San Antonio Spurs Odds


The San Antonio Spurs have been eliminated from NBA Playoff contention for weeks. Spurs odds for next season will be posted soon. Their season was effectively over before it began, something Coach Gregg Popovich admitted in a candid interview when he hilariously advised bettors to steer clear of the Spurs in futures markets.

Check out San Antonio Spurs odds for every game below, as well as their NBA title odds.

San Antonio Spurs Odds

View San Antonio Spurs odds below. Click on the odds to bet.

Spurs NBA Title Odds

The Spurs have essentially zero chance to win the NBA Finals. While they had a bit of surprising initial success, Pop’s warnings about the team not winning anything proved prescient.

They have not even cleared the 15-win bar as the season heads toward its final stretch. Technically, they could still make the play-in. But, that assuredly won’t happen as the team “works” to secure a bottom-three spot and the maximum lottery odds that come with it. This season has been all about tanking in hopes of drafting Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson.

Spurs Roster

Starters/Top Bench Options

  • Keldon Johnson: Looks like a solid NBA wing and a gem at 29th overall in 2019 draft. Shooting has suffered (31.9 3p%) under strain of team-leading usage.
  • Devin Vassell: Possible future star was really putting it together before knee injury (19.2/3.8/3.6 averages this season). Should be at least a high-caliber third piece on a title contender.
  • Tre Jones: Elevated to starting PG in the offseason, but more of a caretaker type (84th percentile turnover rate per Cleaning The Glass) who struggles to score efficiently and can’t shoot (career 25.8 3p%).
  • Devonte’ Graham: Salary dump from Pelicans less than two years after signing. High-volume gunner from deep who doesn’t play defense and only has acceptable accuracy (35.7%).
  • Jeremy Sochan: Ninth-overall pick enjoying pretty promising rookie season. Has awful mechanics and can’t shoot, but 19-year-olds who can stuff the box score and play D aren’t easy to find.
  • Malaki Branham: Another 19-year-old rook, came to life as Vassell’s replacement with 15.3/4.5/2.6 averages as a starter in 12 games.
  • Zach Collins: Big man with shooting touch (35.6 3p%) and feel (92nd-percentile assist rate), but questionable defensively and can’t stay healthy.
  • Keita Bates-Diop: Low-usage backup wing doesn’t really shoot but plays very good defense.
  • Doug McDermott: Former college superstar can really stroke it (career 41 3p%) but doesn’t provide a whole lot else.

Deep Bench/Reserves

  • Romeo Langford: NBA vet in his fourth season despite only being 23. Has never found consistent scoring efficiency or shooting stroke.
  • Sandro Mamukelashvili: Turkish big man claimed off waivers who has made 32 of 89 career 3s.
  • Blake Wesley: Yet another 19-year-old rookie who came in with questions about his shot and hasn’t answered them.
  • Charles Bassey: Another possible Spurs gems picked in the 50s? First-percentile turnover rate, but scores efficiently inside and averages 14 boards and 2.3 blocks per 36.
  • Julian Champagnie: Yet another rookie, this one claimed off waivers who has played 31 NBA minutes.
  • Dominick Barlow: Undrafted rookie out of draft prep factory signed to a two-way.
  • Gorgui Dieng: Veteran locker room glue guy who last started double-digit games in 2019-20.
  • Khem Birch: Undersized veteran center who arrived as part of Jakob Poeltl trade.

Who Are The Best Players On The Spurs?

Devin Vassell has been the best player on the Spurs this year and seems likely to be the best player on the team going forward into the near future. He’s a wing with size who plays both ends and fills up the stat sheet while staying around average efficiency. For a 22-year-old who has a large creation burden, that’s no small feat. As long as Vassell’s knee holds up, he seems likely to develop into a fringe All-Star.

One player who may usurp him as the top dog is Jeremy Sochan. The youngster still has a ton of growing to do. But if he ever figures out how to shoot the ball, he’s going to go far in the NBA.

Of course, the most likely scenario if the Spurs have their way is these guys wind up playing supporting roles next to lottery prizes Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson.

Spurs Props

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Spurs’ Current Season

The Spurs infamously began their 2022-23 campaign with longtime Coach Gregg Popovich warning off anyone who dared bet on a Spurs future.

Early on, he did not look terribly prescient as the Spurs got off to a surprising 5-2 start. That quickly faded, but even as late as January, the Spurs were still playing reasonably competitive basketball with a 13-26 record. While that’s atrocious, to be sure, that would still put them on a high 20s pace. Certainly nothing close to some of the worst teams we’ve seen in recent memory.

At that point, the Spurs truly hit top gear in the race to the bottom. They dropped an astounding 21 of their next 22 games including 16 straight. Now, they enter the home stretch with the third-worst record, a key distinction since that keeps them in the top tier of lottery odds. And the futility should continue since no other team match the Spurs’ -10.2 point differential.

Spurs Transactions

Here’s a look at the major moves the Spurs have made this season and prior to the season.

  • February: Traded Josh Richardson to the Pelicans for Devonte’ Graham and four second-round picks.
  • February: Traded Jakob Poeltl to the Raptors for Khem Birch, a first-round pick (2024) and two second-round picks.

How To Bet On San Antonio Spurs Odds

There are many ways to bet San Antonio Spurs odds during the NBA season.

The most common are the three major markets: spread bets, moneyline bets and over/under bets. Let’s take a look at some examples from an upcoming game hosting the Denver Nuggets.

  • Spurs +12.5: This is the point spread. Since the Spurs are underdogs (denoted by the plus sign), they are getting 12.5 from the Nuggets. That is, they must win the game or lose by fewer than 13, which would cash your Spurs bet.
  • Spurs +600: This is the moneyline. Again, the Spurs are underdogs (plus sign), so the bettor “gets” a price. That is, they win $600 for every $100 they bet on the Spurs.
  • Over/Under 234.5: This is the betting total. Bettors taking the over must see at least 235 points scored in order to win their bets. Those on the under must see 234 or fewer.

Any of these bets can usually be combined with other bets in parlays. A same game parlay with multiple wagers from one Spurs game also gives the option of combining multiple bets in hopes of a bigger payout.

Smaller Markets, Other Spurs Betting Options

Getting past the basics, player props are probably the next most popular way to bet the NBA. Since few if any team sports are more individual player-driven than the NBA, player props for the association are a very popular option. Rather than simply betting the Spurs to beat the Nuggets or cover the spread, one can bet that Jeremy Sochan will score more than, say, 14.5 points. Or, they can bet that he will snag more than 5.5 rebounds. People love to bet props on their favorite players and in nationally televised games.

We’ve already discussed futures bets above. These allow a bettor to make a wager that the Spurs can accomplish some feat at a later date: win the Southwest Division, the Western Conference, the NBA Finals, surpass a certain number of wins, etc.

NBA bettors can also try teasers. Usually, NBA teasers involve buying four points from the sportsbook — for example, turning Spurs +12.5 into Spurs +16.5 against the Nuggets — but in exchange, the bettor must parlay that adjusted price with at least one more adjusted price. Generally speaking, it isn’t advised to bet NBA teasers. “Key numbers” don’t exist they way they do for NFL games. Therefore, buying points is usually a losing proposition.

Finally, there’s live betting. Live betting has gained more and more steam in recent years, particularly in the NBA. Live betting the NBA is a great way to take advantage of things like lineup changes and random scoring runs. Teams very frequently make up large deficits in the modern, 3-point-centric NBA. That makes live betting teams that fall behind early an attractive option.

Pay attention to plus-minus data as well to help find an edge. For example, of the high-minutes Spurs players, Jeremy Sochan has the best net rating on the team (+4.4). He’s making a two-way impact. If the team sends him to the bench for his regular rest, that may be a great time to bet the Nuggets live.

San Antonio Spurs Franchise History

The Spurs have a long and rich history as an NBA franchise. They began as the ABA’s Dallas Chaparrals in 1967-68 before transitioning to San Antonio as the Spurs for 1973-74 and remaining in the ABA for three more seasons until the merger. In eight seasons there, they missed the playoffs just once but never won a title.

Life in the NBA did not prove too daunting a task for the Spurs. They made the playoffs in their first seven seasons as future Hall of Famer George Gervin starred with his trademark finger roll and prolific scoring. However, the “Iceman” couldn’t get the team over the hump in the playoffs as the Spurs fell consistently short of the finals.

The mid-1980s would see an end to the Spurs’ winning ways after they dealt Gervin in a trade. From 1983-84 through 1988-89, the franchise averaged 49.8 losses including a 21-61 bottoming out in the final season.

However, the team drafted David Robinson No. 1 overall and instantly turned things around. With Robinson leading the way, the Spurs reeled off seven playoff appearances in a row. Playoff success continued to elude, though. The Spurs had the best record in the NBA at 62-20 in 1994-95 with perennial title winner Michael Jordan out of the picture. But, the Houston Rockets foiled them in the Western Conference Finals and won the title.

Two years later, in 1996-97, the Spurs experienced a shocking fall to 20 wins as Robinson missed nearly the entire season injured. It proved one of the most fortuitous events in team history as they drafted No. 1 overall again and took Wake Forest big man Tim Duncan.

Pairing Duncan and a healthy Robinson produced the base of a strong playoff team again. Two years later, in the strike-shortened 1998-99 season, the Spurs finally broke through and won the NBA championship over the Knicks.

That began an almost unprecedented run of franchise success. Certainly in the modern NBA, no team has matched the length and depth of the Spurs’ dominance. From 1997-98 through 2018-19, the Spurs averaged an unfathomable 57 wins in non-strike seasons. They made the playoffs every year and won five championships (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014), losing out in an additional finals to the Miami Heat in 2013. Popovich became one of the greatest coaches of all time and alongside Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker built Hall of Fame careers. Kawhi Leonard also began his own Hall of Fame trajectory under Popovich and contributed to the 2014 title.

Leonard, however, forced his way out by demanding a trade, which he received prior to the 2018-19 season. The team has made the playoffs only once since, ending perhaps the greatest run by a franchise in NBA history.

San Antonio Spurs FAQ

What are the odds that the Spurs will win the NBA championship this year?

San Antonio’s market price for winning the NBA championship is . As of early March, that equates to a 0.05% chance, without considering the vig, or sportsbook juice.

How likely are the Spurs to make the playoffs?

Reaching the playoffs looks so unlikely for the Spurs that sportsbooks do not currently have any markets posted on the possibility.

Are the Spurs out of the playoffs?

Yes, the Spurs sit 15 games out of the final play-in spot with about 15 games to play, so they’re effectively eliminated from playoff contention.

Has a Spurs player ever won MVP?

Yes. David Robinson won the franchise’s first NBA MVP award in 1995. Tim Duncan followed with back-to-back honors in 2002 and 2003.

Where do the San Antonio Spurs play?

San Antonio plays at the AT&T Center, located about 10 minutes east of downtown. It seats about 18,500 fans.

Who owns the San Antonio Spurs?

Spurs Sports & Entertainment, a collective ownership group headed by Peter Holt as CEO.

Who coaches the San Antonio Spurs?

Gregg Popovich. He took over the team in 1996 and is by far the longest-tenured head coach in the NBA, with only Miami’s Erik Spoelstra within 15 years of Popovich’s longevity.