, BetMGM, etc.) have been able to get footing in the Beaver State. The bottom line is that Oregon doesn’t have any laws banning college sports betting.

But don’t expect to fire up DraftKings Sportsbook and throw a future on Oregon to win the Big Ten. The Oregon Lottery opted out of offering college sports betting in 2019 to avoid friction with the NCAA. Years later, that friction is coming to fruition; current NCAA President Charlie Baker is campaigning to limit what is offered on college sports across the country. In 2024, Ohio became the latest step to limit action by banning college player prop betting.

However, bettors aren’t out of luck if they want to put action on college sports this year in Oregon.

Some tribal-owned casinos in the state do offer college markets. Across the country, tribal-owned casinos operate on a different set of laws than U.S. sanctioned sportsbooks. Look no further than the state of Florida for an example.

Oregon is definitely an outlier. Of the 26 states that offer DraftKings Sportsbook, only Maine and Oregon don’t offer college sports markets.

Check out our Big Ten odds preview for a complete rundown on Oregon football this year. For a full preview of Oregon State, check out our Independents and Pac-12 odds preview.

Editor’s Note

Will College Sports Betting Ever Be Offered In Oregon?

Under its current setup, it’s unlikely that DraftKings or other sportsbooks in Oregon offer college sports markets. In 2022, Senate Bill 1503 lobbied for the Oregon Lottery to offer college sports betting at DraftKings. That bill faced heavy backlash and ultimately failed. Its most staunch – and likely unchanging – opposition comes from the tribes that run the major casinos. Until that hurdle is overcome (an unlikely result), DraftKings won’t offer college sports markets.

The major tribal-owned casinos do offer online sports betting. Oregon bettors can log on and wager on the Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers this season. But without the ability to shop lines, many bettors opt not to.

The lone possibility to push legislation forward would be through organization of other tribes in the state – ones that currently don’t have the ability to offer college markets. So far, that’s proven to be a fruitless effort.

Oregon, Oregon State Gear Up For New-Look 2024

Conference realignment came for both state schools this year. The Oregon Ducks – alongside UCLA, USC, and Washington – depart the Pac-12 for the Big Ten. Oregon State was unable to latch on to a new conference, as was Washington State. The two schools were essentially left behind as the remnants of the Pac-12. As a result, the Beavers inked a scheduling alliance with the Mountain West for this season.

Transfer QB Dillon Gabriel joins Oregon after another successful season at Oklahoma. The uber-efficient veteran is among the favorites at Heisman Trophy odds boards. Gabriel transfers in alongside Texas A&M star receiver Evan Stewart. Stewart bolsters one of the best skill groups that also includes Gabriel, SLOT Tez Johnson, RB Jordan James, and TE Terrance Ferguson.

Oregon State had to hire a new coaching staff, now headed by former defensive coordinator Trent Bray. Bray collected a staff of Oregon State alumni to help rebuild the Beavers program and navigate them through the most uncertain time in program history.

College Sports Betting Laws By State

StateLegal Sports Betting?Bet On College Sports?Bet On College Props?
ConnecticutYesYes, no in-state*Yes, no in-state*
DelawareYes, Retail onlyYes, no in-stateYes, no in-state
IllinoisYesYes, in-person on in-state teamsYes, no in-state
IndianaYesYesYes, no live props
KentuckySept. 7 in-person, Sept. 28 onlineYesYes
LouisianaYes, by parishYesYes
MaineLegal, not yet live
MassachusettsYesYes, no in-state*Yes, no in-state*
MississippiYes, retailYesYes
MontanaYes, retailYesYes
NebraskaYesYes, no in-stateNo
New HampshireYesYes, no in-state^Yes, no in-state^
New JerseyYesYes, no in-state^Yes, no in-state^
New MexicoYes, retailVariesVaries
New YorkYesYes, no in-stateNo
North CarolinaYes, retailYesYes
North DakotaYes, retailVariesVaries
Rhode IslandYesYes, no in-state^Yes, no in-state^
South CarolinaNo
South DakotaYes, retailYes, no in-stateNo
VermontLegal, not yet launched
VirginiaYesYes, no in-stateNo
WashingtonYes, retailYes, no in-stateYes, no in-state
Washington, DCYesYes, no in-state^Yes, no in-state^
West VirginiaYesYesNo
WisconsinYes, retailYes, no in-stateYes, no in-state

*No in-state betting on teams or props except when those teams are playing in tournaments.
^No betting on in-state teams OR games taking place inside the state.

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