North Dakota Sports Betting Bill Stalls In State Senate

Written By Giovanni Shorter on February 1, 2023
North Dakota Sports Betting Bill

North Dakota State Senators have stalled the sports betting bill that would expand to allow online sportsbooks in ND. The measure is SB 2358 which differs from the HCR 3032 bill that passed in the House previously. This bill would establish a sports betting task force to oversee the market. Could North Dakota sports betting hopes be in jeopardy?

ND Senate Stalls Bill

The reasoning behind why state Senators opted to postpone discussion over the bill is because they want more time. The current state of SB 2358 would cover a lot of ground and Senators feel they need more time to discuss.

“We’ll just let this percolate for a little bit before we take any action on it,” said Diane Larson, North Dakota state Sen., R-District 30.

As read in the bill, the measure would create a task force that would “develop a comprehensive statewide implementation plan for online sports betting and regulation. The task force shall prepare any proposed legislation necessary to implement online sports betting.”

The tribal gambling compact would extend access to nontribal operators. Retail and online sports betting will be allowed. All legislation and regulations would be overseen by the new task force. The task force will only focus on sports gambling in North Dakota.

Additionally, details in the measure state that the task force would be prohibited from expanding “state funds on lobbying or campaigning in favor of or opposition to a constitutional amendment to authorize sports betting. If a constitutional amendment authorizing sports betting is approved by the voters, the task force shall (report to) the 69th legislative assembly.”

What Does This Means For The Future Of North Dakota Sports Betting?

Depending on how long it takes the Senate to review the bill’s details, it could stall for a long time. Creating a sports betting market takes time. If the Senate is spending time before voting on the measure, it will overall increase the wait for a launch.

Additionally, there is no guarantee the bill passes. There is the other measure, HCR 3032, to consider. There are also those opposed to the market as well. At the earliest, locals could see a sports betting market in 2025, however, that would mean the Senate and House are able to pass legislation in time for the 2024 ballot.

Residents could vote on sports betting and in 2024 and have lawmakers regulate the market by the following year. There is no direct timetable for the market, however.

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