AFC East Betting Odds 2022

Division Winner And Betting Props

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The past two seasons have seen a shift in the balance of the AFC East. Out went the dynasty of the New England Patriots and in came the immensely talented Buffalo Bills. This division was one of young QBs – with all four starters Week 1 last year being younger than 26 years old. That youth evolves into experience and the AFC East will be one of the more competitive leagues moving forward. Below, we’ll look at AFC East odds and forecast the division for 2022.

Included on this page are odds for the AFC Division crown this season, past winners, and more.

2022 AFC East odds

To bet on a division future, click on odds in the table below.

2022 AFC East outlook and predictions

The Bills () opened the season as the second-biggest favorites in their respective division behind the Packers and are now the biggest favorites with -360 odds to win the AFC East. Josh Allen is a +500 favorite for the NFL MVP award and the Bills are +500 favorites to win Super Bowl 57 with a roster that is loaded on both sides of the ball.

After handling the Patriots in their home opener, the Miami Dolphins moved comfortably into second position with +450 odds to win the division. The Pats have now dropped 8 of their last 10 games in Miami and Mac Jones (back) suffered a minor injury to further diminish their lackluster offense. Belichick’s club has dropped to +1000 in the Division Winner market at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Finally, the New York Jets floundered in their home opener against a tough Ravens squad. Joe Flacco attempted 59 passes in relief of Zach Wilson and Gang Green could only produce 7 points. They’re now +5000 to win the division.

Past AFC East division winners

2021Buffalo Bills11-6
2020Buffalo Bills13-3
2019New England Patriots12-4
2018New England Patriots*11-5
2017New England Patriots13-3
2016New England Patriots*14-2
2015New England Patriots12-4
2014New England Patriots*12-4
2013New England Patriots12-4
2012New England Patriots12-4
2011New England Patriots13-3
2010New England Patriots14-2

*Super Bowl champion

How to bet on NFL division winners

NFL division markets are multiway futures markets. When reading odds, consider what a $10 bet would yield if successful:

  • Buffalo Bills -225 (to win $4.44, total payout $14.44)
  • Miami Dolphins +450 (to win $45, total payout $55)
  • New England Patriots +500 (to win $50, total payout $60)
  • New York Jets +2200 (to win $220, total payout $230)

Using an odds calculator can not only help you figure payouts, but also implied win probability. At -225, the Bills have an implied 69.2% probability to win the AFC East; the Dolphins 18.8%, the Patriots 16.7%, and the Jets 4.4%.

It may prove fruitful to find handle and bet percentage information, as well. If there’s large public support of the Dolphins this year because of their flashy offseason moves, it may be worth fading the public. Monitor movement in the odds as the offseason and regular season progresses to capitalize on potential payouts.

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