NFL Week 9 Betting Preview: Titans At Chiefs Sunday Night Football

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on November 6, 2022
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Sunday Night Football in Week 9 features the Tennessee Titans heading on the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs in a battle of 5-2 teams. KC is a spread favorite with Tennessee a underdog on the moneyline. Titans Chiefs odds feature a total of .

With Ryan Tannehill missing last week’s game and his availability for this week up in the air, the Chiefs might go up against rookie QB Malik Willis, who beat the Texans last week. Let’s dive into the Week 9 odds for this Sunday Night Football showdown.

Titans Chiefs Odds: Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under

The Titans Chiefs odds table effectively shows all the legal sportsbook Sunday Night Football odds for each of the three main markets – spreads, totals, and moneylines – so that bettors can know what they’re getting is the best price. Just use the dropdown menu to toggle between the type of bet you want, and then make sure you’re getting the best price when you bet.

If you’re looking at spreads, getting an extra half point on either side can make or break the difference, and getting the best side of a total points market can be crucial as well. When it comes to Moneyline betting, you always want to get the best number possible – all three things that the easy comparison points of the Odds Table allow.

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Titans vs. Chiefs Player Props

The props tool enables bettors to effectively track Titans Chiefs odds across sportsbooks for every player prop, to make sure that bettors aren’t missing out on a better total, or a better value, on a player prop.

Whether it’s getting a total you want to bet an Over on 5 yards lower, or a line where you have to pay less juice, the Props tool enables bettors to make sure they’re not missing out on the best available Sunday Night Football odds.

Titans vs. Chiefs Betting News & Angles

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Chiefs Vs. Titans Injury Report

Kansas City Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Jody Fortson Jr.TEQuadOut29.1
Lucas NiangOTKneecapQuestionable

Tennessee Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Amani HookerDBShoulderOut60.2
Ryan TannehillQBAnkleQuestionable56.3
Jeffery SimmonsDTAnkleQuestionable55.6
Bud DupreeOLBIllnessQuestionable31.8
Tory CarterFBNeckOut26.0
Kevin StrongDEAnkleQuestionable22.7
Elijah MoldenCBGroinQuestionable

Chiefs Offense Vs. Titans Defense

Chiefs OffenseStats (Rank)Titans Defense
31.9 (1)Points/Gm19.7 (9)
0.5 (1)Points/Play0.3 (2)
403.3 (2)Yards/Gm343.9 (15)
296.0 (2)Pass Yards/Gm254.7 (24)
107.3 (23)Rush Yards/Gm89.1 (2)
6.3 (2)Yards/Play5.7 (19)
7.8 (4)Yards/Pass7.0 (23)
4.5 (17)Yards/Rush4.2 (7)
51.9% (1)3rd Down %25.6% (1)
76.7% (1)Red Zone %52.4% (12)
8 (7)Turnovers11 (10)
12 (3)Sacks19 (13)

Titans Offense Vs. Chiefs Defense

Titans OffenseStats (Rank)Chiefs Defense
18.9 (24)Points/Gm24.6 (23)
0.3 (18)Points/Play0.4 (17)
285.6 (32)Yards/Gm369.0 (26)
147.6 (31)Pass Yards/Gm277.0 (30)
138.0 (9)Rush Yards/Gm92.0 (3)
5.0 (26)Yards/Play5.6 (16)
6.5 (14)Yards/Pass6.7 (14)
4.4 (19)Yards/Rush4.2 (7)
36.1% (24)3rd Down %41.1% (17)
76.5% (2)Red Zone %68.0% (26)
9 (10)Turnovers8 (22)
17 (11)Sacks19 (13)

Titans vs. Chiefs Betting Insights

Reasons The Titans Can Cover The Spread

The Titans are somehow 5-2, and this is one of the biggest spreads in history for two teams with equal records. With the Titans having the 4th best defense per PFF’s grading and 10th by DVOA, the Titans are decently capable to slow down the Chiefs offense.

Their offense isn’t anything special, especially not with Malik Willis, who might be starting this week, but the Chiefs Defense isn’t any better. Against a rush defense that’s bottom half of the league by both DVOA and PFF, Derrick Henry should be able to run efficiently enough to kill some clock and help keep the game close.

Why The Chiefs can cover the spread

On this five game winning streak for the Titans, they’ve played the Raiders, the Texans, the Commanders, and the Colts twice. Those teams have a collective 0.400% winning percentage this season. The Chiefs, on the other hand, are the best offense in the league by DVOA, and should be able to score fairly easily.

It’s a very big number, but the Chiefs did just drop 44 points on San Francisco’s (superior) defense and are coming off a bye week, so if there would be a week for the Chiefs to come out and show their talents, this would be it.

Reasons to bet the over

The Chiefs have scored 30 points or more in three of their last four, so they’re probably good for a decent haul of points. If they can get on track early and force either Willis or Tannehill into negative game script, then the Titans will have to speed up their offense, which could lead to either big plays, or turnovers, which both help overs.

Reasons to bet the under

If the Titans can stay competitive, then this game could cruise to a slow, painful under. If Henry is able to keep the Titans in 3rd and manageable with early down successes in the running game, the clock will drain and the Titans will be able to keep the ball out of Mahomes’ hands.

The other key to this will be how quickly the Chiefs can score. The Bills kept the Chiefs from breaking 30 by forcing them into short passes and long drives, which both killed the clock and meant that the Chiefs characteristic big plays couldn’t hurt them. If Tennessee can do the same, this can go under.

Titans vs. Chiefs Props: Matchups To Watch For

Derrick Henry Rushing Yards: If the Titans are going to have any success in this game, Henry is going to have to not just get a lot of work, but he’s also going to need to make that work be successful. A slow paced game is the Titans best path to being competitive in this one, and that starts with Henry taking advantage of the Chiefs’ run D.

  • Rushing Yards: O/U / ()

Final Thoughts

The Titans being 5-2 is one of the biggest shocks of the season so far, but it’s gone under discussed mostly because almost nobody actually believes in them. They’ve beat up on the Colts who benched Matt Ryan (for a late round backup), the Commanders and Carson Wentz, the Raiders who are 2-5 and having a disastrous season, and the Texans, who are 32nd in Overall DVOA. They’re not good, they’ve just played a soft schedule.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, have been inconsistent this year – putting up offensive explosions sometimes and struggling to score at others. If the good Chiefs show up, off a bye, then they’ll roll in this game. Trends can be overrated, but Andy Reid coached teams are 15-8 ATS after a bye for a reason.

If the Titans can control this game and control the pace, then there’s a chance they can keep this close, but if they have to abandon the running game and trust either Willis or Tannehill to throw, then they’re up a creek without a paddle.

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