AFC North Betting Odds 2022

Division Winner And Betting Props

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The AFC North remains one of the most competitive and physical divisions in football, with two teams standing a slight tier above the others in terms of all-around talent.

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to repeat their Super Bowl run, but the Baltimore Ravens () are the early favorites in their division with Lamar Jackson (ankle) healthy and motivated. The Cleveland Browns will be a run-heavy team while awaiting Deshaun Watson’s return while the Pittsburgh Steelers are reverting back to their defensive ways.

Below, we’ll look at the AFC North for the 2022 season, including odds, past winners, and more.

2022 AFC North odds

2022 AFC North outlook and predictions

The Bengals (11-4) have won seven straight and nine of their last ten games to take control of the AFC North. They will face the Ravens in Week 18 in a game that could determine the league champion. 

The Ravens (10-5) clinched a playoff spot in Week 16 with a win over the Falcons while the Bengals beat the Patriots. They still have their eyes on a division title and hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Bengals via a win in Week 5.

Past AFC North division winners

2021Cincinnati Bengals10-7
2020Pittsburgh Steelers12-4
2019Baltimore Ravens14-2
2018Baltimore Ravens 10-6
2017Pittsburgh Steelers13-3
2016Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
2015Cincinnati Bengals12-4
2014Pittsburgh Steelers11-5
2013Cincinnati Bengals11-5
2012Baltimore Ravens*10-6
2011Baltimore Ravens12-4
2010Pittsburgh Steelers12-4

* Super Bowl champion

How to bet on NFL division winners

When betting NFL futures (or any bet, at that) it’s important to shop lines. Consider the payout of a successful $100 bet on the Browns at Caesars Sportsbook, who offers Cleveland +400. That bet would yield $400 plus the initial $100 back ($500 total). However, laying the same bet at DraftKings Sportsbook (+320) would pay out $420 total ($300 in winnings), an $80 difference.

It may also be helpful to consider implied win probabilities. Use an odds converter to calculate these:

  • Ravens (+160): 38.5%
  • Bengals (+190): 34.5%
  • Browns (+400): 20.0%
  • Steelers (+1000): 9.1%

Longer odds (higher numbers) will yield higher payouts, but suggest a lower win probability. Shorter odds (lower numbers) will have a lower payout but imply a higher win probability.

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