Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Guide

Odds, Schedule And Predictions

There’s a learning curve that comes with taking Tom Brady from New England after 20 years and sticking him in the high-flying system of Bruce Arians. Once the Bucs were all on the same page, they began clicking and Brady’s firing on all cylinders. The real story behind Tampa’s success this year, though, has been about their stud defense, led by Shaquil Barrett and Lavonte David. They’ve been excellent against the run and put up a fearsome pass rush, giving the offense more time to learn and adjust.

Can Brady lead the Bucs to another Super Bowl? Below is a guide for betting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, complete with live odds tables and weekly analysis.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 7 odds

It was the most impressive win of the season for Tampa Bay, as Tom Brady and Co. blew out the Green Bay Packers. The Bucs defense led the way, picking off Aaron Rodgers twice and sacking him five times (Green Bay did not have a turnover through their first four games). Tampa Bay also limited the Packers to 10 points, 160 passing yards, and 94 rushing yards.

Tampa Bay will look to keep the momentum going in Week 7 against the Raiders on Sunday night. The Buccaneers opened as 2.5-point road favorites. 

The Bucs rank first in team defense DVOA and first in pass defense DVOA, and will look to disrupt Derek Carr and the Raiders’ passing game. Carr is going to see a lot of pressure, too, as Tampa is second in the league in sacks per game and sack percentage. To complete the defense, the Bucs are first in rushing yards allowed per game (64.3). If the defense plays like they did last week, Tom Brady and company will not have to do much to outscore the Raiders.

Bucs futures odds

Bucs Super Bowl odds

In their first statement win of the season, Tampa Bay soundly beat the Packers 38-10 and held Aaron Rodgers to his worst mark of the season. On the backs of their incredible defense, the Bucs now sit at +1300 to win the Super Bowl.

NFC South odds

It’s back to first place for the Buccaneers– in both record and odds. Tampa sits half a game ahead of New Orleans and edges them on the odds table at +105 (Saints are +110).

Buccaneers team win total

The Bucs are again reflected as one of the offseason’s most improved teams with a projected win total of 9.5. Should the Bucs finish at 10-6 (or 10-5-1), the bettor would win if he bet on the Over.

Buccaneers schedule and odds

Week DateTimeOpponentOpening spread
Week 1Sunday, Sept. 134:25 p.m. ETat New OrleansSaints -4
Week 2Sunday, Sept. 201:00 p.m. ETvs. CarolinaBuccaneers -8
Week 3Sunday, Sept. 274:25 p.m. ETat DenverBuccaneers -3
Week 4Sunday, Oct. 41:00 p.m. ETvs. LA ChargersBuccaneers -8
Week 5Thursday, Oct. 88:20 p.m. ETat ChicagoBuccaneers -2.5
Week 6Sunday, Oct. 184:25 p.m. ETvs. Green BayBuccaneers -4.5
Week 7Sunday, Oct. 258:20 p.m. ETat Las Vegas Buccaneers -3.5
Week 8Monday, Nov. 28:15 p.m. ETat NY GiantsBuccaneers -3.5
Week 9Sunday, Nov. 88:20 p.m. ETvs. New OrleansBuccaneers -0.5
Week 10Sunday, Nov. 151:00 p.m. ETat CarolinaBuccaneers -8
Week 11Monday, Nov. 238:15 p.m. ETvs. LA RamsBuccaneers -4.5
Week 12Sunday, Nov. 294:25 p.m. ETvs. Kansas CityChiefs -2.5
Week 13Sunday, Dec. 6BYE
Week 14Sunday, Dec. 131:00 p.m. ETvs. MinnesotaBuccaneers -5
Week 15Sunday, Dec. 201:00 p.m. ETat AtlantaBuccaneers -3
Week 16TBATBAat DetroitBuccaneers -7
Week 17Sunday, Jan. 31:00 p.m. ETvs. AtlantaN/A

How to bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers opened as the early favorites in nearly every single one of their 2020 games following the signing of Brady. Let’s look at what those odds and lines mean, as well as the rest of the key betting terms you need to know to have success at the sportsbooks in 2020.


Bettors looking to simply chase winning tickets can start with the moneyline. All that’s needed is to pick the team that will win the game outright. Because of this relative simplicity, odds on favorites can go as low as -500 for a profit of just $2 on a $10 bet.

Great value can exist with underdogs, however, as they can be priced at +500 or higher for a $50 return on the same $10 wager. Be sure not to blindly follow high odds, though, as the higher the number, the lower the likelihood of a straight-up win.

More commonly, odds will range from -200 to +200 for one team or the other to win. Any NFL game with a winner will allow one side of the bet to cash tickets. A tie results in a push and all bets are refunded in full.

Odds are influenced by the NFL standings, home-field advantage, injuries and player news, and public betting action. The 2020 hype around the Buccaneers’ offseason moves has had a huge impact on their early betting odds.


Against the spread odds don’t carry the same value for underdogs, but they’re generally far more appealing bets for favorites. Instead of backing one team to beat the other outright, both teams are set against a number of points by which they’ll need to either win or lose.

Point spreads are most commonly set at 2.5, 3.5, 6.5, or 7.5 points to reflect scoring margins of field goals and touchdowns. Odds can range from -120 to +120 but are typically equal on both sides of the line. Say the Bucs were -7.5 favorites to beat the Panthers (+7.5) at home with -110 odds. Should they win by 8 or more points, a $10 bet would result in a profit of $9.09. If the Panthers were to cover +7.5 and lose by 7 or fewer points, their side of the bet would win.

A push results on the rare occasion a line is bet down to a whole number such as 3 or 7. If the Bucs were to win by exactly 7 points, all bets would be refunded.


Totals can be bet on their own or parlayed with either the moneyline or spread. Lines are set for how many points the two teams will combine to score in a game with bettors able to back either the Over or Under. Scores can range from the mid-30s to high 50s. The caliber of the teams, star players involved and weekly television timeslot all go into setting the line.

Primetime games on Sunday or Monday Night Football are likely to see inflated totals as viewers expect to see touchdowns regardless of the matchup. Thursday night games will typically have lower projections with teams on short practice weeks.

Like with spreads, odds are usually equal on either side of the line and range from -120 to +120. A final score of 52 matching the line will result in a push.

Alternate lines will be also be set for the moneyline, spread and total for each half or quarter. Bettors can also get more profitable odds or safer bets with lower or higher lines for spreads and totals.


Prop bets set specified players or teams against statistical production in a game. Over/Under lines will be set for a receiver’s yardage total, a quarterback’s touchdown total, or the total amount of rushing yards for both teams. Odds are again set relatively conservatively and will range from -130 to +130 for Over/Under wagers.

Yes/No bets can also be made for topics such as whether a certain player will score a touchdown or commit a turnover. Higher odds can be found for prop bets containing larger pools of possibilities such as which player will score the game’s first touchdown or finish with the highest receiving total. These can also ask bettors to predict exact scores or winning margins.

As one of the most loved, and hated, players in the NFL, Brady’s season props always receive an overabundance of betting action. His passing yardage total is set at 4,200.5 with -110 odds on both sides. He’s also projected for 29.5 passing touchdowns with -110 on both the Over and Under for a $9.09 profit on a $10 wager.

WR Chris Godwin’s yardage line is 1,250.5 and Mike Evans’ is 1200.5. Both receivers are getting -110 odds on either side of their line. Gronkowski’s touchdown total is set at 5.

Brady is the team’s top contender for NFL MVP. See below for current Tomy Brady props and futures at US sportsbooks.


Futures bets focus on season-long accomplishments such as a team’s chance of winning its division or the Super Bowl, or of a player or coach winning an end-of-year award. They’ll also include season-long props such as win totals for teams and statistical production for players.

Odds are released up to a year or more in advance and are adjusted throughout the league year. Major events such as the NFL draft, free agency and trades will be reflected in the odds for multiple teams or players. Like with props, the larger the pool of possibilities, the higher the odds.

MVP odds can be listed for 100 or more players and range from +100 (even money) to as high as +30000 for a $3,000 return on a $10 bet. These are adjusted throughout the year based on players’ perceived likelihood of winning the award. Much heavier favorites emerge near the end of the season as long shots begin to drop out of contention.


“Buy” or “sell” points on spreads or totals in order to get higher odds or a safer line. Then, parlay bets from the same or different games into a larger wager with a higher payout. The more bet types included in the final parlay, the more difficult it is to win as each result will need to play out correctly.


Get action at any point following the opening kickoff with a live wager. Mobile betting also allows for wagers to be placed from wherever you may be, including when in attendance.

Lines will be adjusted throughout a game based on the score, and amount of time remaining. Injuries and big scoring plays or turnovers can also drastically swing the odds in a split second. The books are quick to adjust live odds and may even pull them off the board temporarily, so be sure to follow along and act quickly at a high number.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2019 season in review

Winston threw for a league-high 5,109 yards with 33 touchdowns against 30 interceptions. His high-risk style of play made Buccaneers games some of the most exciting in the NFL on a weekly basis, but he was finally deemed too risky to lead the team to the promised land. They moved on and brought in Brady.

The running game struggled to 95.1 yards per game to rank 24th in the NFL, but the Bucs finished the regular season fourth in the league with 28.6 points per game on offense. Defensively, only three teams allowed more points than Tampa Bay’s 28.1 PPG. A good chunk of the blame goes to poor field position as a result of a league-high 41 turnovers, rather than the personnel.

From a betting perspective, the Bucs went 5-9-2 against the spread while going 7-9 straight up. They won their games by an average of 0.6 PPG and covered the spread by 1.4 PPG, but five of their losses were by 7 or more points. The firewagon brand of football they played under Winston led to a league-best 12-4 record against the Over/Under. Their games outscored the projected total by an average of 8.2 PPG.

Buccaneers 2020 offseason moves

Key trades: 2020 fourth-round pick to the New England Patriots for TE Rob Gronkowski and a 2020 seventh-round pick.

Key re-signings: LB Shaquil Barrett (franchise tag), DE Jason Pierre-Paul (two years, $25 million), DE Ndamukong Suh (one year, $8 million), QB Blaine Gabbert (one year, $1.2 million), CB Ryan Smith (one year, $1.2 million)

Key free agent losses: DE Carl Nassib (OAK), DT Beau Allen (NE), RB Peyton Barber (WAS), WR Breshad Perriman (NYJ), QB Jameis Winston (still a free agent)

Key free agent signings: QB Tom Brady (two years, $50 million), G Joe Haeg (one year, $2.3 million)

The additions of Brady and Gronkowski rightfully will get all the attention for the Bucs’ offseason, but the retention of Barrett, JPP and Suh will also be key for the defense. None of the losses can be deemed significant outside of Allen. The Bucs roster, on paper, is among the most improved in the NFL this spring, and the sportsbooks have clearly taken note.