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PointsBet opened its doors in 2017 in Australia.

It differentiated itself from other sportsbooks with its unique brand of a high-risk, high-reward wager: “PointsBetting.”

PointsBet.com began offering this option, along with more traditional wagering, to players in New Jersey in January 2019, when it launched as a partner of Meadowlands Racetrack.

The company has employed the help of two American sports icons — NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson and former NFL All-pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis — who are serving as brand ambassadors to help the company appeal to the US audience.

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One of these wagers is the player’s first fixed odds bet, and the other is his or her first PointsBetting wager. If a player loses one or both bets, the amount lost is credited to the player’s account as a bonus bet within 24 hours of the wagers’ settlement.

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Does PointsBet run a loyalty program?

Yes, the site runs a traditional loyalty program. It awards one reward point for each dollar won or lost on PointsBetting wagers, one reward point for every $1 on fixed odds markets, and five rewards points for each dollar bet on a parlay.

Canceled wagers don’t earn points. The site credits players’ accounts at the time of settlement.

What other promotions does PointsBet sportsbook offer?

Players using PointsBet.com enjoy a wealth of promotions, some of which are only available to New Jersey residents.

One popular choice is lunchtime booster odds. This promotion is available from noon to 3 pm, Mondays through Fridays when players have the chance to get better odds during their lunchtime.

An early payout promotion pays players when their moneyline wagers on NBA games are leading at halftime and when their moneyline wagers on NHL games are leading after the first period.

Players looking to bet on college basketball can do so with no juice for teams ranked in the top eight in the country.

Those who don’t find the markets on which they want to bet can request lines through Twitter using #nameabet and tweeting to @PointsBetUSA. These requests must be made more than two hours before an event.

What multi-bet options does PointsBet offer?

At the time of writing, multi-bet options are available but limited.

Players can place parlay wagers on up to 12 teams. However, parlays may not include PointsBetting wagers. Teasers, which are typical for basketball and football among American sportsbooks, are not available, nor are other bets that involve multiple selections.

What types of bets are available on PointsBet?

The sportsbook offers all the basic markets that are necessary to meet the needs of most bettors in North America.

What betting markets does PointsBet offer?

As of February 2019, PointsBet features markets on 17 sports, which includes:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motorsports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Among the other sports are rugby, soccer and Aussie rules football.

The site offers the traditional markets of spread betting, moneyline and totals (over/under) for all the sports that it has on offer (except racing).

It also claims to feature the most significant number of markets on NFL and NBA games out of all sportsbooks. This includes markets like, e.g., the number of seconds until the first touchdown, and the minutes until a player passes a specific point total.

In-play wagering is also on offer for most events. The number of markets available depends on several factors, including the league or conference, the teams involved and whether the event will be on TV.

Regular season college basketball games may have as few as five markets on offer compared to hundreds available on NBA games. The most likely lines to be on offer for college sports beyond the major three are team totals and first and second half lines.

What is PointsBetting?

In addition to the standard lines and prop bets, the site also offers its core product – the high-risk, high-reward option known as PointsBetting.

PointsBetting gives players the opportunity to win – and lose – more based on “how right” or “how wrong” they are. This feature contrasts with fixed odds betting.

With fixed odds wagering, a player could bet $110 on the New York Mets -1.5 -110. The bettor would win the wager and claim $110, plus $100 back if the Mets won by two or more. They would receive the same amount back whether the Mets won by two or 12. Similarly, the player would lose $110 whether the Mets won by one or lost by 10.

In PointsBetting, the bettor would win more than $100 if the Mets won by three or more, with each additional run adding to the payout. Similarly, they would lose more than the original $110 if the Mets lost than if they won by one point. Again, the player’s loss would grow with each additional run scored against the Mets.

The site uses unique formulas to determine how much each additional run, point or goal changes the payouts. The effect on the player’s win or loss depends on the standard variation.

For example, hockey games typically end with just a few goals, so one goal would affect the bettor’s wins and losses much more than one point in a basketball game, which may end with more than 200 points scored.

The site sets default maximum wins and losses for each PointsBetting wager, but these are several times the amount of the initial bet. Players can set up their stop losses to minimize the amount that they can lose with any given wager. This cap also limits how much they can win with each bet.

The unique PointsBetting markets are sure to add excitement to any wager, but they are also a recipe for disaster for any player who doesn’t yet understand how they work. Players who are inexperienced with this type of wager would be wise to start with a small amount — relative to the size of their other bets — until they become comfortable with this unique system.

Those who fail to do so put themselves at risk of losing their entire bankrolls quickly and perhaps even finding themselves with negative balances. This issue would require them to make an additional deposit before making any other wagers on the site.

Does PointsBet have a Sportsbook app?

Yes, players can choose between PointsBet Apple and Android apps for their mobile devices. They can download the apps from the website, which features links to them at the bottom of each page. Users can make all of the same wagers from their devices as they can on the desktop version of the website.

Does the site offer customer support?

Yes. Email and chat support are available at all times and are at the bottom of each page on the site. Players can also get help from 8 am to midnight, seven days a week.

The site also features a list of frequently asked questions on the “Help” page, where players are likely to find answers to most or all of their questions.

What are the requirements to play at PointsBet?

Players must be at least 21 years old and physically located within New Jersey when placing wagers. Geolocation technology through the site enforces this rule. While anyone who is of age and in New Jersey may play on the site, the company limits some of its promotions to those residing in the state.

What deposit and withdrawal methods are available?

The site meets the requirements of state and federal regulators, which means that players must complete identity and payment verification requirements before making their first withdrawals.

Bettors with outstanding PointsBetting wagers may be confused about not being able to withdraw their full balances. Due to the risk of loss beyond the initial wager amount, the site restricts a specific amount beyond the outstanding wager(s) until the bets are settled.

Players may make deposits using their Visa or Mastercard. Some banks impose card restrictions, so players facing trouble when making a deposit should contact their financial institutions before reaching out to PointsBet.com support. EML cards and ACH/e-check options are also available.

Some online sportsbooks in New Jersey offer additional deposit and withdrawal options that are not available on PointsBet. However, this may be a result of the high-risk betting associated with PointsBetting options.

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