Local NY Giants Dominating NFL Betting Action At BetStars NJ

Written By Juan Carlos Blanco on November 18, 2018 - Last Updated on June 17, 2022
Giants Betting

Both the shiny and familiar objects are getting plenty of attention from customers at FOX Bet NJ during the NFL season.

The New Jersey sportsbook’s latest data reveals much of what we’d suspect as we approach the NFL regular season’s stretch run:

  • Despite winning only two games, the New York Giants are the most frequently wagered-on NFL team (9.8 percent of NFL bets)
  • Two “legacy” teams with significant nationwide fandom — the Steelers (5.0 percent) and Cowboys (4.6 percent) — check in at number two and four, respectively.
  • The AFC’s hottest team this season, the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs, check in as the third-most popular team for bets at 4.8 percent.
  • Another team with plenty of nationwide interest, the Saints, rounds out the top five at 4.0 percent of all NFL wagers.

Most popular teams a mixed bag versus spread

How have these favorite options performed against BetStars’ lines? Three — KC, New Orleans and Pittsburgh — have frequently rewarded those who’ve wagered on them to cover. They sport respective 80.0 percent, 77.8 percent and 66.7 percent success rates versus the spread thus far.

But, it’s been a different story for those who’ve plunked down some bucks on the pair of NFC East representatives. Both the Giants and Cowboys have each failed to beat the number in five of their nine tries.

Conversely, two other prominent clubs currently making a beeline for the postseason are curiously receiving far less attention from Garden State bettors:

  • The Rams, despite boasting a smorgasbord of offensive firepower that would seemingly engender plenty of confidence in moneyline bets, aren’t the darlings of bettors by any means — they check in as the NFL team with the fifth-fewest percentage of wagers (2.1) placed on it by BetStars customers. The issue may lie in the Rams’ rather surprising inconsistency in covering, despite their sparkling won/loss record — they’re only 4-6 (40.0 percent versus the number).
  • The fast-rising Bears and electric second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky may be thrilling the Chicago faithful, but their mostly impressive exploits have largely fallen flat with the East Coast crowd — the Monsters of the Midway rank dead last among NFL teams as the subject of a scant 1.4 percent of wagers. Unlike Los Angeles, Chicago has come through versus the spread twice as often as it’s failed — they sport a 6-3 record (66.7 percent) in that regard. However, early-season lack of confidence in Trubisky could have certainly helped drive that sparse action.

NFL ATS Records 2018 (BetStars closing lines)

TeamATS RecordCover %Margin of VictoryATS +/-% Total Bets
Green Bay4-5-044.4%0.8-1.74.0%
Kansas City8-2-080.0%11.3+7.34.8%
LA Chargers5-4-055.6%6.0+2.22.3%
LA Rams4-6-040.0%10.4+2.82.1%
NE Patriots6-4-060.0%4.4-1.83.9%
NO Saints7-2-077.8%10.9+7.34.1%
NY Giants4-5-044.4%-5.7-2.19.8%
NY Jets3-7-030.0%-4.6-2.63.9%
SF 49ers3-7-030.0%-3.6-0.93.2%
Tampa Bay3-6-033.3%-6.6-4.32.4%

Big names wield big power in NBA as well

Star power is carrying the day when it comes to the hardwood, too.

LeBron James is a magnet for money in all sorts of ways, not just in the astronomical salaries he commands each time he “transports” his talents to a new city. The Lakers are the team of choice when it comes to BetStars customers in the new NBA season, commanding 9.6 percent of the sportsbook’s NBA action. The rest of the top five is fairly predictable as well:

  • Warriors: 7.6 percent
  • 76ers: 7.1 percent
  • Knicks: 4.9 percent
  • Celtics: 4.2 percent

The drop-off is steep after the top three, but as with the Giants, the Knicks hold plenty of appeal to area bettors. New York currently sports a 6-6-2 record versus the number over its first 14 games.

Meanwhile, the Warriors, Sixers and Celtics are all long on talent but notably short on reliability when it comes to those who’ve banked on them covering. Their respective records against the spread:

  • Warriors: 8-7 (53.3 percent)
  • 76ers: 6-9 (40.0 percent)
  • Celtics: 4-9 (30.8 percent)

Fittingly — considering Showtime reigns supreme as the most wagered-on NBA team — LeBron’s two former clubs are stuck bringing up the rear in terms of NBA action at BetStars:

  • Cavaliers: 1.5 percent
  • Heat: 1.1 percent

BetStars boasts its own unique college football leaderboard

On the college football side, BetStars features a top 25 poll that has its share of differences with current real-world NCAA rankings:

  • Consensus #1 Alabama finds itself the recipient of just 0.1 percent of the action at BetStars.
  • Unanimous runner-up Clemson is doing only slightly better at 0.6 percent.
  • A team with no shortage of nationwide prominence, history and appeal — No. 3-ranked Notre Dame — has them both beat with a 1.1 percent stake of the action.
  • Oregon may only have a 3-4 record and checks in fourth in the Pac-10 alone, but they’re top dogs at BetStars — 5.1 percent of college pigskin money is being plunked down on the Ducks.
  • The closest correlations between real-word and BetStars rankings belong to LSU and Washington State. Ranked No. 7 and 10 in the CFP and AP rankings, respectively, the Tigers check in second on BetStars with 3.4 percent of the college football action. Meanwhile, the Cougars’ unanimous No. 8 rankings in the official polls are complemented by No. 3 slotting in terms of popularity with BetStars customers (3.3 percent of wagers).
  • The team closest in proximity to New Jersey holding the highest ranking on BetStars leaderboard is the Penn State Nittany Lions — 2.3 percent of wagers, fourth overall.
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