AFC South Betting Odds 2022

Division Winner And Betting Props


The AFC South has been a two-team race for the past several seasons and 2022 is not much different. The two-time reigning division champion Tennessee Titans sit behind the Indianapolis Colts on AFC South odds boards. The Colts added veteran Matt Ryan in the offseason and look to correct their disastrous implosion to end last season while the Titans, now down AJ Brown, hope to continue their control of the league.

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AFC South odds

2022 AFC South outlook and predictions

The Titans (+225) choked away a chance to open with an easy home win over the rebuilding Giants. Trading away A.J. Brown on draft night was such a glaring mistake that it seems to have cost Mike Vrabel in terms of the trust in the locker room, and this team hardly stood together down the stretch of their first close game.

While they ran into another disappointing loss against a division opponent, the Colts (-140) remain favorites after coming back from a 20-3 deficit to tie the Texans. Jonathan Taylor was unstoppable on the ground once again and Matt Ryan led Indy back to showcase their balance on offense.

Houston (+1800) showed some promise under veteran coach Lovie Smith, but clearly lacked the weaponry required to shut the door on the Colts.

The Jaguars (+700) were competitive at Washington in their opener, but still showed glaring deficiencies on defense.

Past AFC South division winners

2021Tennessee Titans12-5
2020Tennessee Titans11-5
2019Houston Texans10-6
2018Houston Texans11-5
2017Jacksonville Jaguars10-6
2016Houston Texans9-7
2015Houston Texans9-7
2014Indianapolis Colts11-5
2013Indianapolis Colts11-5
2012Houston Texans12-4
2011Houston Texans10-6
2010Indianapolis Colts10-6

How to bet on NFL division winners

When betting NFL division winners– and any futures– it may be beneficial to consider implied probabilities. This year’s AFC South implied win probabilities:

  • Indianapolis Colts -125 (55.6% implied probability)
  • Tennessee Titans +170 (37% implied probability)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +700 (12.5% implied probability)
  • Houston Texans +3000 (3.2% implied probability)

Also consider each team’s odds to calculate payouts and winnings. A $10 bet on the Titans +170 to win the AFC South would yield $17 in winnings plus the initial $10 bet back for a total $27 payout.

The longer the odds (greater numbers) offer higher payouts, but shorter odds (smaller numbers or minus numbers) imply a better probability.

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