NFL Week 8 Betting Preview: Broncos vs. Jaguars in London

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on October 28, 2022
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The NFL is going back to London, and for the first time, the game will be available to watch on ESPN+. With the battle of 2-5 teams, the Denver Broncos find themselves heading to London to play the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have made England a second home in recent years. The Jags are spread favorites, with the Broncos on the moneyline. Broncos Jaguars odds feature a total of .

With Russell Wilson saying he spent four hours on his flight rehabbing his hamstring, there’s optimism he might be able to play. There’s less optimism Denver fans are still excited to hear him speak about much of anything. Bettors will want to weigh whether a hampered Russ will be better than what the Broncos had last week at QB. It could be what makes the difference in this game.

Broncos Jaguars Odds: Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under

The Broncos Jaguars odds table effectively shows all the legal sportsbook odds for each of the three main markets – spreads, totals, and moneylines – so that bettors can know what they’re getting is the best price. Just use the dropdown menu to toggle between the type of bet you want, and then make sure you’re getting the best price when you bet.

If you’re looking at spreads, getting an extra half point on either side can make or break the difference, and getting the best side of a total points market can be crucial as well. When it comes to Moneyline betting, you always want to get the best number possible – all three things that the easy comparison points of the Odds Table allow.

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Broncos vs. Jaguars Player Props

The props tool enables bettors to effectively track Broncos Jaguars odds across sportsbooks for every player prop, to make sure that bettors aren’t missing out on a better total, or a better value, on a player prop.

Whether it’s getting a total you want to bet an Over on 5 yards lower, or a line where you have to pay less juice, the Props tool enables bettors to make sure they’re not missing out.

Broncos vs. Jaguars Betting News & Angles

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Jaguars Vs. Broncos Injury Report

Jacksonville Injuries

Jamal AgnewWRKneeQuestionable
Shaquill GriffinCBBackOut

Denver Injuries

Cameron FlemingOTQuadOut
Russell WilsonQBHamstringQuestionable
Mike BooneRBAnkleOut
Josey JewellILBKneeQuestionable
Tyrie ClevelandWRGroinQuestionable
K’Waun WilliamsCBWristProbable
Essang BasseyCBHamstringQuestionable
Baron BrowningLBHipOut

Jaguars Offense Vs. Broncos Defense

Jaguars OffenseStats (Rank)Broncos Defense
22.1 (16)Points/Gm16.4 (3)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.3 (3)
371.3 (7)Yards/Gm286.0 (2)
233.9 (15)Pass Yards/Gm173.1 (2)
137.4 (9)Rush Yards/Gm112.9 (15)
5.8 (9)Yards/Play4.5 (1)
6.6 (14)Yards/Pass4.8 (1)
5.1 (9)Yards/Rush4.7 (22)
41.9% (10)3rd Down %34.0% (5)
51.9% (21)Red Zone %25.0% (1)
10 (21)Turnovers7 (23)
10 (2)Sacks22 (3)

Broncos Offense Vs. Jaguars Defense

Broncos OffenseStats (Rank)Jaguars Defense
14.3 (32)Points/Gm19.6 (10)
0.2 (30)Points/Play0.3 (3)
328.6 (23)Yards/Gm348.4 (17)
219.1 (20)Pass Yards/Gm238.1 (20)
109.4 (19)Rush Yards/Gm110.3 (13)
5.1 (22)Yards/Play5.4 (12)
6.3 (19)Yards/Pass6.6 (16)
4.2 (22)Yards/Rush4.1 (4)
30.4% (31)3rd Down %44.3% (27)
23.5% (32)Red Zone %52.2% (12)
8 (11)Turnovers9 (14)
21 (27)Sacks11 (27)

Broncos vs. Jaguars Betting Insights

Reasons The Broncos Can Cover The Spread

The Broncos still have one of the best defenses in the league – 3rd by DVOA and 1st by PFF. The Broncos have only allowed opponents to score 20 or more points once this season, which has kept them in games.

The Jaguars defense isn’t any great shakes – 18th by DVOA, 32nd in PFF’s tackling grades, and 27th in sacks. That could open the door to the Broncos establishing some offensive rhythm. If the Jags’ 27th ranked 3rd Down defense continues to be weak, then it could be a spot for the Broncos to find something.

Why The Jaguars can cover the spread

Breece Hall showed how to take advantage of the Broncos’ porous rush defense before his ACL tear last week with 72 yards on 4 rushes. The Broncos are only 18th by DVOA against the run and 23rd by yards/rush allowed. If Travis Ettienne can take advantage, then the Broncos D won’t look so intimidating.

The real case for Jaguars optimism, however, is on the other side of the ball. Whether it’s Brett Rypien or injured Russell Wilson, how are the Broncos putting up any meaningful number of points? The Broncos are 29th in Offensive DVOA, 31st by PFF, and 31st in Early Down Success Rate, because they’re bad and predictable in how they run their offense.

Reasons to bet the over

A total under 40 is always worth consideration, just because of how little offense is actually required to send a game over. The Broncos did connect on a big play against the Jets, and this is a matchup that could produce turnovers, if Trevor Lawrence has to drop back a lot against the Broncos D.

If the Broncos can create a short field, or Brett Rypien or Russell Wilson have to try and make some plays, then this game could create enough chaos to hit the low total.

Reasons to bet the under

The Broncos inability to take advantage of a fresh set of downs is going to kill this game. The Broncos’ 31st ranked Early Down Success Rate is solely a function of Nate Hackett’s refusal to change his offense in any way. The Broncos run on 1st Down more than most teams, and when they do pass, it’s either a short pass or an incompletion.

Given the Broncos keep shooting themselves in the foot with bad first downs, it’s going to be a punt fest assuming their defense holds up. The Jaguars run offense is league average, which means they won’t be able to take too much advantage of the best chance to beat the Broncos D. With an injured QB or a backup, the Broncos will probably run a lot too, draining the clock.

Broncos vs. Jaguars Props: Matchups To Watch For

Travis Ettienne Rushing Yards: The only way the Jaguars will be able to move the ball effectively is by jamming Ettienne down the throats of the Broncos D. They showed their weakness last week, conceding the 8th most rushing yards in the league in Week 7. With James Robinson now a Jet, Ettienne is in line for all the work.

  • O/U / ()

Final Thoughts

This line getting to 3 would change the dynamics of this game substantially, but there’s no real indictation that will happen.

With the Broncos QB situation, it feels more consequential than it really is, because it’s Russell Wilson. The thing is, Brett Rypien was not meaningfully worse than Russ has been so far this season. If he plays, he’ll be immobile and a sitting duck for sacks, and if Rypien plays the Broncos offense will be as shambolic as last week against the Jets.

The Jaguars have been better than their record so far this season – 9th in overall DVOA, the Jags have run colder than ice in close games this season. If they can get some positive regression in terms of their ability to string together drives, they should easily enough to win this game.

They probably won’t score 20+, but the Broncos pose a very real question of how they’re going to even put up 14. The Broncos offense was a disaster even when Russ was healthy. Now? It’s a complete and utter disaster, and no high knees on the team plane while everyone else was asleep is going to change the fact that the Broncos are an unmitigated mess.

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