NFL Week 8 Betting Preview: New England Patriots at New York Jets

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on October 28, 2022
patriots jets odds

Week 8 sees the AFC East worst New England Patriots (3-4) heading on the road to play the streaking 5-2 New York Jets. Primary markets show the Patriots as spread favorites and on the moneyline, with New York to win. Patriots Jets odds feature a total of .

With the Jets on a four-game winning streak and the Patriots scuffling after a bad loss on Monday Night, this is as close to a must win as any Week 8 game can be for the Foxborough faithful. It will be Mac Jones starting at quarterback for the Patriots.

Patriots Jets Odds: Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under

The Patriots Jets odds table effectively shows all the legal sportsbook odds for each of the three main markets – spreads, totals, and moneylines – so that bettors can know what they’re getting is the best price. Just use the dropdown menu to toggle between the type of bet you want, and then make sure you’re getting the best price when you bet.

If you’re looking at spreads, getting an extra half point on either side can make or break the difference, and getting the best side of a total points market can be crucial as well. When it comes to Moneyline betting, you always want to get the best number possible – all three things that the easy comparison points of the Odds Table allow.

Patriots vs. Jets Player Props

The props tool enables bettors to effectively track Patriots Jets odds across sportsbooks for every player prop, to make sure that bettors aren’t missing out on a better total, or a better value, on a player prop.

Whether it’s getting a total you want to bet an Over on 5 yards lower, or a line where you have to pay less juice, the Props tool enables bettors to make sure they’re not missing out.

Patriots vs. Jets Betting News & Angles

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Patriots Vs. Jets Injury Report

New England Injuries

Kyle DuggerDBAnkleDoubtful
David AndrewsCConcussionDoubtful
Kendrick BourneWRToeQuestionable
Josh UcheLBHamstringQuestionable
Anfernee JenningsLBCalfQuestionable
Nelson AgholorWRHamstringQuestionable
Jonathan JonesCBAnkleQuestionable
Adrian PhillipsDBShoulderQuestionable

New York Injuries

Jermaine JohnsonDEAnkleQuestionable
Corey DavisWRKneeQuestionable
Breece HallRBAclOut
Alijah Vera-TuckerOGTricepOut
Quincy WilliamsLBAnkleQuestionable
Duane BrownOTShoulderQuestionable

Patriots Offense Vs. Jets Defense

Patriots OffenseStats (Rank)Jets Defense
22.1 (16)Points/Gm19.6 (10)
0.4 (3)Points/Play0.3 (3)
341.1 (17)Yards/Gm314.7 (10)
218.6 (21)Pass Yards/Gm209.4 (13)
122.6 (12)Rush Yards/Gm105.3 (11)
5.8 (9)Yards/Play4.9 (5)
7.6 (5)Yards/Pass6.0 (6)
4.4 (18)Yards/Rush3.9 (3)
41.8% (12)3rd Down %41.5% (20)
47.6% (26)Red Zone %63.2% (25)
15 (31)Turnovers11 (8)
12 (7)Sacks15 (16)

Jets Offense Vs. Patriots Defense

Jets OffenseStats (Rank)Patriots Defense
22.7 (14)Points/Gm20.9 (14)
0.4 (3)Points/Play0.3 (3)
330.9 (21)Yards/Gm345.3 (15)
213.9 (23)Pass Yards/Gm208.6 (12)
117.0 (17)Rush Yards/Gm136.7 (25)
5.1 (22)Yards/Play5.4 (12)
5.8 (29)Yards/Pass6.3 (8)
4.7 (12)Yards/Rush4.9 (26)
32.7% (29)3rd Down %44.4% (28)
60.0% (9)Red Zone %54.5% (16)
9 (16)Turnovers13 (3)
17 (23)Sacks21 (5)

Patriots vs. Jets Betting Insights

Reasons The Patriots Can Cover The Spread

The Pats have the 9th best defense per DVOA and are 5th in sacks in the league, while only blitzing around league average. With an effective front four, the Pats should be able to disrupt Zach Wilson, who has yet to show he can handle a strong pass rush or adverse game conditions.

If the Pats can hold the Jets offensively, that would reduce the load on either Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe, and allow for the Pats defense to control this game.

Why The Jets can cover the spread

The Jets have the edge defensively in this matchup, because what the Pats do well on offense isn’t conducive to beating the Jets. The Jets are 6th by PFF’s Rushing Defense grades and 3rd in the league at yards/rush allowed. If the Pats are forced to throw, it doesn’t matter who’s under center, the Pats will struggle.

On the other side of the ball, the Jets Offense is nothing to sneeze at, except for the fact that their rushing offense is their better facet. The Pats have the 28th ranked DVOA Rush D and the 27th by PFF, and they’re giving up 4.9 yards/ rush. Yes, losing Breece Hall hurts, but a Michael Carter-James Robinson backfield duo is no bad replacement, and the Jets should be able to run all over them.

Reasons to bet the over

If the Jets fall behind in this game, Zach Wilson is known to take unnecessary risks, as he did multiple times against the Broncos. If his mistakes end up in the arms of a Patriot this week, it could give the Pats short fields or a defensive touchdown.

On the other side, the Pats rush D is so bad that they might give up a big run to either Michael Carter or the newly acquired James Robinson.

Reasons to bet the under

This game is going to be slow, it is going to be run heavy, and no matter who New England starts, it features two quarterbacks with explicit instructions not to make mistakes. One of the reasons the Jets have gone on this winning streak is Wilson avoiding costly mistakes, and against a porous rush defense the Jets won’t let Zach make bad plays.

On the other side, the chances that Bellicheck will allow either Jones or Zappe to freelance with the ball are low. The Pats had to on Monday Night, but that was because they were down immediately. If they can stay in neutral game script, the Pats will keep the leashes on whichever QB starts.

Patriots vs. Jets Props: Matchups To Watch For

Michael Carter Rushing Yards: James Robinson will be the priority, but without Hall, Carter will see an increase in snaps and touches, especially as Robinson learns the playbook and has to earn the coaching staff’s trust, especially in potential passing situations. If Carter can establish a good rhythm early, the Jets should keep giving him chances to succeed.

Final Thoughts

It is rare that the NFL gives us a matchup where it’s fair to say that Zach Wilson is the better QB, but this week it might be a justified title.

Whether it’s Zappe or Jones, neither New England Quarterback is good, and against a Jets defense that is 2nd by PFF and 6th in Yards/Play, there’s little reason to think the Patriots will be able to move the ball. The Jets have been able to get pressure with the second lowest blitz rate in the league, which should help against the 20th ranked OLine of the Pats by Adjusted Sack Rate.

The Jets should be able to run all over the Patriots, because the Pats run defense is horrible and they’re set up to be beaten by it, and by mobile QBs. While nobody would confuse Zach Wilson for a great running QB, he did run 4 times for 24 yards against the Broncos, and the Bears did just lay out the script to ripping up the Pats D.

Obviously, Belicheck has been a Jets killer over the years, but that was always with either an elite Defense and/or Tom Brady. He has neither this year, and his QB situation is a disaster, whichever way he goes. That said, the Jets have been lucky in this run to avoid falling behind, and we don’t know what Zach Wilson in a negative game script looks like.

Best of luck betting Patriots Jets odds.

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