North Carolina Sports Betting Committee Formed To Help Make June 2024 Launch Deadline

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
North Carolina Sports Betting Committee

The North Carolina Lottery Commission has voted unanimously to create the North Carolina Sports Betting Committee. This committee would be in charge of overseeing sports betting-related issues that do not fit into other committees. North Carolina Sportsbooks must launch no later than June 14, 2024.

Role Of The New NC Sports Betting Committee

Members of the committee include Lottery Commission members Cari Boyce, Pam Whitaker, and Ripley Rand. The committee will focus on handling sports betting issues as they arise. A meeting is set to take place soon with committee members. The Lottery Commission will also hold special meetings in October and November with more sports betting updates.

“We’ve determined that putting an individual committee to deal with sports betting issues that don’t fit neatly into the other committees is an effective way to move things forward with sports betting,” said Rand.

More Progress Being Made For North Carolina Sportsbooks

The commission is also working to create an electronic system to handle sportsbook applications. So far, four entities have submitted bids to create the system for North Carolina. None of the bids have been accepted, as they have not met the commission standards.

Despite the delay in the application system, the commission is prepared to review applications manually if need be. Lawmakers are determined to have North Carolina online sports betting live by the mid-June deadline.

“We will get sports betting and pari-mutuel betting up and running before the June deadline,” said Sterl Carpenter, Deputy Executive Director of Gaming Compliance and Sports Betting.

North Carolina officials have been taking the steps to bring the expanded gambling market to its residents. The forming of this new sports betting committee is another example of the efforts being made. With the meetings surrounding sports betting coming just before December, however, it seems unlikely for a launch in time for Super Bowl LVIII.

A March Madness launch may also seem far-fetched. Bettors can look towards the mid-June launch window for a more likely launch timeline. North Carolina is still in the earliest stages of the regulatory process.