Joe Biden Odds

Joe Biden odds

Joe Biden is seeking re-election and his current 2024 presidential election odds sit at +100. Biden cruised to re-nomination as the Democratic nominee for President, despite media narratives suggesting he was in trouble.

Biden asks voters to let him “finish the job.” While he may have hhad smooth sailing for the primary, he faces a hard battle against Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, for the presidency. Read below for more on Joe Biden’s current Presidential Election odds.

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Biden Odds

View Joe Biden odds for the 2024 Presidential race below.


Donald Trump -104 51%
Joe Biden +122 45%
Gavin Newsom +1150 8%
Robert Kennedy Jr. +2400 4%
Kamala Harris +3233 3%
Nikki Haley +9900 1%
Pete Buttigieg +9900 1%
Ron DeSantis +9900 1%
Tim Scott +9900 1%
Vivek Ramaswamy +9900 1%

Implied probabilities are calculated using data offered by PredictIt.
Last Updated: 2024-06-22 18:00:02 PDT.

Biden Election Odds Updates

Biden enters his re-election with an approval rating hovering around 40%. He is running against Donald Trump, who he is neck-in-neck with when it comes to the 2024 US Election odds. That leaves voters with a rematch of the 2020 Presidential Election. Donald Trump managed to secure the nomination of the Republican Party against a crowded field, leaving a battle between Biden and Trump once again in 2024.

Biden’s odds have shifted recently. He had an implied probability of 35% in October 2023 to win the presidency, which dropped to around 33% in November 2023. Biden’s biggest hurdles with voters are the economy, the war in Ukraine, the conflict in Israel, and issues like student loan forgiveness.

With the Presidential election looming, Biden’s campaign is kicking into high gear. With Donald Trump facing legal troubles, student protests over the war in Gaza, and the continued issue of abortion access, the battlelines for 2024 are being drawn. Whether Biden can repeat Democratic successes from 2022 in capitalizing on unpopular Republican abortion policies will be key to whether he can win in November.

2024 Presidential Election Odds

CandidatePredictIt OddsImplied Probability
Joe Biden+10050%
Donald Trump+11746%
Gavin Newsom+24004%
Robert Kennedy Jr.+24004%
Kamala Harris+32333%
Nikki Haley+99001%
Ron DeSantis+99001%
Vivek Ramaswamy+99001%
Pete Buttigieg+99001%
Tim Scott+99001%

Biden has many challengers for the Presidency. Here is betting information on his main challenger in the 2024 Election cycle.

2024 Presidential Dates and Key Information

  • Election Date: November 5, 2024
  • Democratic Primary Candidate: Joe Biden
  • Republican Primary Candidate: Donald Trump

Election Swing States 2024

  • Arizona (Biden +0.3% in 2020)
  • Florida (Trump +3.3%)
  • Georgia (Biden +0.2%)
  • Michigan (Biden +2.8%)
  • Pennsylvania (Biden +1.1%)
  • Texas (Trump +5.6%)
  • Wisconsin (Biden +0.6%)
Can you bet on the United States Presidential Election?

It is illegal to bet on the election in the US. Markets such as Ontario and the UK allow betting on elections.

Who is the favorite to win the Democratic Primary?

Joe Biden is the favorite to win the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Who is the favorite to win the 2024 Presidential Election?

Currently, Joe Biden is the betting favorite to win the election.

How do I bet on Joe Biden odds?

You cannot legally bet on Joe Biden odds in the United States.