NBA Win Totals 2022 - 2023

Projected NBA Wins For All 30 Teams

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NBA win totals for the 2022 – 2023 season have been available to bet on for months with the regular season set to wrap up soon. Top-tier teams are usually slated with win totals like 55.5 wins or 53.5 wins initially. Bottom-tier teams are usually saddled with season over/unders around 24.5 to 26.5 wins.

View win totals for every NBA team below. Preseason win totals are also available to look at below.

NBA win totals

NBA win total over unders have been posted at top US sportsbooks. Click on the prices you like below to bet now.

Here are what NBA totals looked like in the preseason.

TeamOver PriceUnder Price
Atlanta HawksOver 44.5 (-110)Under 44.5 (-110)
Boston CelticsOver 54.5 (-110)Under 54.5 (-110)
Brooklyn NetsOver 50.5 (-110)Under 50.5 (-110)
Charlotte HornetsOver 36.5 (-112)Under 36.5 (-112)
Chicago BullsOver 43.5 (-112)Under 43.5 (-112)
Cleveland CavaliersOver 46.5 (-110)Under 46.5 (-110)
Dallas MavericksOver 48.5 (-110)Under 48.5 (-110)
Denver NuggetsOver 49.5 (-110)Under 49.5 (-110)
Detroit PistonsOver 28.5 (-110)Under 28.5 (-110)
Golden State WarriorsOver 51.5 (-110)Under 51.5 (-110)
Houston RocketsOver 23.5 (-110)Under 23.5 (-110)
Indiana Pacers Over 24.5 (-110)Under 24.5 (-110)
Los Angeles ClippersOver 52.5 (-110)Under 52.5 (-110)
Los Angeles LakersOver 45.5 (-110)Under 45.5 (-110)
Memphis GrizzliesOver 48.5 (-110)Under 48.5 (-110)
Miami HeatOver 48.5 (-110)Under 48.5 (-110)
Milwaukee BucksOver 52.5 (-110)Under 52.5 (-110)
Minnesota TimberwolvesOver 48.5 (-110)Under 48.5 (-110)
New Orleans PelicansOver 44.5 (-110)Under 44.5 (-110)
New York KnicksOver 39.5 (-110)Under 39.5 (-110)
Oklahoma City ThunderOver 23.5 (-110)Under 23.5 (-110)
Orlando MagicOver 26.5 (-110)Under 26.5 (-110)
Philadelphia 76ersOver 50.5 (-110)Under 50.5 (-110)
Phoenix SunsOver 51.5 (-110)Under 51.5 (-110)
Portland TrailblazersOver 39.5 (-110)Under 39.5 (-110)
Sacramento KingsOver 33.5 (-110)Under 33.5 (-110)
San Antonio SpursOver 22.5 (-110)Under 22.5 (-110)
Toronto RaptorsOver 45.5 (-112)Under 45.5 (-112)
Utah JazzOver 24.5 (-112)Under 24.5 (-112)
Washington WizardsOver 33.5 (-112)Under 33.5 (-112)

NBA season win totals market report

Over-under win totals for each NBA team are shown below.

Atlanta Hawks:

The Hawks (32-33) are battling for position in the play-in tournament under new head coach Quin Snyder. Their offense has been prolific and their defense has struggled lately despite the return of Clint Capela.

Boston Celtics:

The Celtics (45-21) have relinquished the top seed in the East to Milwaukee and their stars are dealing with some fatigue after playing several OT games lately. Joe Mazzulla is going to have to get creative down the stretch. 

Brooklyn Nets:

After dropping four straight out of the break, the Nets (36-28) got a couple of vital wins to hold off the Heat (35-31) for the sixth seed, for now. 

Charlotte Hornets:

With LaMelo Ball (ankle) out for the season, the Hornets (20-46) should embrace a tanking mentality down the stretch as we head toward the most coveted draft lottery in decades. 

Chicago Bulls:

The Bulls (29-36) are within striking distance of the final play-in spot in the Eastern Conference and they’ve been far more competitive on defense since adding Patrick Beverley. 

Cleveland Cavaliers:

The Cavs (41-26) are winning games with incredible consistency against teams below .500 and they have the easiest remaining schedule over their final 15 games.

Dallas Mavericks:

The Mavs (33-32) have struggled defensively since integrating Kyrie Irving alongside Luka Doncic. Their schedule eases up considerably down the stretch with three of their toughest games coming against a Grizzlies squad that might be without Ja Morant. 

Denver Nuggets:

The Nuggets (46-19) have won 22 straight home games with Nikola Jokic on the floor and they have a few very easy road games remaining on their schedule.

Detroit Pistons:

The Pistons (15-50) are resting veterans like Bojan Bogdanovic as they angle to finish with the worst record in the East. 

Golden State Warriors:

Steph Curry (knee) is back and the Warriors (34-31) should start to hit their stride as they push for a top-four seed in the West. Their road woes have been a notable factor and they have a very tough schedule in mid-March that includes a 5-game trip. 

Houston Rockets:

The Rockets (15-49) are giving their young players plenty of run down the stretch and they’ve won a few games against the other tanking teams in the league. 

Indiana Pacers:

The Pacers (29-37) lost 10 of 11 games without Tyrese Haliburton (elbow), but they’ve been extremely competitive since getting their PG back to full speed around the all-star break. 

Los Angeles Clippers:

The Clippers (34-33) dropped their first five games with Russell Westbrook in the lineup before scoring a tough win over Memphis. They have two more games against Memphis down the stretch. 

Los Angeles Lakers:

LeBron James (foot) is likely out until the final days of the season and Anthony Davis will try to carry the Lakers (31-34) to a spot in the play-in tournament. They have the fifth-easiest remaining schedule. 

Memphis Grizzlies:

The Grizzlies (38-25) had been struggling without Steven Adams (knee) and now they’ll be without Ja Morant (team suspension) for a while, along with Brandon Clarke (Achilles) for the rest of the season.  

Miami Heat:

The Heat (35-31) needs to make a push to pass Brooklyn if they want to avoid the play-in tournament. Miami could earn a first-round matchup against Philadelphia by grabbing the sixth seed. 

Milwaukee Bucks:

The Bucks (46-18) are the hottest team in basketball after their 16-game win streak vaulted them to the top of the conference. Projections at FiveThirtyEight give them the second-best odds to win the title behind Denver. 

Minnesota Timberwolves:

The Wolves (34-32) have capitalized on the woes of several other Western Conference contenders to move into a tentative hold on the sixth seed. They have the eighth-toughest remaining schedule, although two of their tough non-conference games (by record) come against the Nets. 

New Orleans Pelicans:

The Pelicans (31-34) continue to fall down the standings with Zion Williamson (hamstring) showing no signs of returning to save their season. New Orleans has the third-easiest schedule remaining but is 14-22 without Zion this year. 

New York Knicks:

The Knicks (39-27) are riding a 9-game win streak that has them firmly in fifth place in the Eastern Conference with designs on a potential first-round upset if they draw Cleveland. 

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander missed a few games with a hip injury, then returned to help the Thunder (30-34) score a win over the Jazz. OKC has bowed out of play-in position and might start to angle to improve its lottery odds. 

Orlando Magic:

The Magic (27-38) continue to play top teams tough with likely Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero leading their unconventional offense. 

Philadelphia 76ers:

The Sixers (42-22) have the fifth-toughest remaining schedule, although they’ve stepped up in some tough matchups lately, including a win over the Bucks to end their rivals’ 16-game win streak. 

Phoenix Suns:

The Suns (36-29) haven’t lost yet with Kevin Durant in the lineup and they look unstoppable offensively. They have two matchups left against the Nuggets in what could be a Western Conference finals preview. 

Portland Trail Blazers:

The Blazers (31-34) have the worst defensive rating in the NBA over the past two months and Damian Lillard is putting up monstrous numbers in that span, but his performances haven’t led to many wins. 

Sacramento Kings:

The Kings (38-26) are set to jockey ahead of the sputtering Grizzlies for the second seed in the Western Conference, a key position for a young team that has struggled at times on the road this season. 

San Antonio Spurs:

The Spurs (16-49) have dropped 26 of their last 30 games since the start of 2023 and they’re clearly angling to fall behind the Rockets for the worst record in the West. 

Toronto Raptors:

The Raptors (32-34) benefitted from the Spurs’ tanking process by acquiring Jakob Poeltl ahead of the deadline. Toronto has the seventh-toughest remaining schedule with two matchups left against both the Bucks and Celtics. 

Utah Jazz:

While still in play-in position, the Jazz (31-34) has stumbled lately against some bad teams, including a low-scoring loss to the Spurs. They have the fourth-toughest remaining schedule that includes a pair of matchups against Will Hardy’s old franchise – the Celtics. 

Washington Wizards:

The Wizards (30-34) are holding the final play-in spot in the East with a relatively easy remaining schedule. They will play the Hawks three more times in a matchup that could have vital seeding implications. 

Here is a look at what NBA win totals looked like on September 28, just a few weeks before the start of the 2022 regular season.

How to bet NBA Futures

Futures bets are propositions, usually on how a team might fair during the season or postseason. Odds are set very early during the offseason on most sportsbooks, including the favorites to win the NBA Finals.

As of October 12, 2022, the LA Clippers were the favorites to win it all at +550. That means a bet of $100 would win you $550 (for a total payout of $650) if Kawhi Leonard and company were to bring it home.

Odds are also available on Division Winners, Conference Winners, and all of the individual Postseason Awards such as MVP, Sixth Man of the Year, and more.

When a team or player is considered likely to win an award or a division, they will be listed with negative odds. So, for example, the Milwaukee Bucks were -5000 to take the Central Division heading into last season. It would have taken a bet of $5000 to win $100 because Milwaukee was such an overwhelming favorite to win a division that features the likes of the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons.

The most important thing about futures bets is to not overreact. There is so much hype surrounding professional sports, especially after such a tumultuous offseason, that it’s important to slow down and consider the tangible impact of each player added.

Yes, the Nets are impressive on paper. But with so many contenders in the field, consider the level of risk compared to the reward, as +700 odds are not that great when choosing one team out of a field of 30.

These odds are set in order to inspire action. The lines move based on how much action they get and are often an indication of where the public is leaning.

Where do I find NBA win totals in a sportsbook?

In order to find win totals on an online sportsbook, simply click the NBA tab and look for a subset labeled “Team Wins” or “Regular Season Win Totals.”

All 30 NBA teams should be listed with a proposition listed between two numbers. If a book lists a team on an exact number and they hit that number, it’s a “Push” and your bet is returned.

NBA win totals FAQ

Where can I bet on season win totals in the US?

Sports betting is currently legal at a regulated sportsbook in the following states:

Legislation is on the table in a number of states with the more states sure to legalize online sports betting in the upcoming years.

When does the 2022 – 2023 NBA season start?

The regular season is slated to start on Oct. 18, 2022.