Gavin Newsom Election Odds

Gavin Newsom President odds

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is one of the rising stars in the Democratic party. The 56-year-old from San Francisco has around + 1900 odds to win the Presidency in 2024. Only incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump currently have shorter odds. View updated Gavin Newsom odds to win the Presidency below.

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Gavin Newsom odds

Here are the latest Gavin Newsom US Presidential Election odds.


Donald Trump +100 50%
Joe Biden +117 46%
Gavin Newsom +1329 7%
Robert Kennedy Jr. +1900 5%
Kamala Harris +3233 3%
Nikki Haley +9900 1%
Pete Buttigieg +9900 1%
Ron DeSantis +9900 1%
Tim Scott +9900 1%
Vivek Ramaswamy +9900 1%

Implied probabilities are calculated using data offered by PredictIt.
Last Updated: 2024-06-12 21:00:02 PDT.

Newsom election odds updates

Newsom has not formally announced he is running for President in 2024, yet he has a 5% probability of winning, according to PredictIt. If Biden reverses course in the coming months and says he will not run in 2024, Newsom is widely viewed as the person who will step to the plate for the Democrats. 

Newsom told FOX News earlier this year that he is supporting Biden in seeking a second term.

“I’m rooting for our President and I have great confidence in his leadership,” Newsom said in September 2023.

The incumbent California Governor has been making his way onto national platforms in recent months, which has sparked speculation that he is on deck for the Democrats. Newsom held a debate on FOX News with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in late November 2023 and has been a regular on national political talk shows. Even if Newsom does not run in 2024, he is widely expected to put his name in the hat for 2028.

Of note, Newsom’s polling numbers as Governor in the state of California tumbled late in 2023. In February 2023, Newsom had a 55% approval rating among California voters in a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll. That number dipped to 44% in October 2023.

CandidatePredictIt OddsImplied Probability
Joe Biden+10050%
Donald Trump+11746%
Gavin Newsom+24004%
Robert Kennedy Jr.+24004%
Kamala Harris+32333%
Nikki Haley+99001%
Ron DeSantis+99001%
Vivek Ramaswamy+99001%
Pete Buttigieg+99001%
Tim Scott+99001%

2024 Presidential Dates and Key Information

  • Election Date: November 5, 2024
  • Democratic Primary Candidate: To Be Determined (Likely Joe Biden)
  • Republican Primary Candidate: To Be Determined (Likely Donald Trump)

2024 Election Swing States

  • Arizona (Biden +0.3% in 2020)
  • Florida (Trump +3.3%)
  • Georgia (Biden +0.2%)
  • Michigan (Biden +2.8%)
  • Pennsylvania (Biden +1.1%)
  • Texas (Trump +5.6%)
  • Wisconsin (Biden +0.6%)

Gavin Newsom Democratic Nominee odds

Here are the latest odds for the Democratic nomination for President in 2024.

CandidateDraftKings Ontario OddsImplied Odds
Joe Biden-30075%
Gavin Newsom+55015%
Michelle Obama+100010%
Kamala Harris+14006.67%
Elizabeth Warren+28003.45%
Hillary Clinton+35002.78%
Gretchen Whitmer+65001.52%


Can I bet on the 2024 Presidential Election in the US?

No, you cannot legally bet on the 2024 Presidential Election in the US.

Who is the Democratic Presidential nominee favorite?

Joe Biden is currently the Democratic Presidential nominee favorite.

Who is the betting favorite to win the US Presidency in 2024?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are currently the co-favorites to win the 2024 Presidential Election.

Can I bet on Gavin Newsom odds?

No, you cannot legally bet on Gavin Newsom odds in the US.