Las Vegas Raiders Betting Guide

Odds, Schedule And Predictions

For the second season in a row, the Raiders lost five of their final six games down the stretch and were eliminated from playoff contention. This season, they had wins over the Chiefs and Browns and were sitting at 6-3 when the collapse came. Derek Carr finished the season with the most fumbles in the NFL and had to work with one of the worst defenses in the league. It was another forgettable season– the first one in Las Vegas– and fans appear to be growing tired of Jon Gruden. While his job isn’t in apparent danger this season, another collapse like 2019 and 2020 could be the final nail in the coffin for his job.

Several key players like linebacker Raekwon McMillan, defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins, and receiver Nelson Agholor are in line to be free agents. Hankins and Agholor may be looking for wins rather than money and could bolt from the team. It’s a critical offseason for the current Las Vegas Raiders, and big changes may be around the corner should the ship not be corrected.

Las Vegas Raiders odds


Raiders futures odds

Raiders Super Bowl odds

The Las Vegas Raiders were eliminated from the AFC Playoffs in Week 15.

AFC West odds

The Chiefs clinched the AFC West, eliminating the Raiders from division contention.

Las Vegas Raiders 2020 schedule and betting odds

Week DateTimeOpponentOpening spread
Week 1Sunday, Sept. 131 p.m. ETat CarolinaRaiders -1
Week 2Monday, Sept. 218:15 p.m. ETvs. New OrleansSaints -4.5
Week 3Sunday, Sept. 271 p.m. ETat New EnglandPatriots -5
Week 4Sunday, Oct. 44:25 p.m. ETvs. BuffaloBills -1
Week 5Sunday, Oct. 111:00 p.m. ETat Kansas CityChiefs -11
Week 6BYE
Week 7Sunday, Oct. 258:20 p.m. ETvs. Tampa BayBuccaneers -3.5
Week 8Sunday, Nov. 11 p.m. ETat ClevelandBrowns -2.5
Week 9Sunday, Nov. 84:05 p.m. ETat LA ChargersChargers -1
Week 10Sunday, Nov. 154:05 p.m. ETvs. DenverRaiders -1.5
Week 11Sunday, Nov. 228:20 p.m. ETvs. ChiefsN/A
Week 12Sunday, Nov. 291 p.m. ETat AtlantaFalcons -2
Week 13Sunday, Dec. 61 p.m. ETat New York JetsRaiders -0.5
Week 14Sunday, Dec. 134:05 p.m. ETvs. IndianapolisRaiders -0.5
Week 15Thursday, Dec. 178:20 p.m. ETvs. LA ChargersRaiders -3
Week 16TBDTBDvs. MiamiRaiders -6
Week 17Sunday, Jan. 34:25 p.m. ETat DenverN/A

How to bet on the Las Vegas Raiders

Some teams take off early and thrive throughout the year, like the 2019 Baltimore Ravens. Quarterback Derek Carr is in a make-or-break season and capable of a big year with added weapons on offense and more speed and depth at wide receiver to improve his yards-per-pass numbers – which were still top 10 in the NFL last season.

The Raiders will likely be a good bet on the point spread and moneyline as a competitively-priced underdog (6 points or less). The odds on the Raiders are likely to drop in the futures market before they rise.


A moneyline bet is picking the team to win straight up and laying a price as a favorite or taking back money as an underdog. If the Raiders are a 4-point favorite, you might have to lay -200, or $20 to win $10. If the Raiders are an underdog of 4-points, you could take +170 on the moneyline and lay $100 to win $170 or $20 to win $34.


The point spread is made by the oddsmaker to generate more equal action on both sides, although that happens far less frequently than most bettors realize. Using a 4.5-point spread again, if the Raiders are favored they would have to win the game by at least five points to win your bet. If Las Vegas is an underdog, you would win your bet if the Raiders win the game or if they lose by 4-points or less. Point spreads often have odds of -110, so a $11 bet wins $10. However, if the oddsmaker charges more vig on the odds, or taxes the bettor to take a preferred number or to keep the spread on a key number like 3 or 7, then the bookmaker may charge more like -120, or $12 to win $10.


A total or over/under is a bet on the combined points scored by both teams. During the season this ranges from the high 30s to mid or high 50s depending on the match-ups. First half and second half totals are also posted by the bookmaker. The totals may be shaded slightly higher and definitely so if early season and the previous week had a more high-scoring contest. The betting public will prefer to bet ‘overs’ and react to recent results. The bookmaker understands the thinking of public bettors, so evaluating the specific match-ups and understanding the market and how totals are set can be a more profitable way to bet the NFL. The betting limits on totals are less than sides or point spreads, which is another indicator of which is actually easier to beat as the bookmakers are more vulnerable to sharp action on totals. You’ll see larger line moves on totals and various factors affect that beyond the stats, match-ups or bigger bets. Weather affects totals more than sides.


Props or “proposition bets” are more popular bets on players’ expected stats and performances during a game. These are often bets that don’t directly affect the outcome of the game. An Over/Under passing yards total might be set on Carr for a particular contest, or Over/Under rushing yards on RB Josh Jacobs. Leading sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel will offer more of these props during the season.

Player props are posted with number of passing yards for quarterbacks. This prop is typically the most popular offering. Carr does not yet have passing yard props available as the bookmakers likely wants to see if he secures the starting spot. Jacobs does not have have rushing props. But rookie No. 1 pick WR Henry Ruggs has Over/Under regular season receiving yards of 740.5 at FanDuel.


Futures are long term betting odds and include bets like which team will win the Super Bowl, division or season Over/Under win totals. Odds can vary greatly from various sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel, so if you have an interest in a particular team or player in the futures market, you’re advised to shop for the best odds. Bettors have to tie up their money longer on futures bets, including on offerings like Most Valuable Player or Rookie of the Year.


Teasers allow a better to ‘buy’ points and move the point spread. A popular teaser bet in the NFL is 6 (-120) points. You have to pick at least two teams and can move the point spread 6-points either on the underdog or favorite. Sharp bettors like to bet teasers since the points spreads are more competitive in the NFL and you can move the line over key numbers like 3, 6 or 7. So if the Raiders are a 2-point underdog, you can tease the point spread up to +8. Then you would add another team to your teaser bet and maybe bet a 7-point favorite down to -1. Again, if it’s a 2-team teaser, both legs (teams) of the bet have to win and the vigorish or odds charged by the bookmaker is -120 and sometimes -130.


In-play or what you’ll also hear as ‘in-game’ betting is very popular and allows fans and bettors to continue to bet on outcomes during the course of the game. The point spread, moneyline and total will change throughout the contest, and you need to be quick to get your bets in and recognize the changing lines and what impacts the lines and odds. This takes practice to become more proficient, but sharp bettors can set themselves up for winning wagers throughout a contest as the lines adjust.

Raiders 2019 recap

The Raiders finished 7-9 in 2019 and were in the playoff chase at Thanksgiving. A finish to forget ensued as the Raiders lost four of their last five games including four straight with three blowout losses to the Jets, Chiefs and Titans. In the Raiders’ last seven games, they scored more than 21 points just once in a 24-17 win over the Chargers. The Raiders went 8-8 ATS and 7-9 Over/Under, but there was inconsistency on both sides of the ball.

The Raiders offense averaged 363.7 yards per game to rank No. 12 in the league and 5.9 yards per play was top 10. But the scoring wasn’t productive, averaging 19.6 points per game to rank bottom quartile in the league. The stat profiles on defense were sub-par allowing 354.8 yards per game to rank No. 19 in the league, but 5.9 yards per play allowed tied for No. 25. The Raiders were bottom five in the league in yards-per-point allowed and No. 25 in the league in scoring defense allowing 26.2 points per game.

The Raiders lost by at least 18 points in six games last season, and that’s a major concern from a competitive standpoint as they fill holes on defense and add more talent and depth on offense.

Raiders 2020 offseason moves

Key trades: None
Key re-signings: K Daniel Carlson, LB Kyle Wilber, RB Jalen Richard, G Richie Incognito
Key free-agent losses: S Karl Joseph, LB Tahir Whitehead (released)
Key free-agent signings: LB Cory Littleton (Rams), LB Nick Kwiatkoski (Bears), DE Carl Nassib (TB ) DT Maliek Collins (Cowboys), S Jeff Heath (Cowboys), QB Marcus Mariota (Titans)

Las Vegas made some much-needed additions on defense and were active early in free agency. The re-vamped Raiders added two top linebackers in Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski. The defensive line was also bolstered with DE Carl Nassib and DT Maliek Collins. Safety Jeff Heath was a three year starter for the Cowboys and completes the revamped Raiders defense with many new starters added. Quarterback Marcus Mariota, a former No. 2 overall draft pick, gives Las Vegas a solid backup to start the season but capable of becoming a starter. Head coach Jon Gruden and GM Mike Mayock are both strong believers in Mariota despite the QB losing his starting job in Tennessee last season.