NBA Win Totals 2021-22

Projected NBA Wins For All 30 Teams

The NBA off-season has been filled with its usual drama, with big name players changing locations. Russell Westbrook was one of the most notable names to find a new home, as the Los Angeles Lakers made a blockbuster trade with the Washington Wizards that allowed Westbrook to land in his home city. Expect the Lakers to have close to the highest projected win total in the NBA this coming season when they are posted by top US sportsbooks. Other teams that you can expect to be placed with season over/unders around 55 to 60 wins include the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors.

In a typical pro basketball season (i.e. not one impacted by a pandemic) that runs 82 regular season games, the top tier teams are usually slated with win totals like 57.5 or 54.5. Bottom tier teams are usually saddled with season over/unders like 24.5 or 26.5.

NBA regular season win totals

NBA win total over/unders for the 2021-22 season will be posted soon at top sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel.

How to bet NBA Futures

Futures bets are propositions, usually on how a team might fair during the season or postseason. Odds are set very early during the offseason on most sportsbooks, including the favorites to win the NBA Finals.

As of August 2021, the Brooklyn Nets were the favorites to win it all at +220. That means a bet of $100 would win you $220 (for a total payout of $320) if Kevin Durant and company were to bring it home.

Odds are also available on Division Winners, Conference Winners, and all of the individual Postseason Awards such as MVP, Sixth Man of the Year, and more.

When a team or player is considered likely to win an award or a division, they will be listed with negative odds. So, for example, the Milwaukee Bucks were -5000 to take the Central Division heading into last season. It would have taken a bet of $5000 to win $100 because Milwaukee was such an overwhelming favorite to win a division that features the likes of the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons.

The most important thing about futures bets is to not overreact. There is so much hype surrounding professional sports, especially after such a tumultuous offseason, that it’s important to slow down and consider the tangible impact of each player added.

Yes, the Lakers improved on paper. But with so many contenders in the field, consider the level of risk compared to the reward, as +380 odds are not that great when choosing one team out of a field of 30.

These odds are set in order to inspire action. The lines move based on how much action they get and are often an indication of where the public is leaning.

Where do I find NBA win totals in a sportsbook?

In order to find win totals on an online sportsbook, simply click the NBA tab and look for a subset labeled “Team Wins” or “Regular Season Win Totals.”

All 30 NBA teams should be listed with a proposition listed between two numbers. For example, the Atlanta Hawks proposed win total was 35.5 last year. So 36 wins was the over and 35 wins was the under. You would have been a winner if you bet the over on the Hawks last season as Atlanta went 41-31 in the abbreviated season.

If a book lists a team on an exact number and they hit that number, it’s a “Push” and your bet is returned.

NBA win totals FAQ

Where can I bet on season win totals in the US?

Sports betting is currently legal at a regulated sportsbook in the following states:

Legislation is on the table in a number of states with the more states sure to legalize sports betting in the upcoming years.

When does the 2021-22 NBA season start?

The regular season is slated to start in October 2021.

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