NFC East Betting Odds 2022

Division Winner And Betting Props

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Oddsmakers had the NFC East pegged as a close race between the Cowboys and Eagles to start the season. But Dallas has quickly faded after looking like a train wreck on Sunday night. The Giants and Commanders both started 1-0 and the Eagles looked sharp in their opening win.

This page serves as your one-stop shop for information on the NFC East that should lead you to the most intelligent bets. Find NFL odds, team previews, and the outlook of the 2022 NFC East.

NFC East odds 2022

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2022 NFC East outlook and predictions

The Eagles (13-3) could bring former NFL MVP favorite Jalen Hurts (shoulder) back from a two-game absence to ensure a win over the Giants that would lock up their division title. Philly has lost consecutive games without Hurts but is installed as a 14-point favorite with the visiting Giants already locked into playoff position. Oddsmakers at FanDuel give the Eagles -1400 odds to win their final game and clinch. 

The Cowboys (12-4) are giving 4 points in their finale at Washington, which plans to turn back to Taylor Heinicke at quarterback. The Commanders have been eliminated from contention and will look to spoil the Cowboys’ momentum. Dallas is getting +950 odds at FanDuel to win that game and secure the NFC East title with an Eagles loss. 

Past NFC East division winners

2021Dallas Cowboys12-5
2020Washington Commanders7-9
2019Philadelphia Eagles9-7
2018Dallas Cowboys10-6
2017Philadelphia Eagles*13-3
2016Dallas Cowboys13-3
2015Washington Commanders9-7
2014Dallas Cowboys12-4
2013Philadelphia Eagles10-6
2012Washington Commanders10-6
2011New York Giants*9-7
2010Philadelphia Eagles10-6

* Super Bowl champion

How to bet on NFL division winners

The odds with division futures tells you who is favored (lower numbers are favored) and how much a successful bet would earn you. Using the opening lines for this market, a $100 bet on Dallas (+130) would win you $130 with a total payout of $230. A $100 bet on the Eagles (+230) would pay $230 for a total payout of $330.

It’s important to shop around to find the best line on a team. Here at TheLines, we lay out dozens of prices in front of you, saving you lots of time.

Finding out handle and bet distribution can also be a handy tool when betting not just divisions, but all NFL futures. Say the Cowboys are soaking up 76% of public handle, it may be worth fading the public and betting on the Eagles instead. However, note where “sharp money” or high rollers are putting their money. If the Giants have just 6% of the bets just 28% of the handle, that may suggest someone is laying a very large bet on them.

NFL division betting previews

AFC EastNFC East
AFC NorthNFC North
AFC SouthNFC South
AFC WestNFC West