NFC South Betting Odds 2022

Division Winner And Betting Props


Most of the NFC South is entering a rebuild and all of them have some form of major turnover. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to run it back one more year, albeit under Todd Bowles. Otherwise, the other three members have QB situations in flux, imminent turnover in the coaching ranks, and likely a slew of high draft picks. How do NFC South odds boards lie for this coming season?

Below, we’ll look at the 2022 outlook of the NFC South, past winners, complete odds, and more.

NFC South odds

2022 NFC South outlook and predictions

Tom Brady and his receivers certainly weren’t clicking on all cylinders in Dallas, but the Buccaneers dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Brady is sure to figure things out in the coming weeks, so the Bucs () are deservedly favored by a wide margin.

There isn’t much competition in the division with the Saints looking extremely vulnerable in their narrow win at the Falcons. Atlanta blew yet another double-digit lead and seems destined for failure despite the positive growth their offense has shown under Arthur Smith.

The Panthers also seemed to take a small step forward in Baker Mayfield’s debut, but showed dysfunction in other areas, namely their run-blocking and rush defense.

Past NFC South division winners

2021Tampa Bay Buccaneers13-4
2020New Orleans Saints12-4
2019New Orleans Saints13-3
2018New Orleans Saints13-3
2017New Orleans Saints11-5
2016Atlanta Falcons 11-5
2015Carolina Panthers15-1
2014Carolina Panthers 7-8-1
2013Carolina Panthers12-4
2012Atlanta Falcons13-3
2011New Orleans Saints 13-3
2010 Atlanta Falcons 13-3

How to bet on NFL division winners

It’s important to note prices offered at different sportsbooks when betting NFL futures (and when making any bet, at that). Consider what a successful $100 bet on the Saints +350 would yield. You would win $350 plus the initial $100 bet back; at another book that offers the Saints at, say, +400 would result in $400 in winnings– $50 more than the other book with just a minute of looking.

Here at TheLines we collect prices from dozens of books for you, eliminating the time it would take to flip through tabs comparing.

Longer odds (higher numbers) suggest a higher payout but a lower implied probability. Shorter odds (lower numbers) reap less reward, but imply a higher probability of happening. Use converters and calculators to contextualize numbers you’re looking at on odds boards.

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