NC Lottery Creates New Sports Betting Jobs Ahead Of Launch

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
North Carolina Sports Betting

The North Carolina Lottery Commission (NCLC) is making moves toward the launch of online sports betting. The commission recently posted a new job listing for a North Carolina sports betting financial investigator who will aid in regulations. This is another example of the incremental progress happening in the Tar Heel State as the market approaches its launch.

North Carolina New Sports Betting Job Listing Examined

The job listing states that the commission seeks “an individual to join a newly created department tasked with conducting financial investigations and accounting reviews of the financial statements and related information submitted for sports betting and gaming applicants, entities, key managers, and principals.”

What the application likely refers to when it says “newly created department” is the Sports Betting Committee. The new committee will tackle sports betting issues as they arise. Applicants will have many duties if selected for the role. These vary from document confirmation to application evaluation.

The position tasks the investigator with reviewing sportsbook applicants based on their financial viability. Additionally, the investigator must testify at administrative hearings when discussing sports betting. Their opinion will be taken into account for all application decisions.

North Carolina’s Recent Moves

North Carolina regulators continue to make strides toward a 2024 online wagering launch. They have formed a sports betting committee, voted on a budget that changes regulations, and partnered with Gaming Laboratories to test incoming apps. Regulators don’t have a clear launch date or window, but the latest online betting can go live is June 2024.

“We will get sports betting and pari-mutuel betting up and running before the June deadline,” said Sterl Carpenter, Deputy Executive Director of Gaming Compliance and Sports Betting.

Although progress may seem slow, things are trending in the right direction. Sportsbook operators have already begun registering for updates via the email registry to stay updated on all the latest progress.