NC State Football Odds

NC State football odds

It’s fresh start in Raleigh for Dave Doeren and the NC State Wolfpack this season. View NC State football odds below, including lines for every Wolfpack game in 2024. Also included below are NC State football ACC odds, win totals, their 2024 schedule, and more.

North Carolina sports betting apps are live, allowing residents to bet on the Wolfpack.

NC State Football Odds

View NC State football odds below. Click on the price you like to bet now.

NC State Football National Title Odds

There’s more fruitful ways to bet on NC State this coming season than on their longshot national title odds () at the best college football betting sites. Since opening at 250-1, NC State has not moved one way or another, suggesting a fair line for them to win it all.

NC State Football ACC Odds

NC State made improvements to their quarterback room and their to their offensive coordinator. A sound defense, decent coaching, and a good quarterback goes a long way in college football. However, will NC State utilize transfer QB Brennan Armstrong the way Bronco Mendenhall did at Virginia? A pass-heavy NC State offense remains to be seen under Doeren. As a result, NC State maintains longshot odds to win the ACC this season.

North Carolina State Football Win Total

Sportsbooks currently line NC State for regular season wins. Our preseason numbers expect 7.1 wins from the Wolfpack, about on par with the betting market.

NC State Football Roster

NC State replaces an interesting QB on the Heisman Trophy odds with another QB with longshot Heisman interest. Armstrong heads to Raleigh from Virginia and will start for NC State. Otherwise, the Wolfpack return 60% of offensive production (due in part to departing Devin Leary spending a notable part of the season injured) and just 50% of defensive production, 107th in the country. A lot needs to rise on defense, a unit that ranked 14th in points per drive.

Who is the North Carolina State football head coach?

Dave Doeren enters his 11th season as NC State’s head coach, boasting a 72-54 record (.571 win percentage). However, the Wolfpack lack in bowl wins under Doeren, going just 3-4 and not notching a bowl victory since 2017.

Who is the QB for NC State football?

Virginia transfer Brennan Armstrong will start at QB for NC State in 2023. In 2021, Armstrong passed for over 4,000 yards – a total that crashed due to coaching malpractice in 2022. However, under new OC Robert Anae, Armstrong should see his numbers rise again in 2023.

Projected offensive starters

Returning starters in bold
Transfers in italics

  • QB: Brennan Armstrong
  • RB: Jordan Houston
  • WR: Keyon Lesane
  • WR: Terrell Timmons Jr.
  • SLOT: Porter Rooks
  • TE: Trent Pennix
  • OT: Anthony Belton
  • OG: Dawson Jaramillo
  • C: Dylan McMahon
  • OG: Derrick Eason
  • OT: Timothy McKay

Projected defensive starters

Returning starters in bold
Transfers in italics

  • DL: Davin Vann
  • DL: CJ Clark
  • DL: Savion Jackson
  • LB: Payton Wilson
  • LB: Devon Betty
  • LB: Jaylon Scott
  • CB: Shyheim Battle
  • CB: Aydan White
  • DB: Robert Kennedy
  • SAF: Devan Boykin
  • SAF: Jakeen Harris

Wolfpack football schedule

Times below in ET.

8/31at UConn7:30 p.m.NCST -16.5
9/9Notre Dame12:00 p.m.
9/23at Virginia7:30 p.m.
9/29Louisville7:00 p.m.
10/14at DukeTBA
11/4Miami (FL)TBA
11/11at Wake ForestTBA
11/18at Virginia TechTBA
11/25North CarolinaTBA

NC State FB Props

Search for North Carolina State football player props using the Props Search Tool below. Type in any player’s name (ex. “Jordan Houston”) and instantly compare prop numbers across the best US sportsbooks.

How to bet on the Wolfpack

Money line

The money line is the most simple bet to make. Betting on the money line is simply betting on a winner for the game. Consider the following example:

  • NC State -190
  • Virginia +155

NC State is favored in this game at Virginia, indicated by -190, while Virginia is the underdog, indicated by +145. In order to win $100, a bettor would need to wager $190 on NC State. Conversely, a successful $100 bet on Virginia would win $145. In both instances, the successful bet also returns the original wager.

Point spread

Betting on the point spread takes things one step further. Instead of just picking a winner, a point spread indicates by how much a team is expected to win or lose by. For example:

  • NC State -9.5 (-110)
  • Virginia Tech +9.5 (-110)

NC State is once again favored, this time by 9.5 points. A bet on the Wolfpack would be successful if NC State wins the game by at least 10 points. On the flip side, a bet on Virginia Tech would require the Hokies to lose by nine or fewer, or to win the game outright.

The number in parentheses is the price on the spread, in this case -110. Like money line betting, a bettor would need to wager $110 on either side to win $100.

Point total (over/under)

The point total (or “over/under”) refers to how many combined points are expected in a game, regardless of outcome. Say NC State’s Week 2 game against Notre Dame has a 55 point over/under. Should the two teams combine for 56 or more points (36-20, 30-27, etc.), then bets on the over would be successful. Should the teams combine for fewer than 55 points (21-17, 24-10, etc.), then bets on the under would be successful. Should NC State and Notre Dame combine for exactly 55 points (35-20, 28-27, etc.), then the bet would be referred to as a “push” and all parties have their original wagers returned.

Like with point spread betting, point totals come with a price, typically -110 or -120.

In-play and live betting

Live or in-play bets refer to bets made during a game. Any bet that can be made before a contest starts (“pre-live”) can likely be made in-play, as well. This offers opportunities for sharp bettors. Since sportsbooks are constantly changing their prices, inefficiencies in the numbers may arise.

Say, for example, NC State closed as a -2 favorite over Miami. In the first quarter, NC State moved the ball at a healthy clip and made some stops on defense. However, a punt was returned for a touchdown and Miami set themselves up for a field goal on the following possession with an interception that went in and out of the hands of the tight end. At the end of the first quarter, Miami leads 10-3. At this point, NC State may be a +3.5 live underdog.

Bettors would be keen to take a better number on NC State live thanks to flukey plays that are unlikely to repeat.

However, keep in mind that sportsbooks always have safeguards for live betting. For one, they bypass tape delays to stay a play or a drive ahead. They also implement review periods with bets to ensure they’re a step ahead. Live betting is best practiced during timeouts.

Parlays and teasers

Parlays are strings of two or more bets used to increase odds and, thus, payouts. For a parlay to win, all of its legs need to win, as well. While the breakeven rate for parlays are much lower than straight bets – which also increases the allure of them – they dramatically increase the necessary breakeven rate on their legs. However, parlays offer an opportunity for bettors to increase their betting volume without wagering more money.

Teasers are a form of parlay in which bettors buy or sell points. “Buying” and “selling” points refers to moving point spreads in favor of the teams you’re betting on. Teasers require at least two legs and offer a standard -120 price on two-leg teasers. Take for example a six-point teaser, the most common option for football, on the following point spreads:

  • NC State +2.5 at Duke
  • Louisville +2 at Pitt

A six-point teaser here makes NC State a +8.5 underdog at Duke and Louisville a +8 underdog at Pitt. Instead of needing to lose by two or fewer (one or fewer for Louisville), NC State now only needs to come within eight points or win outright. However, both teams need to cover their moved spreads in order for this teaser to win.

NC State football FAQ

Has NC State football ever won a National Championship?

NC State has not yet won a football National Championship.

How many ACC titles has NC State football won?

The Wolfpack boast seven ACC titles, but none since 1979. They add another four from previous conferences, with their first coming in 1907 as a member of the South Atlantic Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

How good is NC State football going to be this year?

Losing a majority of their stellar defense suggests NC State likely takes a step backward. Sportsbooks line NC State for 6.5 wins, right on the verge of bowl eligibility.

What record did NC State finish with last season?

The Wolfpack finished 8-5 last season and lost the Duke’s Mayo Bowl to Maryland.