Polls Conflict On How Many Will Sign Up For Ohio Sports Betting

Written By Giovanni Shorter on September 21, 2022
Ohio Sports Betting Poll

A new poll conducted by NBC4, Emerson College, and The Hill examined the upcoming sports betting market in Ohio. The results showed that 84% of polled residents won’t be partaking in sports betting once the market goes live on January 1, 2023.

However, an earlier poll suggests that percentage is too high.

Ohio Residents Not For Sports Betting

The majority of Ohio residents who were polled regarding sports betting state they are simply uninterested in the practice. Some are outright opposed to sports gambling, while others are just personally not interested in betting.

“I have enough vices already,” said Paul Vanwagenen, an Ohio voter. “I’ll pass on gambling, thank you.”

Sports betting in Ohio has already passed into law. It is interesting to see the contrast in public perception of betting in Ohio compared to other recently surveyed markets like California and Minnesota . The varying results of these recent polls showcase that sports betting as a whole is not viewed the same in every market.

Of the ones who are in favor, 8% plan to wager on sports at both online sportsbooks and retail sportsbooks.

Another Poll Suggests Higher Ohio Sports Betting Participation

An earlier poll released in July and reported on by The Center Square revealed that 66% of Ohio residents do not plan to bet on sports once the market launches.

This survey also revealed that 9% of Ohio residents already partake in sports betting and 57% of those bettors are expected to wager weekly post-launch. 19% of those bettors are expected to wager at least once a month

Two separate polls taken within months of one another revealing the lack of interest in sports betting raises some eyebrows as to how the market itself will fair.

Why Locals Oppose Betting?

There can be a number of reasons why local residents seem to be opposing the upcoming betting market. Gambling still has a negative stigma attached to it for many, and several Ohio residents could share these views.

Another possibility could be specifically those who have been polled. Despite these polls being statewide, the sample sizes for both are small. The NBC4 poll only surveyed a thousand residents. Ohio has approximately 8 million adults over 21 years old, according to recent demographics.

Social media responses have shown a strong local yearning for betting to be live, contradictory to the results of the poll.

Despite the polls suggesting most are against betting, research has shown that Ohio’s betting market will be a successful one.

Ohio Expected To Make Billions

An estimated $3 billion is expected to be made on betting revenue within the first few years. Ohio is home to several professional teams and collegiate programs. Every pro team has applied for a betting license and there will be several online sportsbooks accessible on launch.

The wide selection of local teams and sports betting options makes Ohio a ripe location for major betting revenue. The American Gaming Association shows that $3.61 billion is the economic impact of gambling in Ohio currently, even without sports betting.

While the poll makes it seem as if most residents will not embrace sports betting, Ohio is still poised to be a market leader in betting once they go live.

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