Cleveland Cavaliers Odds

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Cleveland Cavaliers odds

Cleveland is looking to have better luck in this year’s NBA Playoffs after falling to the Knicks in Round 1 last time around. The Cavs remain one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference with NBA championship odds, compared to +3000 on opening night. Find more Cavs odds below.

Cleveland Cavaliers Odds

View the updated Cleveland Cavaliers odds below, including moneyline, point spreads, and totals for their next game.

View Cavs NBA Finals odds below.

Cavaliers Roster

Here is the current Cleveland Cavaliers roster.

Cavaliers Schedule

View the Cavs complete 2023-2024 regular season schedule below.

Cavaliers Transactions

  • Additions: Georges Niang (signed), Max Strus (signed), Eamoni Bates (draft), Ty Jerome (signed)
  • Subtractions: Cedi Osman (free agent), Robin Lopez (free agent), Danny Green (free agent), Raul Neto (free agent), Lamar Stevens (traded), Dylan Windler (free agent)

Who are the best players on the Cavs?

Donovan Mitchell: Since landing in Cleveland from Utah late this summer, Mitchell is posting career-marks in points, field goal shooting, and three point shooting. He’s a career 24.3-point scorer, but Spida is averaging over 27 this season, including a ridiculous 71-point outing in January. Expect Mitchell to continue playing 35+ minutes per game and to be the featured centerpiece in the Cavaliers’ offense.

Darius Garland: After missing some games early this season with an eye injury, Garland’s returned to full force. He’s also posting career marks in scoring and shooting percentages in his fourth NBA season. Garland cements the backcourt with a second prolific scorer who takes over games when Mitchell sits. Most importantly, Garland sits near the top five in assist numbers this season.

Evan Mobley: Perhaps the most versatile player on the Cavs roster, Mobley is quickly becoming a star. At 7-foot, Mobley is agile and athletic but also capable of taking even the league’s best post players out of games. He’s an efficient shooter and a good ball handler for his size.

Cleveland Cavaliers Props

Use the NBA player props search tool below to search for top Cavs players like Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland. Search for any player in the search bar and instantly compare odds across major sportsbooks. Click on any odds in the table below to place a bet.

Cavaliers 2022-2023 Season

Perhaps the Eastern Conference’s biggest surprise, the Cavaliers are looking like a real contender. They’ve built a successful year on the back of a league-leading defense, particularly inside. Mobley and Allen are one of the tallest four-five duos in the NBA. Their uncanny shot blocking ability force teams to move the ball outside to find their scoring.

On the other end, Garland and Mitchell are a dynamic scoring duo. This season, Spida posted a 71-point outing while also having added a franchise-best 12 40-point games. Garland posted his own 50-point outing against the Timberwolves in November and adds three 40-point games of his own.

The Cavs are 7-0 in overtime games this season and are tough to beat at home. However, their inability to close out games in the fourth quarter could cost them come the postseason. Hero ball and turnovers led to 10-point leads evaporating in the final minute of more than one game.

But when the spotlight is on, the Cavs have stepped up. They have a winning record against Boston, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia this season, having closed out Boston in overtime twice.

They’re a prime candidate to pull an early-round upset in the postseason.

How to bet on the Cavaliers


Moneyline betting is one of the simplest forms of betting. Simply, you’re betting on a winner. A favorite is denoted by having a “minus” number while underdogs show a “plus” number. For example:

  • Nuggets +120
  • Cavaliers -140

In this instance, the Cavs are favored over the Nuggets. At -140, a bettor would need to play $140 to win $100. On the flip side, a $100 bet on the Nuggets wins a bettor $120. In both instances, the initial bet is also returned in a win.

Point Spread

Betting on the point spread takes things a layer deeper. Instead of betting on winners or losers, you’re betting on the final differential in a game. For example:

  • Celtics +3 (-110)
  • Cavaliers -3 (-110)

The Cavs are considered three-point favorites (again, noted by a “minus” number) over the Celtics. A successful bet on the Cavs would need Cleveland to win by four or more points while a successful bet on the Celtics means Boston could lose by fewer than three points or win the contest outright. Should the game end exactly on three points, the bet would “push” and all original bet amounts would be refunded.

The number in parentheses next to the spread is the price you’re paying for either side. In the above example, you’d need to wager $110 to win $100 on either side. Sportsbooks make the number -110 instead of +100 on many bets. This is known as the “vigorish” or “vig” and represents the cut a sportsbook expects to take from either side. For example, +100 represents 50% (+100– or “even money”– would be 50% + 50%, adding up to 100%). However, -110 represents 52.4. So, A bet on either side at 52.4% would add up to 104.8%, or a 4.8% vig.

Point Total (Over/Under)

Instead of betting on the outcome of the game, bettors can wager on the point total or the over/under. In this instance, bettors are wagering on the total number of points scored by both teams in the contest. For example:

  • Over 221.5 (-110)
  • Under 221.5 (-110)

A bet on the over would require the two teams to combine for at least 222 points. So, if the Cavs beat the Pistons 112-110 or 125-97, then the over would hit. However, if the game ended 108-100, the under would hit.

The same rules apply with vigorish and price, listed in parentheses next to the over/under.

In-Play And Live Betting

All of the bets listed above can be made in one of two circumstances: pregame or live. Pregame bets happen any time before the game starts. However, bettors can place wagers on games while the action is ongoing. Odds change constantly, especially in a fast-paced game like basketball. Keen bettors can seriously take advantage of in-play betting.

For example, say the Cavs fall to a 38-20 first quarter deficit against the 76ers. If the Cavs closed as a -1.5 favorite in the game, the line may now be Cavs +5.5. Bettors who noticed an uncharacteristic shooting slump or opportunities that Cleveland usually capitalizes on would be wise to bet on the Cavs +5.5 at that juncture.

In-play betting also applies to point totals and even player props. However, be cautious with in-play betting as broadcasts can have long tape delays. In basketball, a 10-second tape delay may represent an entire possession or a six-point swing in a game. Sportsbooks are usually ahead of this, so it’s best practice to live bet during timeouts in the action.

Parlays And Teasers

Stacking multiple bets together is called a parlay. Parlay betting requires every leg to be correct to win, but also greatly increases betting volume. For example, betting on the Cavs -3 (-110) against the Hornets and Over 221.5 (-110) separately would require $220 total to win $100 on each bet. However, parlay these two together and the parlay price comes out to +256 odds. That same $220 would now win $563.20 total.

Parlay betting allows bettors to turn higher profits at the expense of lower implied win probability. Each leg of a parlay decreases the overall chances of the bet winning, but can strategically be used to great effect.

Teaser betting refers to the practice of buying and selling points. While a much more popular practice in betting the NFL, teaser betting works in the NBA, too. Teasers are a form of parlay betting. Bettors can buy six points, but must string two legs together with odds usually set at -120 or longer. For example, a six-point teaser turns: Cavs -3 (-110) and Over 221.5 (-110) points into Cavs +3 and Over 215.5 points, combined to -120 odds.

While bettors get the extra breathing room, it also forces your hand to be more correct to break even.

Cavaliers Franchise History

The Cleveland Cavaliers were founded in 1970 as an expansion team to the NBA. Six years after founding, they won their first division title. Their first decade-plus of existence was rocky for the Cavs, losing their first 15 games and going on a 24-game losing streak in the early ’80s. However, the additions of Mark Price and Brad Daughtery vaulted Cleveland into regular postseason contention. However, they wouldn’t win another division title until 2009.

In 2003, the Cavaliers drafted LeBron James with the first overall pick. LeBron undoubtably turned the franchise around, quickly becoming the saving grace of Cavaliers basketball. He led the Cavs to two division titles, two Eastern Conference Championship appearances, and an NBA Finals berth before departing for Miami in 2010.

LeBron’s return to Cleveland brought the Cavaliers to new heights. They appeared in four straight NBA Finals, erasing a 3-1 series deficit in 2016 to bring the franchise its first championship. That title also ended the city’s drought of professional championships at 52 years.

Post-LeBron, the Cavs drafted talented players including Darius Garland and Evan Mobley. The franchise always drafted well, bringing in Kyrie Irving in between LeBron’s first and second stint with the organization. The popularity of the Cavs ebbed and flowed with the addition and subtraction of LeBron, but the team garners plenty more support under the newest regime than in years past.

FAQs About Cavaliers Odds

Who is favored to win 2024 NBA Finals? 

The Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks () open the 2023-2024 NBA season as the favorites to win the NBA title this season. Nikola Jokic and the defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets are among the top contenders as well with () odds.

What are the odds that the Cavaliers are going to win the championship this year?

The Cavaliers odds to take home their second-ever championship – first since the famed 2016 title – sit at .

How likely are the Cavaliers to make the playoffs?

The Cavs opened the season with () odds to make the NBA Playoffs.