NHL Trade Deadline Tracker: Team, Market Analysis

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on March 14, 2022 - Last Updated on March 21, 2022
nhl trade deadline

With the 2022 NHL Trade Deadline March 21 and the playoff picture as wide open as it’s ever been, it’s a great time to wait as the hockey world sees just who gets traded and what it all means for the playoff race.

TheLines will break down the big trades affecting betting markets below. Click on the odds to bet now in the United States and scroll to the bottom for current Stanley Cup futures.

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Andrew Copp

New York Rangers Get: Andrew Copp, Tyler Motte

Winnipeg Jets Get: Multiple Picks

Vancouver Canucks Get: 4th Round Pick


The Rangers () have traded for one of the most complete players available this season, with someone on a 50 point pace and is solid defensively in Copp, and one of the best defensive forwards in the league in Motte. The price for Copp is sounding like it’s steep (multiple top 64 picks), but getting him – and Motte for a very cheap price – is worth it as they try and make a run in a division that is theirs for the taking.

Winnipeg () have thread the needle of keeping their slim playoff chances this year alive while getting good futures for him. It’s sounds like a steep price they were able to get for him, and for a team stuck in the middle, this helps pick a future path.

The Canucks () getting a 4th for Motte is a bit light, but getting something for a player they were going to lose for free is never a bad thing.

Rickard Rakell

Pittsburgh Penguins Get: Rickard Rakell

Anaheim Ducks Get: Zach Aston-Reese, Dominik Simon, 2022 2nd Round Pick, Prospect To Be Named


The Pens () have managed to make a splash with their one Deadline move, getting one of the best rentals who is on a 25 goal pace. With the Rangers making moves and the Hurricanes above them in the standings, Pittsburgh needed to find another upgrade, and insodoing, they got the #1 player left by Deadline day.

Anaheim () have managed to get another premium pick and a prospect for another Unrestricted Free Agent, and while they have continued to make this team worse off, their future gets better, as that 2nd rounder could either help them in the draft, or as a trade chip moving forward.

Max Domi

Carolina Hurricanes Get: Max Domi

Columbus Blue Jackets Get: Aiden Hreschuk


The Hurricanes () continued their tradition of taking talented players with controversial personalities by acquiring Domi, who will add depth scoring punch and will fit right in with a locker room that’s already having to deal with the controversies surrounding Tony DeAngelo. Hard to deny his 32 points in 53 games will help, though.

Columbus () tried to give Domi away at the Expansion Draft and Seattle had no interest, so getting something for someone they didn’t want is a win.

Johan Larsson

Washington Capitals Get: Johan Larsson

Arizona Coyotes Get: 2023 3rd Round Pick


The Caps () made a depth acquisition for offensive talent in a division that has seen little improvement this deadline season, and with Alex Ovechkin aging, they need to be aggressive. Whether someone with 29 games of decent offensive form in a career is the right choice is to be determined.

The Coyotes () managed to convert a decent scoring pace, if only in 29 games, into a third round pick for a journeyman player who has been bouncing around the cellar dwellers of the league in his career.

Nick Leddy

St. Louis Blues Get: Nick Leddy, Luke Witkowski

Detroit Red Wings Get: 2023 2nd Round Pick, Jake Walman, Oskar Sundqvist


The Blues () overpaid for defensive depth in the form of the aging Leddy, who can score and can’t defend anymore. If he needs to play substantial minutes in a playoff series, the Blues have bigger problems.

The Red Wings () got two fringe NHLers and a 2nd rounder for an aging offensive defenceman who won’t be good when the team is good and who is a defensive turnstile. Not bad.

Artturi Lehkonen

Colorado Avalanche Get: Artturi Lehkonen

Montreal Canadiens Get: Justin Barron, 2024 2nd Round Pick


The Avalanche () made another splash, getting skilled depth forward Artturi Lehkonen. 13 goals this season, with most of that time under some of the worst conditions in league history, Lehkonen has improved under Martin St. Louis, his close to a point-a-game pace in March is what Colorado is hoping it just added to its third line.

The Canadiens () got a haul for Lehkonen – a player taken in the 1st round of the 2020 NHL Draft and a 2nd Round pick into the future, when Colorado is likely worse than it will be now. Lehkonen is the kind of player who was super valuable on last year’s Habs team, but with them likely missing the playoffs the next couple of seasons, trading him makes a lot of sense.

Justin Braun

New York Rangers Get: Justin Braun

Philadelphia Flyers Get: 2023 3rd Round Pick


The Rangers () have augmented their defence with Justin Braun, who has non-horrible offensive numbers and is somehow a +3 on the disastrous Flyers team. For a team that’s trying to make a run, it’s an incredible addition, for a lower price than any other defenceman has gone for.

The Flyers () being unable to get better than a third for Braun is shocking, given that Jeremy Lauzon got a second despite being much worse. It’s a necessary pick for a rebuilding team, but it’s not awe inspiring that this is the best they could get.

Marc-Andre Fleury

Minnesota Wild Get: Marc-Andre Fleury, Jacob Middleton

Chicago Blackhawks Get: 2022 2nd Round Pick* (Could Become 1st)

San Jose Sharks Get: Kaapo Kahkonen, 5th Round Pick


The Wild’s () move makes little sense at first blush – Fleury’s .908 Save% this year isn’t anything special, and on paper he’s not much – if anything – of an improvement on Kaapo Kahkonen – but this trade isn’t about the regular season, it’s about the playoffs. Fleury is the 4th most winning playoff goalie in NHL history, and the reigning Vezina Trophy winning goalie, even if he didn’t really deserve it. It’s a steep price, but it’s a marked improvement over the recently-struggling Kahkonen.

The Blackhawks () managing to get a second round pick that can become a first for Fleury is a definite victory for them, who got him for (essentially) free this offseason. Turning $7M in cap space into a good pick is good business for a bad team.

The Sharks () traded a young, cheap defenceman with potential for a league average goalie and a fifth round pick, which only makes sense if they think Kahkonen is their goalie of the future. Either way, if they can get a haul for James Reimer, this will be better, but without that, this is a bit underwhelming.

Jeremy Lauzon

Nashville Predators Get: Jeremy Lauzon

Seattle Kraken Get: 2nd Round Pick


The Predators () paid a steep price for a player with limited offensive skills (4 goals in 129 career games) and some semblance of defensive skills – although, having played intermittenly in Boston and then on a bad Kraken, it’s unclear how good he really is. Maybe this works out, but a 2nd is a high price to pay for defensive depth, especially when it’s decidedly unclear how good the player you’re trading for is.

The Kraken () got a second rounder for a player they got from the Bruins in the expansion draft, and whose value wasn’t doing anything to make this team better. It’s a tidy piece of business as the selling continues.

Nick Paul

Tampa Bay Lightning Get: Nick Paul

Ottawa Senators Get: Mathieu Joseph, 4th Round Pick


The Lightning () have made a bet that despite Joseph and Paul having similar, 25 point paces this season, Paul will be able to elevate himself in their dynamic offensive system and with their better talent. It’s less of a clear upgrade than other moves they’ve made this deadline, but Paul is a tenacious, gritty forward who will help Tampa’s bottom 6.

The Senators () did get a player with restricted rights moving forward for an expiring contract, but trading for Travis Hamonic’s boat anchor of a contract and then not having the money to re-sign Paul, who wanted to stay, is the clearest distillation of the Sens failures we have ever seen.

Mark Giordano

Toronto Maple Leafs Get: Mark Giordano, Colin Blackwell

Seattle Kraken Get: 2022 2nd Round Pick, 2023 2nd Round Pick, 2024 3rd Round Pick

Vancouver Canucks Get: Travis Dermott

Ottawa Senators Get: Travis Hamonic


The Leafs () have traded a young defenceman who has struggled to break into their lineup and a pick for a defenceman who can slot right into their top 4 as a partner for Jake Muzzin and a solid depth forward. Given the Leafs’ likely playoff opponents – Florida, Tampa, and Boston – have all traded first round picks for upgrades, the Leafs needed to shore up their weakness, and they got the best remaining defenceman who can play on the right.

The expansion Kraken () have sold their best expiring contract for a good return of assets, but not getting a first for Giordano when a worse player in Ben Chiarot got one can’t feel great. Given their bad choices in the expansion draft, the Kraken will have a typical expansion experience – and lose a whole lot more games in the next couple of seasons.

The Canucks () managed to save money and get younger by trading Hamonic for a 3rd Rounder and then using a different 3rd to get Dermott, and they should be a bit better as they continue to make their playoff run. The cap savings could also make another move possible, but even without one, the Canucks got better.

The Senators () gave up a third round pick for an aging and bad defenceman who makes too much money on a team with an internal cap lower than the league’s cap. Its idiocy is only matched by the complete disbelief at the move.

Claude Giroux

Florida Panthers Get: Claude Giroux, German Rubtsov, Connor Bunnaman, 2024 5th Round Pick

Philadelphia Flyers Get: 2024 1st Round Pick, 2023 3rd Round Pick, Owen Tippett


The Panthers () are continuing to be aggressive after the Chiarot trade earlier this week, acquiring a Flyers legend who is also quietly on a 60 point pace and who might get 30 goals. Giroux’s abilities in the faceoff dot and his ability to consistently put up points even on one of the worst teams in hockey make him very useful in Florida, and makes an already potent offence even better.

The rebuilding Flyers () have now finally acknowledged where they are, with the trade of their franchise cornerstone. Owen Tippett is a high pick from the 2017 Draft who hasn’t been able to break into the Panthers’ lineup, but could be a valuable future building block for the club. Getting futures for an expiring is always good, but unless Tippett becomes that star five years after he was drafted, the package isn’t much better than what Montreal got for Chiarot, despite Giroux being substantially better.

Hampus Lindholm

Boston Bruins Get: Hampus Lindholm, Kodie Curran

Anaheim Ducks Get: 2022 1st Round Pick, 2023 2nd Round Pick, 2024 2nd Round Pick, Urho Vaakanainen, John Moore


The Bruins () are acquiring one of the best defencemen available on the market this year, who has been a stalwart of the Ducks’ defence and who, at the age of 28, isn’t the age of most rentals. That said, in the last year of his deal Lindholm could walk, but the Bruins clearly think his steady backend play and decent offensive talents make it worth it for their playoff push, especially in an Atlantic Division where both Tampa and Florida have added this week. If he extends, the heavy haul could maybe be worth it, but they paid through the nose for a team that’s still likely coming fourth in their division.

For the Ducks (), have now traded three pending Unrestricted Free Agents for future assets, and have markedly made this year’s team worse. They’re throwing in the towel on this season, but with Zegras, Terry, and Milano all young, they made the call to sell now and fortify their chances for next year, and getting a 1st, two 2nds, and Vaakanainen is a haul. The Ducks might be worse now, but with those picks usable as trade chips, the Ducks are gonna be really good really soon.

Nicolas Deslauriers

Minnesota Wild Get: Nicolas Deslauriers

Anaheim Ducks Get: 2023 3rd Round Pick


The Wild () are acquiring veteran depth for their forward lines, even if Deslauriers has only put up 10 points in 62 games. Solid defensively, the Wild have to be hoping his offensive limitations don’t make him unplayable, but if he can kill penalties, it might be worth it, but even then, this is a serious overpay.

For the Ducks (), getting a third round pick for an expiring contract and a 31 year old player who was more likely than not to be playing somewhere else next year anyways is a steal, and more evidence that the Ducks view next season as their time to make a move for the playoffs.

Brandon Hagel

Tampa Bay Lightning Get: Brandon Hagel, Two 4th round picks

Chicago Blackhawks Get: 2023 1st Round Pick, 2024 1st Round Pick, Taylor Raddysh, Boris Katchouk


The Lightning () are acquiring a proven contributor on a very cap-friendly deal, with two more years at only $1.5M against the cap, meaning that this deal isn’t just a usual trade deadline rental. That said, they’re getting a great value who seriously raises their chances in the playoffs, and Hagel’s 55-point pace will be very helpful in their playoff run. That said, two first-round picks is a heavy price to pay, but it’s clear that the Lightning view this year, and their attempt at a three-peat, as the only goal – and if they win it all this spring, nobody cares about future picks. This is an overpay, but the Lightning are now clear East favourites.

For the Blackhawks (), Hagel was a late round pick who has managed to attract a huge haul, and while his contract is a great value, that value matters less for a bad team like they project to be moving forward. They did incredibly to get two firsts for him, and this signals – if the completely incompetent team they ice on a nightly didn’t already – that they’re rebuilding, and based on what they want, this is a good package. It’s a steal to get this much, and it’s a sign that the new Blackhawks management knows what they’re doing – but they’re gonna suck for a few years.

Ben Chiarot

Florida Panthers Get: Ben Chiarot
Montreal Canadiens Get: Tyler Smilanic, 2023 1st Round Pick, 2022 4th Round Pick


The Panthers () have made the move that their previous trade suggested was coming, acquiring defenceman Ben Chiarot. Having been on the horrible Habs, the hope is that Chiarot can channel his 2021 self, where the physically imposing defenceman wreaked havoc on the league. That said, the aging UFA has seemed a step slower this year, but whether that’s physical decline or having to play for a horrible team is unclear. Cleaely the Panthers are betting it’s the latter.

For the Canadiens (), Chiarot’s contributions from the 2021 Stanley Cup run were appreciated, but as a UFA this summer and with the Canadiens entering a rebuild, a trade seemed inevitable. Tyler Smilanic is a 2020 third rounder, but the main value is the 1st in 2023. The picks accrued from Chiarot, Toffoli, and whatever other moves they make will go a long way to telling whether they have ambitions in 2022-23, but for now, the Habs are tanking this season, and looking to the future.

Calle Järnkrok

Calgary Flames Get: Calle Järnkrok
Seattle Kraken Get: 2022 2nd Round Pick, 2023 3rd Round Pick and a 2024 7th Round Pick


The Flames () have found a key depth upgrade in the form of  Järnkrok, who while bad defensively on the horrible Kraken has been a reliable positive in past seasons. For the Darryl Sutter-coached Flames, Järnkrok is a welcome addition for a team that’s already added Tyler Toffoli this season, and needed one more acquisition to bolster their centre depth. For a team with elite goaltending, more depth scoring could make the difference in the playoffs, and Järnkrok’s 12 goals is nothing to sneeze at.

For the Kraken (), this trade is about adding draft picks to the expansion team, who have underperformed even the low expectations of many in the hockey media. This trade makes clear the Kraken’s role as sellers this deadline, and makes future trades more likely. While they didn’t get a first, three picks for Järnkrok is a solid piece of business for the expansion Kraken.

Frank Vatrano

New York Rangers Get: Frank Vatrano
Florida Panthers Get: 2022 4th Round Pick


The Rangers () managed to find a low cost upgrade to their third line in Vatrano, who has been a valuable depth piece with the Panthers. Scoring at a half-point/game pace in both the 2020 and 2021 shortened seasons, Vatrano’s offence has regressed this year, but given the need for centre depth and the low cost, this helps solidifies a Rangers offence that can be very hit or miss.

For the Panthers (), this trade is a bit of an oddity – a refusal to do an “own rental” with a pending Unrestricted Free Agent they won’t be able to re-sign. Weakening their own team despite leading the Atlantic, the Panthers do open up some more cap space for this season, which could help in their pursuit of other stars. As a stand-alone move it makes little sense, but the ability to potentially use that pick for something else, or to use the freed up cap space, could make this more logical.

Josh Manson

Colorado Gets: Josh Manson
Anaheim Gets: 2023 2nd Round Pick and Drew Helleson


The Avs () made the first splash of deadline week with their acquisition of Josh Manson. A right-shot defenceman in a market bereft of them, Manson will shore up the Avalanche’s defence, and they did so without giving up a roster player. For a team with inconsistent goaltending and an elite offence, adding Manson will fortify Colorado’s claim as Cup favourites.

For the Ducks (), this is an implicit admission that they won’t be making the playoffs this year, and so they decided they’d rather the 2nd and Helleson – a very good prospect – than taking a run at a wild card and then losing Manson for nothing, and probably signals that further departures are coming. Getting a right-shot D with 25 points in 32 NCAA games and a 2nd Round pick for an expiring contract is quite good work for the Ducks.

Current NHL Futures Amidst 2022 NHL Trade Deadline

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