Ron DeSantis Election Odds

DeSantis odds

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remains the leading non-Trump Republican choice when looking at Election odds 2024. His odds are currently +750 to win the Republican Primary and +2400 to win the presidency. With the campaign heading into the winter, however, whether or not the Florida Governor can stay in this is still very much an open question.

Read below for the latest Ron DeSantis 2024 Republican Primary Presidential Election odds.

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Ron DeSantis Presidential Odds


Donald Trump +150 40%
Joe Biden +170 37%
Gavin Newsom +669 13%
Nikki Haley +1150 8%
Ron DeSantis +1900 5%
Kamala Harris +2400 4%
Robert Kennedy Jr. +3233 3%
Vivek Ramaswamy +4900 2%
Pete Buttigieg +9900 1%
Tim Scott +9900 1%

Implied probabilities are calculated using data offered by PredictIt.
Last Updated: 2023-11-28 14:00:03 PDT.

DeSantis Election odds shift

Ron DeSantis was once the polling frontrunner to be the Republican Nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election. The Governor of Florida, DeSantis, rode a wave of good press after a landslide victory in the state last fall. After that, however, he went from an ally of Donald Trump’s to an enemy, and his polls have since cratered.

Once Trump started to attack DeSantis, the Florida Governor saw his presidential odds shift. He is currently +750 to win the Republican Primary behind Trump (-500). Regarding the presidency, DeSantis sits at +1900 via PredictIt, a 5% implied probability. DeSantis’ odds were up to +1150, or an implied probability of 8%, before the last Republican debate on Nov. 8, 2023, when they started to dip.

Ron Desantis Republican Primary Odds

CandidateDraftKings Ontario OddsImplied Odds
Donald Trump-50083.33%
Ron DeSantis+75011.76%
Nikki Haley+90010%
Vivek Ramaswamy+22004.35%
Glenn Youngkin+28003.45%
Tim Scott+65001.52%
Chris Christie+65001.52%

2024 Presidential Election Odds

CandidatePredictIt OddsImplied Probability
Donald Trump+15639%
Joe Biden+15639%
Gavin Newsom+56715%
Nikki Haley+11508%
Kamala Harris+24004%
Ron DeSantis+24004%
Robert Kennedy Jr.+32333%
Vivek Ramaswamy+49002%
Pete Buttigieg+99001%
Tim Scott+99001%

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Updated Odds After Republican Debate

Ron DeSantis failed to improve his polling position after the September debate. His odds have followed, with his role as the frontrunner amongst the candidates at the event hurting him. In the Nov. 8 Republican debate, contender Nikki Haley drew much praise for her performance, causing her to inch up in polling closer to DeSantis. These two are the frontrunners behind Trump for their party’s nomination and are focusing on key states such as Iowa, where Trump has a stronghold, in the coming months.

2024 Presidential Dates and Key Information

  • Election Date: November 5, 2024
  • Democratic Primary Candidate: To Be Determined (Likely Joe Biden)
  • Republican Primary Candidate: To Be Determined (Likely Donald Trump)

2024 Election Swing States

  • Arizona (Biden +0.3% in 2020)
  • Florida (Trump +3.3%)
  • Georgia (Biden +0.2%)
  • Michigan (Biden +2.8%)
  • Pennsylvania (Biden +1.1%)
  • Texas (Trump +5.6%)
  • Wisconsin (Biden +0.6%)
Can you bet on the United States Presidential Election?

It is illegal to bet on the election in the US. Markets such as Ontario and the UK allow betting on elections.

Who is the favorite to win the Republican Primary?

Donald Trump is the favorite to win the Republican Primary.

Who is the favorite to win the 2024 Presidential Election?

Currently, Joe Biden is the betting favorite to win the election.

How do I bet on Ron DeSantis odds?

You cannot legally bet on Ron DeSantis odds in the United States.