Chicago Bears Betting Guide

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It was a wild ride for the Chicago Bears in 2020; quarterback uncertainty, winning streaks followed by losing streaks, and plenty of close games. After starting 5-1, the Bears were sorted out with a six-game losing streak. However, behind David Montgomery and a lights-out defense, Chicago managed to skirt into the NFC Playoffs. Mitch Trubisky may have won himself another year as the starting quarterback for the Bears thanks to solid late-season play.

It’s not all peachy, though– Matt Nagy has faced immense scrutiny this season for coaching ineptitude and his future with the team is uncertain moving forward. Chicago’s nasty defense will remain intact this offseason, but decisions surround Trubisky and star receiver Allen Robinson, who is rumored to be displeased with his current spot. For having so many players secured for next season (barring trades), the Bears have many question marks to address this offseason.

Chicago Bears odds

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Bears prop bets

Prop bets are based on individual performance, typically surrounding players. David Montgomery came into his own toward the end of the season and proved to be a fruitful option with prop betting. For example, Montgomery’s projected rushing total against the Green Bay Packers in Week 12 of the 2020 season was 55.5 yards. That game, he went off for 103 rushing yards and those who bet over his rushing total would have cashed out.

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Bears futures odds

Futures are long-term bets that can range from an offseason to a full season (or beyond). Team win totals, award winners, and player performance are common futures. For example:

2020 Odds to win NFL DROY

  • Chase Young -110
  • Patrick Queen +450
  • Kenneth Murray +1000
  • Jaylon Johnson +1500

This line for the Defensive Rookie of the Year would often be bet before the season starts. Futures allow for bettors to capitalize on players they think are favorites to win awards long before the odds shift away from their favor. For example, Queen opened with odds of +900 to win the DROY award after the NFL Draft; his odds will shift as the season develops based on his performance for the Ravens defense.

Bears Super Bowl LVI odds

The Chicago Bears opened with +5000 odds to win Super Bowl LVI. Those odds are in line with teams like the Falcons, Raiders, and Eagles.

Bears NFC North odds

The Packers clinched the NFC North, eliminating the Bears from division contention.

Bears win totals

NFL win totals will be released later this offseason. Keep your eyes on this page for the latest NFL projected win totals.

Chicago Bears 2021 schedule and betting odds

Check back for the complete Bears 2021 schedule along with the opening spreads for every game.

How to bet on the Chicago Bears


The moneyline is the simplest of bets, decided by the straight-up winner and loser of each game. Consider the following example:

  • Bears -185
  • Panthers +310

The Bears are considered heavy favorites in this matchup (indicated by -185), requiring a $185 bet to win $100 (plus the initial bet back). The Panthers are the underdog in this matchup, paying out $410 total for a $100 bet ($310 in winnings). How much either team wins or loses by does not matter in moneyline betting, the payout remains the same.

Point spread

Betting on the point spread is determinant on how many points a team wins or loses by. Take the following example:

  • Bears -2.5 (-110)
  • Vikings +2.5 (-110)

In this example, Chicago is favored by 2.5 points, indicated by “-2.5.” If the Bears win the game 23-20, the Bears (-2.5) win the bet and would have a total payout of $19.09 on a $10 bet ($9.09 in profit). If the Vikings keep the game within three and lose 23-21, the Vikings (+2.5) would win, and the payout would be the same as listed above.

Point total (over/under)

The point total refers to the over/under line set by books. This number projects the total number of points scored in a game and, like prop betting, is bet whether one thinks the score will go over or under the set point total. For example, the Bears’ projected point total in their Week 2 matchup with the New York Giants was just 39.5 points. The Bears won that matchup 17-13, resulting in 30 total points. Those who bet under the point total could have cashed out.

The Bears fielded another still defense in 2020 and their offense was marred by quarterback controversy. Because of this, Chicago’s games usually had low point totals, ranging anywhere from 40 to 45 points and not usually more. Barring the Bears landing a big playmaker at quarterback, their point totals will continue to be low moving into 2021.

In-play and live betting

Sometimes, the most thrilling and rewarding bets are bets made while games are being played. These are referred to as live bets or in-play bets. Odds are ever-changing during games, which would prove to be fruitful for sharp and prepared bettors. For example, if the Bears (-225) were heavily favored against the Jaguars (+190) before kickoff, a payout on a $10 bet on the Bears to win would win just $4.44.

However, say the Bears fell to a big 21-3 deficit in the first half despite controlling the overall game (due to a costly turnover or special teams gaffe). Odds may swing in favor of the Jaguars, who may be a -110 favorite at halftime. Taking the Bears to come back and win the game could present plus-odds (say, +130). Should a bettor take Chicago (+130) at halftime and the Bears pull off the comeback, winners would win $13 instead of $4.44 (plus the initial $10 bet).

This could also be an effective way to “hedge” your bet; say a bettor took the Jaguars(+190) in that game, but Chicago jumps out to a 13-0 first quarter lead and is controlling the overall feel of the game, bettors could hedge by throwing some money down on Chicago (-270) to return some of the inevitably-lost bet.

Parlays and teasers

You can always string bets together in the form of parlays or teasers. Usually during busy Sundays, bettors can parlay several teams to win or cover against the spread and if all bets are successful, the payouts are multiplied. Teasers function similarly, except they allow bettors to move each point spread to a more favorable line in exchange for diminished odds.

Bears 2020 recap

Record: 8-8

Record ATS: 8-8

Over/under record: 8-8

It was maybe the most exciting route to an 8-8 record for the 2020 Bears, who began the season red hot, then went on a six game losing streak. They won three of their last four and squeaked into the seventh seed in the NFC Playoffs. Through Week 13, the Bears failed to score more than 30 points, but averaged 31.5 points per game down their last four weeks. The indecisiveness between Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky led to the offense that was truly hard to watch.

The rest of the Bears’ metrics were as middle-of-the-road as it gets; they were the only team in the NFL to post a 0.500 record across their regular season, against the spread, and against the point total. Betting on the Bears week-to-week proved to be difficult in 2020.

Bears 2021 offseason moves

Key free agents: Allen Robinson (WR), Mitchell Trubisky (QB), Tashaun Gipson (S), Germain Ifedi (RG), Alex Bars (LG)

Draft pick position needs: QB, OL, WR

In addition from a few key players like Robinson, Trbusky, Gipson, and Ifedi; the Bears have a rash of role players like DL Roy Robertson-Harris, EDGE Barkevious Mingo, and RG Rashaad Coward due new contracts. Robinson has been publicly frustrated with the Bears and will more likely than not be on his way to another team for 2021. Should the Bears land a big name quarterback, Robinson might be swayed to stay. Tashaun Gipson is 31 years old, but was a pivotal piece for Chicago for the past few seasons; he should be able to earn an extension with the Bears.

With the 20th overall pick in the upcoming draft, the Bears are sitting in a void of quarterbacks. The top four (Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance) will more than likely be gone and other signal callers like Alabama’s Mac Jones and Florida’s Kyle Trask would be considered a reach. This will likely drive the Bears to grab one of the available offensive linemen like Michigan’s Jaylen Mayfield or USC’s Alijah Vera-Tucker. Another option for Chicago would be to trade back in the draft for a team looking to get a sliding player or talented edge rusher and grab their quarterback there.