NFC North Betting Odds 2022

Division Winner And Betting Props


The Green Bay Packers opened as the biggest favorites to win their division with at least -300 odds to earn a third straight AFC North crown. After the Minnesota Vikings handled the Packers in Week 1, odds tables have shortened up considerably with those teams looking like capable contenders.

Here is a look at the landscape of the NFC North.

2022 NFC North odds

2022 NFC North outlook and predictions

The Vikings (10-3) weren’t able to clinch the division in Detroit this Sunday but they still have -10000 odds to win the NFC North with a sizable lead over the fighting Lions. Minnesota’s magic number is just one game to clinch their playoff spot as the North champs. 

The Lions (6-7) still have +4000 odds to win the NFC North and they essentially tripled their chances of making the playoffs as a Wild Card team by beating the Vikings. They’re getting +300 odds at DraftKings to make the postseason. 

Past NFC North division winners

2021Green Bay Packers13-4
2020Green Bay Packers13-3
2019Green Bay Packers13-3
2018Chicago Bears12-4
2017Minnesota Vikings13-3
2016Green Bay Packers10-6
2015Minnesota Vikings11-5
2014Green Bay Packers12-4
2013Green Bay Packers8-7-1
2012Green Bay Packers11-5
2011Green Bay Packers15-1
2010Chicago Bears11-5

How to bet on NFL division winners

When betting NFL futures (or any bet, at that) it’s important to shop lines. Consider the payout of a successful $100 bet on the Vikings at DraftKings Sportsbook, who offers Minnesota +275. That bet would yield $275 plus the initial $100 back ($375 total). However, laying the same bet at FanDuel Sportsbook (+300) would pay out $400 total ($300 in winnings), a $25 difference.

It may also be helpful to consider implied win probabilities. Use an odds converter to calculate these:

  • Packers (-190): 65.5%
  • Vikings (+275): 26.7%
  • Lions (+1000): 9.1%
  • Bears (+1200): 7.7%

Longer odds (higher numbers) will yield higher payouts, but suggest a lower win probability. Shorter odds (lower numbers) will have a lower payout but imply a higher win probability.

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