Why Bettors In New Mexico Cant Wager On The Kentucky Derby

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
New Mexico Kentucky Derby

While horse racing betting fans will be gearing up to wager on the Kentucky Derby, fans in New Mexico will unfortunately have to miss out. A disagreement between the state’s Racing Commission and the Kentucky Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (HBPA) is the reason. Due to the disagreement, the betting signal is being withheld from New Mexico. This is not only for Kentucky Derby odds but for all Churchill Downs races.

New Mexico To See No Kentucky Derby Betting

The HBPA is withholding the signal as they stand with the New Mexico Horsemen’s Association. The New Mexico Racing Commission is alleged to be stripping the association of its rights. While that conflict unfolds, horse racing betting signals will continue to be withheld. In fact, they have already been withheld for months.

In addition, the HBPA is accusing New Mexico of violating the Interstate Horse Racing Act. The New Mexico Horse Racing Commission has formally denied violating the act.

“Due to the unfortunate decision of the Kentucky HBPA, New Mexico race fans will be denied the opportunity to wager on the upcoming Kentucky Derby, while in attendance at one of the state’s five horserace tracks. To be clear and pursuant to the federal Interstate Horseracing Act, the negotiations regarding the simulcasting of one track’s race meet to another race track is a matter exclusively between the race track and the horsemen’s group, as defined by the federal act. The New Mexico Racing Commission does not get involved in those negotiations. Rather, it merely approves the importation of multiple race tracks’ simulcast signals. Based on the fact the New Mexico Racing Commission is in compliance with the applicable federal law, any suggestion it has violated the Interstate Horseracing Act is entirely false.”

New Mexico Horse Racing Commission Statement

The commission has stated that it approved the 2024 Churchill Downs signal to be sent, and the signal was also approved by the Kentucky Racing Commission. Once it reached the HBPA, the signal was denied and remains withheld.

In addition to the HBPA in Kentucky, New Mexico has seen signals halted by Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Arizona.

NM Bettors Can Wager On The Kentucky Derby Elsewhere

While it is unfortunate that Kentucky Derby odds are inaccessible in New Mexico, the neighboring markets do offer odds. Fans can travel to Colorado or Arizona and be able to access Derby lines at FanDuel Racing. Bettors do not need to physically be at a racetrack to wager as FanDuel Racing has all the odds via its mobile app.

If New Mexico bettors are near the borders of these markets, they can travel to access the odds. With New Mexico being on the outs with several tracks, this seems to be the best option to legally wager for the foreseeable future.

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