Washington Wizards Odds

Wizards Odds

The Bradley Beal era is officially over in Washington. New Wizards GM Will Dawkins wasted little time after taking the job before trading the three-time All-Star to Phoenix. Partly as a result, Wizards odds to win the NBA championship are the worst in the league, listed at +50000. They also have the lowest win total, set at 24.5.

Beal’s departure was just one of a handful of the Wizards’ roster moves this offseason. Their starting center, Kristaps Porzingis now plays in Boston and starting point guard, Monte Morris in Detroit. Chris Paul was on the team for a few weeks as a part of the Beal trade, before getting sent to Golden State in exchange for Jordan Poole. 

Whether all of these moves yield better results or not, things are going to look a lot differently in D.C. this year.

Check out Washington Wizards odds for every game below, as well as their NBA title odds.

Washington Wizards Odds

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Wizards Roster

Here is the Wizards current roster.

Wizards 2023-2024 Schedule

The Wizards have opened the 2023-2024 regular season. Here is Wizards’ complete schedule.

Wizards Transactions

Additions: Jordan Poole (trade), Danilo Gallinari (trade), Mike Muscala (trade), Tyus Jones (trade), Bilal Coulibay (draft), Patrick Baldwin Jr. (trade), Landry Shamet (trade)

Subtractions: Bradley Beal (trade), Kristaps Porzingis (trade), Monte Morris (trade), Kendrick Nunn (free agent), Taj Gibson (free agent)

Who Are The Best Players On The Wizards?

Somehow, Bradley Beal still plays for the Wizards. He’s probably the best player on the roster, with a skillset (great shooting, solid playmaking and defense) that still makes him an attractive trade target for many teams in contention. He’s been the subject of countless trade rumors in recent seasons.

But, Washington signed him to a large extension with a no-trade clause prior to the season. Both sides appear set to continue a relationship that has resulted in star-level performance but only a brief period of fringe contention that coincided with Beal and John Wall both playing at All-Star levels.

Aside from Beal, it counts as good news for the team that Kristaps Porzingis has found his legs again after looking rickety near the end of his time in Dallas. He’s rebounding the ball and blocking shots at acceptable rates again, although the team’s defense improves when he sits. His offense has peaked in terms of efficiency this season. Despite seeming like a withered vet, he’s still only 27.

Wizards Props

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Wizards’ 2022-2023 Season Recap

The market expected the Wizards to be a below .500 squad, pegging them for about 33 wins in preseason win totals markets.

After a hot 10-7 start that had them at the top of the (very weak) division, reality hit in a hurry. Between Nov. 23 and Dec. 18, the Wizards lost 13 of 14 games to crash to 11-20. Some pundits expected them to hit the tanking button and try to position themselves for a high draft pick in a very strong class.

However, Washington righted the ship. They got especially hot in January, winning 10 of 14 heading into the All-Star break.

The team has enjoyed good health this season, with only Beal missing significant time. That must continue for the good times to keep rolling, given the weakness of the back half of the roster.

How To Bet On Washington Wizards Odds

Many different avenues exist for betting the Wizards in an NBA game.

First, the major market options: spread betting, moneyline betting and over/under betting. These are the most common bets. To understand how betting them works, let’s look at an upcoming example, with Washington set to play host to the Knicks in the team’s next game.

  • Wizards -2.5: This is the point spread. Since the Wizards are favorites (denoted by the minus sign), they must win the game by at least three points to cash this bet.
  • Wizards -140: This is the moneyline. Again, since the Wizards are favorites (minus sign again), the bettor must lay a price. In this example, every $140 wagered can net the bettor a $100 win.
  • Over/Under 224.5: This is the betting total. Bettors wagering on the over need at least 225 points to be scored between the two teams in the game. Bettors wagering on the under need 224 points or fewer on the scoreboard.

Any of these bets can usually be combined with other bets in parlays. Bettors who want to get really spicy can build same game parlays with multiple wagers from one Wizards game.

Smaller Markets, Other Wizards Betting Options

Getting past the basics, player props are probably the next most popular way to bet the NBA. Since few if any team sports are more individual player-driven than the NBA, player props for the association are a very popular option. Rather than simply betting the Wizards to beat the Knicks, one can bet that Bradley Beal will score more than, say, 23.5 points. Or Kristaps Porzingis will snag more than 7.5 rebounds. People love to bet props on their favor players and in nationally televised games.

We’ve already discussed futures bets above. These allow a bettor to make a wager that the Wizards can accomplish some feat at a later date: win the division, the conference, the NBA Finals, surpass a certain number of wins, etc.

Teasers are also available for NBA betting. Usually, NBA teasers involve buying four points from the sportsbook — for example, turning Wizards -2.5 into Wizards +1.5 against the Knicks — but in exchange, the bettor must parlay that adjusted price with at least one more adjusted price. Generally speaking, it isn’t advised to bet NBA teasers. “Key numbers” don’t exist they way they do for NFL games. Therefore, buying points is usually a losing proposition.

Finally, there’s live betting. Live betting has gained more and more steam in recent years, particularly in the NBA. Live betting the NBA is a great way to take advantage of things like lineup changes and random scoring runs. Teams very frequently make up large deficits in the modern, 3-point-centric NBA. That makes live betting teams that fall behind early an attractive option.

Pay attention to plus-minus data as well to help find an edge. For example, of the high-minutes Wizards players, Kyle Kuzma has the best net rating on the team by a large margin (+7.3). If the team sends, say, Kuzma and Bradley Beal to the bench at the same time and the Knicks make a 12-2 run before a Washington timeout, that might be a good time to buy in at a reduced price before those stars return to the game.

Washington Wizards Franchise History

Washington is one of the older franchises in the NBA, dating to a 1961-62 one-year run as the Chicago Packers.

Two years later, the team moved to Baltimore and began a 10-year run as the Baltimore Bullets. They experienced little success, although they did make the NBA Finals and lost to the Lakers in 1970-71. That came after drafting future Hall of Famers Wes Unseld and Earl Monroe at the top of back-to-back drafts in the late 1960s.

The franchise moved again to the nearby D.C. area for 1973-74, and after one year as the Capital Bullets, they settled into more than two decades as the Washington Bullets. Sixty wins in their first season proved to be the franchise’s peak, at least in the regular season. They fell short in the finals that year but broke through in 1977-78 in spite of a mediocre 44-38 regular season. It remains the team’s only championship. Washington won 54 games and made the finals again the following season, losing to the same Seattle team they’d beaten the year prior.

It’s basically been downhill ever since. Hayes and Unseld ended their times with the team in the early 1980s. Unseld would return for a stint as coach, but Washington won zero playoff series between 1982-83 and 2004-05, which included Michael Jordan’s brief tenures as part-owner and then player. The team was renamed again to the Wizards prior to 1997-98 to avoid negative connotations with gun violence.

After mostly first-round exits with the unpredictable Gilbert Arenas leading the way, the Wizards began a promising run of seasons with high draft picks at John Wall and Bradley Beal, who teamed up for a young and dynamic backcourt. Three times in four years, the team won a first-round series. Twice, they nearly made the Eastern Conference Finals, but a broken wrist for Wall ended their hopes in one season and a 4-3 loss to the Celtics the other.

Since that loss to Boston, the team has averaged fewer than 34 wins per season and moved on from the perpetually injured Wall.

FAQs About Washington Wizards Odds

Who is favored to win the 2024 NBA title?

Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks () and Boston Celtics () are narrowly favored over the defending champion Denver Nuggets ().

What are the odds that the Wizards will win the NBA championship this year?

Washington’s market price for winning the NBA championship is .

What are the Wizards odds to make the playoffs?

The Wizards odds to make the playoffs are () and the longest at the start of the preseason.

Has a Washington player ever won MVP?

No. Since the advent of the NBA MVP award in 1956, no Wizards or Bullets player has won it.

Where do the Washington Wizards play?

Washington plays at Capital One Arena, located just a few blocks from the White House in the heart of the D.C. metro area. It seats about 20,000 fans.

Who owns the Washington Wizards?

Ted Leonsis. An American businessman, Leonsis also owns the NHL’s Washington Capitals and several other smaller franchises. He purchased a controlling stake in the Wizards in 2010 after having been a minority owner. Longtime owner Abe Pollin had died in 2009.