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The NFC West came down to the wire last year with the 49ers and Rams jockeying until Week 18. The Cardinals started strong before fading away, and all three teams have a legitimate shot to take the division crown this season. Here is an updated look at the NFC West futures market.

2022 NFC West odds

2022 NFC West outlook and predictions

The Rams were completely outclassed by the Bills on opening night, and their issues might go beyond a simple “Super Bowl Hangover.” Sean McVay continues to lose quality coaches to their own head coaching gigs, Matthew Stafford’s injured arm is now a viable excuse for his inaccuracy, and players have been underperforming across this star-studded roster.

However, the 49ers () did little to gain ground when they allowed 19 unanswered points to Chicago, with Trey Lance looking a bit overwhelmed in a full-time starting role.

While the Cardinals took a beating at the hands of the Chiefs, Arizona could pick up steam during the second half of the season when DeAndre Hopkins is eligible to return from suspension. They’ve been gaining a bit of steam with the Niners and Rams looking quite vulnerable in their respective openers.

The Seahawks () aren’t expected to compete for the division crown this year, but they take an unexpected lead in the NFC West at 1-0 after scoring an emotional win over Russell Wilson’s Broncos. Seattle still has odds as long as +1500 at Caesars and the Hawks best odds are currently +900 at PointsBet.

Past NFC West division winners

2021LA Rams*12-5
2020Seattle Seahawks12-4
2019San Francisco 49ers13-3
2018LA Rams13-3
2017LA Rams11-5
2016Seattle Seahawks10-5-1
2015Arizona Cardinals13-3
2014Seattle Seahawks12-4
2013Seattle Seahawks*13-3
2012San Francisco 49ers11-4-1
2011San Francisco 49ers13-3
2010Seattle Seahawks7-9

*Super Bowl champion

How to bet on NFL division winners

Consider odds of each team when betting. Like all bets, it’s critical to shop lines at different books to ensure you’re getting the best price. For example, just because DraftKings Sportsbook offers the 49ers +160 doesn’t mean they all do– FanDuel Sportsbook offers the same prop at +200. A successful $100 bet at FanDuel would yield $200 in winnings versus only $160 at DraftKings.

Longer odds (higher numbers) offer higher winnings, but suggest a lower probability of winning. Conversely, shorter odds (lower numbers) suggest a higher probability of winning, but lower winnings.

Keep up-to-date with TheLines, where we pull odds from dozens of sportsbooks to ensure you get the best price every time.

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