HR Betting Odds 2020

Home Run Favorites And Totals

The 2020 MLB season began on July 23 after months were wiped out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, we’ll look at the betting odds at FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook to lead Major League Baseball in home runs in 2020.

All teams will play 10 games against each of their four divisional opponents, and they’ll play four games against each of the five teams from the corresponding division in the other league during the regular season. The National League has adopted the designated hitter and all games going to extra innings will start each half-inning with the batting team’s final out of the prior inning on second base. Playoffs will remain in the 10-team format which will include a play-in game in both the American and National League.

Be sure to check the disclaimers at your preferred sportsbook when placing your 2020 MLB player futures bets.

HR leader odds and player totals (January 25, 2021)*

*Home run markets might not be available while games are in action

Best Home Runs betting site(s)

Along with betting players from a pool of 50 or more candidates (deemed by the sportsbook as the most likely options to win the home run crown), bettors can also bet the home run total for individual players. A line will be set for select stars or notable names similarly to an Over/Under total for a game. Stanton’s 2020 home run total is set at 16.5 (at DraftKings Sportsbook). Odds will typically be equal on both sides of the line and they’ll be priced with a modest amount of juice.

The odds and lines for both bet types will be adjusted throughout the season based on player performance and public betting action. If Stanton were to hit 10 home runs in April, his odds would likely drop relative to his competition and his season-total line would rise. If he were to fail to hit a homer in the first month of the season, his odds would rise and his individual total would drop. Players may be added or dropped from the available options based on their performance throughout the season.

Where can I bet on MLB home runs?

Most legal and regulated sportsbooks in the US will offer futures odds on MLB’s home run leader in 2020, along with player props for their respective season total. Be sure to check out different odds and lines at DraftKings, FanDuel, FoxBet and PointsBet to ensure you get the most profitable odds for your betting option.

Once under the MLB/Baseball tab at your book of choice, select Futures from the dropdown menu. From there, click Player Futures, Awards or Player Props. The odds for the home run leader are likely to be offered alongside the MVP and Cy Young awards for either league.