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Welcome to our Chicago Bulls betting guide! Here you’ll find all of the relevant information needed to place wagers on the team this season.

Check this page daily for details such as the latest odds for the Bulls’ next game, information on which states and sportsbooks you can legally wager in, and which legal sportsbooks are offering the best promotional bonuses for first-time depositors.

The long NBA season can be a grind for both players and those betting on their games. From the betting angle, there’s a lot to monitor with respect to workload management of star players, injuries, and how many games a team has played over a condensed period of time. Therefore, this page will serve as a clearinghouse for all the information you’ll need to make an informed wager.

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Where to bet on the Bulls

Bettors wanting to place a bet on the Bulls currently have the option of doing so in 13 different states, including Indiana.

Currently, you can place a bet on a Bulls game if you’re physically located and can be geolocated (if you’re betting online) within those states. Note that this list is expected to expand as more jurisdictions – such as Illinois, which passed sports betting legislation in June 2019 — begin their sports betting operations.

Indiana residents enjoy multiple online options when it comes to wagering on Bulls games. The operators currently active for mobile sports betting in the Hoosier State are DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook and BetRivers. Well-known names such as FOX Bet, BetMGM, PointsBet, William Hill and Caesars are all expected to eventually be operational in Indiana as well.

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How to bet on the Bulls

Indiana residents have multiple bet types to choose from whenever they’re looking to put some money down on a Bulls game. Some of the most popular examples include moneyline, point spread, projected total, parlay, game-based props and player-based props. Additionally, there’s typically a diverse selection of futures bets available.

Further details on each one of these bets available at Indiana sportsbooks can be found below.


A moneyline bet is arguably the most commonly known form of wager to the general public. Simply put, a moneyline wager is defined as a bet on a team to simply win a game, irrespective of margin of victory. A sample moneyline bet involving the Bulls would see a bettor wager that Chicago will defeat the Atlanta Hawks in one of their games this season. In a scenario that sees the Bulls defeat the Hawks, all moneyline bets on Chicago cash successfully. Conversely, those Bulls moneyline wagers would be losers if Atlanta notches a victory.

Point spread

Betting on the point spread entails placing a bet on a favored team winning a game by a certain margin, or alternatively, wagering that an underdog will lose by less than the posted spread. The spread is initially set by the sportsbook and then moved in one direction or the other by the betting public’s activity. A bettor cashes a ticket on a point-spread bet when one of the three following scenarios come to fruition:

  • The favored team wins by more than the listed spread. In such a case, bettors that placed a wager on the favored team covering the spread cash their bet.
  • The underdog team loses by an amount less than the spread. In those cases, a bettor wagering on the underdog will have a winning ticket.
  • The underdog team pulls an outright upset. Here, too, bettors who wagered on the underdog to at least cover the spread will be in possession of a winning ticket.

To further illustrate, say a bettor wagers on the Bulls to lose by less than four points to the favored Hawks. All Chicago has to do is lose by three or fewer points or win outright to make winners of those holding tickets on them.

Over/under (total)

A projected total wager is another popular bet type partly due its simplicity. Sportsbooks assign a figure for each game which represents a potential projected sum total of the points each of the two teams will score in the contest. Bettors placing a projected total wager on that game must put their money on the game finishing over or under that posted number, hence the common practice of referring to these wagers as Over/Under bets.

A sample over/under bet on a Bulls game could break down in the following way: A Bulls-Hawks game carries a projected total of 225 and finishes in a 126-120 overtime win for Chicago. The fact the game went into overtime does not disqualify any aspect of the wager – those who bet the game to go over the projected 225-point total naturally cash their tickets, while those who put their money on the game finishing under the number are out their money.


A parlay wager is a type of bet that involves at least two different games. A parlay is typically more difficult to cash than a standard bet because it requires that any wager within it be correct for the parlay to ultimately cash. Because of the enhanced degree of difficulty, parlays also carry more potentially profitable odds and therefore pay out in greater sum than individual bets.

Once again using the Bulls as an example, say a bettor invests in a Bulls moneyline wager against the Hawks and makes it a parlay bet by adding a bet on the Lakers covering a five-point spread against the Phoenix Suns later in the night. Chicago proceeds to prevail over Atlanta and the Lakers do the same by more than five points against Phoenix later in the night. Consequently, that bettor wins his parlay wager.

Team/player props

Team and player prop bets are a bit more granular in nature than some of the others already discussed. These bets are often graded on specific statistical milestones that can potentially be achieved by a team or individual player during a game. For instance, a game prop wager example on a Bulls contest could be one where a bet on whether Chicago will score more or less than a certain number of points in the first quarter is placed. Then, a player prop bet in the same game could be one based on whether Zach LaVine will drain more or less than a certain number of three-pointers during the game, or even within the first or second half, specifically.


In contrast to the other bets discussed thus far, a futures wager’s outcome hinges on a result that won’t be available by the end of a specific game. In fact, both team- and player-based futures wagers are usually based on an end-of-season outcome.
For example, a team-based wagers made before the start of the regular season on the Bulls could involve whether Chicago will win more or less than a certain number of games, or what place it will finish in within the Eastern Conference or Central Division.

Then, a player-based futures wager is graded based on an individual achieving a certain statistical benchmark for the season, or even securing a certain end-of-season award. Using the Bulls as an example, say a bettor places a longshot wager on Coby White winning the Rookie of the Year award. If White shocks the NBA world and outperforms the likes of Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, R.J. Barrett and others to win the award, that bettor will have a winning ticket (and a highly rewarding one, too, based on the odds he/she would have gotten.