Brooklyn Nets Odds

Nets odds Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets began this season with a much different roster than a year ago, and most books had Nets odds listed at around +12500 to win the championship. That’s a far cry from last preseason when they had the third-best odds to win the Finals at +700. Brooklyn is officially eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, including the play-in tournament. View more Nets odds below.

Brooklyn Nets Odds

View the updated Brooklyn Nets odds below, including moneyline, point spreads, and totals for their next game.

View Nets title odds below.

Nets Roster

Here is the Nets current roster.

Nets 2023-2024 schedule

Here is Brooklyn’s complete 2023-24 regular season schedule.

Nets NBA title odds

It’s been nearly 20 years since we’ve seen an NBA team win the championship without any verifiable stars on their team when the Detroit Pistons hoisted the trophy in 2004. The Brooklyn Nets used to have two such players but Kyrie Irving’s volatile whims flared up and the Nets came back from the All-Star break without Irving or Durant and a roster boasting just one All-NBA selection, Ben Simmons in 2019 as a 76er. 

As a result, their NBA Finals odds are now an astronomical a massive jump considering they had the second or third shortest odds throughout the first half of this season. 

Brooklyn’s formerly star-studded roster built a healthy 27-13 record before losing Durant to injury in January, which should be enough to keep them in the Play-In Tournament if they can hover around a .500 winning percentage the rest of the way. A win or two in the Play-In Tournament would most likely set up a first-round series with either the Celtics or Bucks, the last two Eastern Conference representatives in the NBA Finals and two teams heavily favored to make it back. 

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Nets Transactions

Additions: Darius Bazley (signed), Lonnie Walker IV (signed), Dennis Smith Jr. (signed), Noah Clowney (draft)

Subtractions: Seth Curry (free agent), Joe Harris (trade), Patty Mills (trade), Yuta Watanabe (free agent)

Who are the best players on the Nets?

Mikal Bridges: Now in his fifth NBA season, Bridges has blossomed into one of the premier wing-defenders in the league. He’s also improved his offensive game over time, increasing his point total each season as well as his usage rate, the percentage of the team’s shots a player takes when he’s on the floor (his usage rate this season is 19.6% compared to the 12.2% his rookie season). 

Now finding himself in a more prominent role with Brooklyn than he ever had in Phoenix, Bridges is averaging a stellar 25.0 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 3.0 assists (not to mention more than two combined blocks and steals) in three games since his trade from the Suns. His minutes per game are about the same, but his usage rate is up to 28.6% as the top offensive option for the Nets. 

Spencer Dinwiddie: Dinwiddie is back in a Nets jersey less than two years after the team traded him to the Wizards in a massive five-team deal. After just 44 games in Washington, he was dealt to Dallas in the hopes that he might become a reliable shot-creating guard to pair alongside Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson for the Mavericks playoff run. Despite the Mavericks’ successful run to the Western Conference Championships, Dinwiddie underperformed throughout the postseason, averaging just 14.2 points per game hitting just 41% of his shots from the field. 

In four games back with Brooklyn this season, Dinwiddie is once again shooting a lackluster 40% from the field, though he is adding 17.8 points and 5.3 assists per game. Still, the Nets will need him to raise his averages and efficiencies for the rest of their season if they want to extend it into the playoffs.

Nic Claxton: Alongside Joe Harris, Claxton is the only remaining player on the Nets roster from his rookie season in 2019-’20. Due to his 6’11, 215-pound frame, Brooklyn’s coaching staff never seemed to take him seriously enough to play him more than 15-20 minutes per game during his first 3 seasons, even bringing in aging free agents like Deandre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge to play Center. 

This season, however, Claxton’s solid play has forced the team’s coaching staff to start him and keep him on the floor for nearly 30 minutes per game. His 12.8 points per game and 9.0 rebounds are both career highs, but the real eye-catching stat is his 2.8 blocks per game, second behind only Jaren Jackson Jr. for tops in the league. Beyond the blocks, Claxton has essentially been the best rim-protector in the league, holding opponents to 59.1% on shots attempted within five feet of the basket, the lowest for any defender with a minimum of 750 attempts against him. Defensive Player of the Year favorite Jackson Jr. is limiting opponents to an insane 54.4%, but only on 678 attempts against him.      

Nets props

There are a number of different Nets odds prop bets offered for both team props and individual player performances. The props tool below allows you to easily search for Brooklyn Nets team and player props, including a chart with the odds from each US Sportsbook in one place.

Nets player props

Search for Nets player props below.

Nets current season

Brooklyn lost  six of its first eight games this season, an unpleasant surprise to those who bet on them in the preseason to win the NBA Finals at +700, the fourth-shortest odds at the time. They quickly climbed their way back up the Eastern Conference standings, winning 18 of 20 games over a six-week span, during which they flat-out dominated their competition, beating opponents by an average of more than 10 points per victory and ranking in the top 4 in both offensive and defensive rating. 

Then, Kevin Durant injured his knee on Jan. 8 against the Miami Heat, kickstarting a series of events that would drop the Nets from +600 odds to win the NBA Finals at the time, to +15000 when they returned from the All-Star Break on Feb. 24. That precipitous drop is understandable when look at their starting lineup on opening day – Durant, Irving, Claxton, Royce O’Neal and Ben Simmons – to their current starting lineup with Dinwiddie, Bridges, Cam Johnson, Dorian Finney-Smith and Claxton.

Simmons has been his own unique disaster in Brooklyn, seemingly leaking confidence whenever he’s on the floor. He’s become almost unplayable, losing his starting role in early-January and only seeing 17.5 minutes per game in the Nets last four before All-Star weekend. Over his last 17 games before the break, the former number-one pick averaged almost as many turnovers as field goal attempts (4.9 attempts vs. 2.5 turnovers) in just 24.5 minutes. 

How to bet on the Nets


A moneyline wager is the simplest type of NBA bet, determinant upon the a team winning or losing the game. Take a hypothetical game between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks where the Nets are the favorites to win. Go here for more on what is a moneyline bet?

  • Nets -140
  • Knicks +175

The negative number on the Nets moneyline (-140) indicates they are favored by oddsmakers. This means it would take a $140 wager to win $100 profit, plus the $140 originally posted for the bet. As the underdog in this matchup, a $100 on the Knicks would yield $175 in profit if New York pulls off the upset. 

Point Spread

A bet on the point spread considers the margin of victory for the winning team, rather than simply the outcome. Consider the following example, this time using the Celtics as the Nets’ opponent:

Nets -2.5 (-115)

Celtics +2.5 (-115)

The Nets are favored by 2.5 points, indicated by the “-2.5.” They need to win by at least three points to cover the point spread and cash the bet. Boston is 2.5 underdogs, meaning they can lose by two points or less, or win the game outright to earn bettors a win. Check out more on what is a point spread in sports betting?

Not all bets are created equal in their return, however. The (-115) odds listed next to each team’s point spread show the percentage of the wagered bet you will receive if you are correct. In this instance, both teams have the same -115 odds so a $115 bet on the winning team pays the bettor $100, plus the $115 wagered. A $100 bet on the would earn the bettor $86.96 plus the initial wager if it hits.   

Point Total (Over/Under) 

A wager on the total is a bet on whether the combined points scored by each team will be more or less than the number set by the oddsmaker. For example, if the point total in a game between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers is set at 220 points and ends with a final score of 120-110, a bet on the over would cash out. You can also bet on individual team point totals as well. View what is an over under here.

Live Betting

Betting on games while they’re in-play is known as live betting, a fruitful strategy for those who prepare ahead of time, as books offer updated odds throughout the game based on the live action. Say the Nets (-250 on the moneyline) are heavy favorites in their matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks (+180 on the moneyline) and a $100 bet on the Nets before the game starts would only make a $40 profit. You also know that the Nets often start slowly when they play at home and there’s a good chance the Suns are able to keep this close or assume the lead in the early part of the game. Using that info, you could devise the strategy of holding your bet until the game is in motion to see if the odds on the Nets moneyline shift in your favor. 

If the Bucks prove you correct and jump out to an early lead, oddsmakers will update the lines to reflect the current score and a bet on the Nets at that point would now reward you with a much higher return on your wager. 

Live betting is also where “hedging” your bets can come into play, a tactic by bettors where they make one bet before the game starts and then an opposing bet while the game is live as a way to recoup their potential losses. Let’s say you bet on Brooklyn (+180 underdogs) to win a game against the Chicago Bulls (-200 favorites), but at halftime the Nets are down by 10 points. The live odds for a moneyline bet on the Bulls now only pays you back one-third of your money, or -300. By giving up on the Nets and betting on the Bulls moneyline at -300 during halftime, you’re hedging your initial bet on the Nets in an attempt to recover some money from a seemingly lost cause.                                             

Parlays and Teasers

Parlay and Teaser bets tie multiple different bets together for a larger payout, the catch being that all of your selected bets must be successful for the bettor to cash out. 

Starting with a parlay, let’s say you like the Brooklyn moneyline (-140) against the Cleveland Cavaliers just as much as you like the Sacramento Kings moneyline (-200) against the Houston Rockets, so you parlay them together and wager $20. The odds for your return jump up to +157, garnering $31.44 plus your initial $20.  

A teaser is a tactic to give bettors a bit more cushion as it shifts two different point spreads or point totals in your preferred direction. For example, say you like the Nets (-4.5) in their matchup with the Spurs, while the Minnesota Timberwolves are -5.5 favorites against the Utah Jazz. You can tease both lines by four points (most books offer anywhere from four-to-six point teases) to shift the lines to Brooklyn (-0.5) / Minnesota (-1.5). Now, both teams need to win by four fewer points than the original lines for your bet to cash.


Futures are long-term bets that can range from an offseason to a full season (or beyond). Team win totals, award winners, and player performances are common futures and oftentimes offer plus-odds. 

Nets Franchise History

The Nets franchise has moved back-and-forth between New York and New Jersey a few times since it joined the American Basketball Association as the New Jersey Americans in 1967. Now in Brooklyn since 2012, the Nets remain one of 12 current NBA teams without a championship banner in their home rafters. 

The New Jersey Nets enjoyed the best run in team history when they made it to back-to-back Finals in 2002 and 2003, losing to the Kobe-and-Shaq Lakers and Tim Duncan’s Spurs, respectively. 

FAQs About Nets Odds

What are the odds that the Nets are going to win the championship this year?

The Nets opened the preseason with +12500 odds to win the NBA title. Brooklyn is now officially off the board as a result of being eliminated from the playoff picture.

How are the Nets odds to win the Atlantic Division?

The Nets opened the regular season with +4000 odds to win the Atlantic Division.

What is Brooklyn’s projected win total for the 2023-2024 season?

Sportsbooks set the Nets over/under regular season win total at 37.5.