NFL Week 8 Betting Preview: San Francisco 49ers At Los Angeles Rams

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on October 30, 2022
49ers rams odds

The 3-4 San Francisco 49ers find themselves heading down to Southern California in Week 8, where the 3-3 Los Angeles Rams await. Primary markets have the 49ers as spread favorites and on the moneyline to win the game. The over/under in 49ers Rams odds is set at .

The Rams, coming off a bye week, are hoping to get some offensive juice back, while the 49ers are looking to bounce back from two straight losses, with an offensive explosion led by the newly acquired RB Christian McCaffrey. Go to our core page for complete NFL Week 8 odds, but in this post, we’ll break down several betting angles in this NFC West showdown.

49ers vs. Rams Odds: Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under

The 49ers Rams odds table above effectively shows all the legal sportsbook odds for each of the three main markets – spreads, totals, and moneylines – so that bettors can know what they’re getting is the best price. Just use the dropdown menu to toggle between the type of bet you want, and then make sure you’re getting the best price when you bet.

If you’re looking at spreads, getting an extra half point on either side can make or break the difference, and getting the best side of a total points market can be crucial as well. When it comes to Moneyline betting, you always want to get the best number possible – all three things that the easy comparison points of the Odds Table allow.

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Niners vs. Rams Player Props

The props tool enables bettors to effectively track 49ers Rams odds across sportsbooks for every player prop, to make sure that bettors aren’t missing out on a better total, or a better value, on a player prop.

Whether it’s getting a total you want to bet an Over on 5 yards lower, or a line where you have to pay less juice, the Props tool enables bettors to make sure they’re not missing out.

Niners vs. Rams Betting News & Angles

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49ers Vs. Rams Injury Report

San Francisco Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Dre GreenlawLBCalfOut59.0
Deebo SamuelWRHamstringOut52.9
Kyle JuszczykFBFingerOut40.7
Jauan JenningsWRHamstringQuestionable34.3
Jason VerrettCBKneeQuestionable

Los Angeles Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Brandon PowellWRAnkleQuestionable22.5
Cam AkersRBPersonalOut22.2
Kyren WilliamsRBAnkleQuestionable1.0

49ers Offense Vs. Rams Defense

49ers OffenseStats (Rank)Rams Defense
20.7 (20)Points/Gm21.0 (16)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.4 (19)
355.0 (14)Yards/Gm301.3 (5)
234.3 (14)Pass Yards/Gm197.2 (8)
120.7 (15)Rush Yards/Gm104.2 (10)
5.8 (9)Yards/Play5.3 (10)
7.3 (6)Yards/Pass6.6 (16)
4.5 (15)Yards/Rush4.2 (9)
43.2% (7)3rd Down %40.0% (15)
54.5% (15)Red Zone %33.3% (2)
12 (27)Turnovers8 (19)
14 (12)Sacks12 (22)

Rams Offense Vs. 49ers Defense

Rams OffenseStats (Rank)49ers Defense
17.3 (29)Points/Gm19.0 (9)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.3 (3)
309.8 (26)Yards/Gm294.9 (3)
239.3 (11)Pass Yards/Gm203.9 (10)
70.5 (31)Rush Yards/Gm91.0 (2)
5.0 (27)Yards/Play4.9 (5)
6.3 (20)Yards/Pass6.5 (12)
3.4 (31)Yards/Rush3.5 (1)
42.7% (8)3rd Down %38.7% (12)
47.4% (27)Red Zone %61.1% (23)
13 (29)Turnovers9 (14)
22 (28)Sacks24 (3)

Niners vs. Rams Betting Insights

Reasons The Niners Can Cover The Spread

The Niners defense is not as bad as they’ve shown the last two weeks, which is why they’re only favoured by the narrowest of margins. With the 7th best Defense by both PFF and DVOA, the Niners should be able to stifle Matt Stafford, as they did the first time they played.

The Niners have the 2nd highest Pressure Rate in the league while blitzing below league average, a combination which will wreak havoc against the Rams. The Rams are 23rd by Pressure Allowed and 26th by Adjusted Sack Rate, two numbers which should allow the Niners to dominate the trenches.

Throw in more Christian McCaffrey on passing downs now that he knows the pass blocking schemes, and the Niners should be able to score enough to win, especially if their defense can give them a short field at all.

Why The Rams can cover the spread

The Rams have nothing going right for them offensively – 25th by DVOA and 26th by PFF’s grades – but their Defense is still elite. 8th by DVOA and 3rd by PFF, the Rams have kept themselves in games with their Defense. Even if the offense struggles again, they should be able to keep the game close. Against a Shanahan offense that quite enjoys rushing the ball, the Rams top ranked PFF Run Defense will be crucial. If the Niners can make Jimmy G chuck, then they increase the chances that they can win the same way they locked up January’s NFC Championship Game.

Reasons to bet the over

McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel do provide the Niners with an offense that has the ability to break big plays, which is probably the way this over gets hit.

Or Jimmy G throwing a pick-six, but that probably requires the Rams to score early, which seems unlikely.

Reasons to bet the under

This is likely going to be an incredibly slow paced game – the Rams Offense has played horribly to start this season. With the Niners ability to get pressure and the Rams’ bad offensive line, the Niners should be able to get stops this week.

On the other side of the ball, the Rams have been incredibly efficient stopping the run, and that is what the Niners will be looking to do. Teams already down their first round pick don’t traditionally trade 4 more picks for a running back if they don’t intend to use him heavily, so we know CMC will be heavily used.

Niners vs. Rams Props: Matchups To Watch For

Christian McCaffery Receptions: O/U / ()

For the Niners to pay off the decision to trade for CMC, they’re going to have to use him not just as a runner, but as a target as well. If the Niners are going to efficiently move the ball, they’re going to need to have their star players make plays in space, so a lot of dump offs to CMC is going to be key.

Niners Sacks: Part of the reasons the Niners Defense has been weaker the last two weeks has been their inability to get sacks against two mobile quarterbacks. This week, against immobile Matt Stafford and the horrible offensive line, the Niners should be able to get to Stafford at will.

Final Thoughts

The Rams have been historically unable to do much against the Niners, losing 7 straight regular season games. The Rams did win in last year’s NFC Championship was a respite from the losing, but the Rams offense this year is nothing like last year’s.

Without an offensive line that is capable of much, the Rams are going to rely on Stafford getting the ball out fast. Last time they played, the Niners got 7 sacks, and the Rams only scored 9 points. There’s little to think the Rams offense has improved much since then.

Are the Niners much offensively? Not really – any Jimmy G-led team has a clear ceiling, obviously. But that ceiling is substantially above the lowly Rams. The Niners should be able to scheme their way to enough points, by putting Deebo, CMC, and George Kittle in space and letting them make plays.

Nothing Los Angeles has done in the intervening games should fill Rams fans with any confidence the last matchup won’t just be re-run. The Cowboys beat them with the exact same gameplan the next week, and then they limped over the line of a tanking Panthers team.

Maybe the bye week has changed the Rams, but based on what they’ve shown so far, there’s little to auger confidence in them.

Best of luck betting 49ers Rams odds.

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