Midwest Region - Chicago

NCAA tournament odds and predictions


The 2022 NCAA men’s basketball tournament is once again spread out across the country, a year after the entire Big Dance went down in the state of Indiana.

Here we will look at the 2022 Midwest field, odds for region, and the region’s history.

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2022 NCAA Tournament: Midwest Region Bracket odds

Midwest Region bracket odds are available below. Click to bet on the price you like.

No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 4 Providence

Kansas and Providence will clash in the Sweet Sixteen on Friday, March 25 at 7:30 p.m. ET from the United Center in Chicago, IL.

No. 10 Miami vs. No. 11 Iowa State

Miami and Iowa State will clash in the Sweet Sixteen on Friday, March 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET from the the United Center in Chicago, IL.

Midwest Region: What has happened in recent years?

Houston, a 2 seed, wound up winning the Midwest Region last year as it toppled Oregon State, 67-61, in the Regional Final. The biggest upset in the Midwest in 2021 came in the second round when Loyola-Chicago cast its upset magic upon the 1 seed in the region, Illinois.

First round upsets in this region last year included No. 12 Oregon State over No. 5 Tennessee, No. 11 Syracuse over No. 6 San Diego State, and No. 10 Rutgers over No. 7 Clemson.

Auburn, the 5 seed, emerged as the Midwest Region champ in 2019, beating Kentucky 77-71 in OT in the Regional Final. What the Tigers accomplished two years ago was mighty impressive considering they had to topple traditional college basketball powers like Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky along the way. The Jayhawks, Tar Heels and Wildcats all had better seeds than Auburn.

The Tigers’ journey ended on Final Four Saturday as they were edged by eventual National Champion Virginia, 63-62. As far as upsets in the Midwest in 2019, No. 11 Ohio State pulled off the biggest stunner – knocking off No. 6 Iowa State in the first round. No. 9 Washington also beat No. 8 Utah State.

Midwest Region history: First round upsets

Call this the “feast or famine region” when it comes to upsets. In 2015, for instance, the region did not have a single first round upset. The next year in 2016, a 15 knocked off a 2 seed, a 12 beat a 5, an 11 toppled a 6, a 10 beat a 7 and a 9 upended an 8.

Middle Tennessee was the 15 seed in the Midwest in that crazy tournament six years ago. They toppled No. 2 seed Michigan State.

In the past 22 years, there have also been two 14 seeds that have shocked the world. Mercer took down No. 3 seeded Duke in 2014 and No. 14 Ohio upset No. 3 Georgetown in 2010. The Midwest region has been kind to Ohio as two years after the Bobcats beat the Hoyas, they knocked off Michigan as a 13 seed.

Here is a list of upsets in the Midwest since 2000:

  • 2021: No. 12 Oregon State over No. 5 Tennessee, No. 11 Syracuse over No. 6 San Diego State, No. 10 Rutgers over No. 7 Clemson
  • 2019: No. 11 Ohio State over Iowa State, No. 9 Washington over No. 8 Utah State
  • 2018: No. 11 Syracuse over No. 6 TCU
  • 2017: No. 11 Rhode Island over No. 6 Creighton, No. 9 Michigan State over No. 8 Miami
  • 2016: No. 15 Middle Tennessee over No. 2 Michigan State, No. 12 Little Rock over No. 5 Purdue, No. 11 Gonzaga over No. 6 Seton Hall, No. 10 Syracuse over No. 7 Dayton, No. 9 Butler over No. 8 Texas Tech
  • 2015: None
  • 2014: No. 14 Mercer over No. 3 Duke, No. 11 Tennessee over No. 6 UMass
  • 2013: No. 12 Oregon over No. 5 Oklahoma State
  • 2012: No. 13 Ohio over No. 4 Michigan, No. 12 South Florida over No. 5 Temple, No. 11 North Carolina State over No. 6 San Diego State, No. 10 Purdue over Saint Mary’s
  • 2011*: N/A
  • 2010: No. 14 Ohio over No. 3 Georgetown, No. 10 Georgia Tech over No. 7 Oklahoma State, No. 9 Northern Iowa over No. 8 UNLV
  • 2009: No. 13 Cleveland State over No. 4 Wake Forest, No. 12 Arizona over No. 5 Utah, No. 11 Dayton over No. 6 West Virginia, No. 10 USC over No. 7 Boston College, No. 9 Siena over No. 8 Ohio State
  • 2008: No. 13 Siena over No. 4 Vanderbilt, No. 12 Villanova over No. 5 Clemson, No. 11 Kansas State over No. 6 USC, No. 10 Davidson over No. 7 Gonzaga
  • 2007: No. 11 Winthrop over No. 6 Notre Dame, No. 9 Purdue over No. 8 Arizona
  • 2006: No. 12 Montana over No. 5 Nevada, No. 11 UW-Milwaukee over No. 6 Oklahoma
  • 2005: No. 12 UW-Milwaukee over No. 5 Alabama, No. 11 UAB over No. 6 LSU, No. 9 Nevada over No. 8 Texas
  • 2004: No. 12 Pacific over No. 5 Providence, No. 10 Nevada over No. 7 Michigan State, No. 9 UAB over No. 8 Washington
  • 2003: No. 13 Tulsa over No. 4 Dayton, No. 9 Utah over No. 8 Oregon
  • 2002: No. 12 Creighton over No. 5 Florida
  • 2001: No. 10 Butler over No. 7 Wake Forest, No. 9 Charlotte over No. 8 Tennessee
  • 2000: None

*In 2011, the NCAA Div. 1 men’s basketball tournament did not feature a traditional Midwest Region. It instead had an East, West, Southeast and Southwest Region.

NCAA Champions from the Midwest Region

There have been eight NCAA champions from the Midwest Region since 1990, tied for the second most. The South Region has produced 10 title teams and the East Region has also had eight teams win it all in that time.

It has been a while since the NCAA champ came from the Midwest. You’d have to go back to 2013 when Louisville won it all.

The “glory years” for the region came in the 2000s when teams from the Midwest won three titles in a row. The Florida Gators won in 2006 and 2007, and then Kansas cut the nets in 2008.

Here is a list of March Madness champions by region and seed going back to 1990:

YearNCAA ChampionRegionSeed
2020*Tournament canceled due to COVID-19 pandemicN/AN/A
2019VirginiaSouth 1
2017North CarolinaSouth 1
2016VillanovaSouth 2
2015DukeSouth 1
2009North CarolinaSouth1
2005North CarolinaEast1
2000Michigan StateMidwest1
1993North CarolinaEast1

How the Midwest Region is selected

Seeding is the first priority for the Selection Committee each year. For instance if there are four clear-cut No. 1 seeds but two of them are from East Coast, one is from the South and the other is from the West Coast – an East Coast team might wind up as the top seed in the Midwest Region.

Typically, though – the Midwest is represented at the top of the bracket by a team geographically close to the Midwest. For instance, Illinois was the top seed last year, Kansas was the top seed in 2017 and 2018 and Wichita State was the 1 seed in 2014.