NFL Week 5 Look-Ahead Lines: Ravens v. Bengals Headlines Schedule

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on September 30, 2022
NFL Week 5 look ahead lines

NFL Week 5 look-ahead lines have hit the board, and an AFC North showdown highlights the slate. Sunday Night Football odds feature division co-favorites Cincinnati and Baltimore battling in the Charm City.

Every week, usually on Friday, TheLines will post look-ahead lines from FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook. These look aheads give an early snapshot of the current market opinions of teams absent the week-to-week bias that can take hold following weekend results.

NFL Week 5 Look-Ahead Lines

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(Eastern Time)
Colts at Broncos
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Broncos -2.5
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Broncos -2.5 (-118)
Giants at Packers
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Packers -7.5
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Packers -7.5 (-105)
Chargers at Browns
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Chargers -1.5
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Chargers -1.5 (-115)
Bears at Vikings
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Vikings -6.5
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Vikings -7
Seahawks at Saints
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Saints -6
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Saints -6.5 (-115)
Lions at Patriots
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Patriots pk
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Patriots -1 (-108)
Titans at Commanders
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Titans pk
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Titan -1.5 (-105)
Dolphins at Jets
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Dolphins -6
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Dolphins -6.5
Texans at Jaguars
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Jaguars -7 (-105)
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Jaguars -6.5
Falcons at Buccaneers
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Buccaneers -9
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Buccaneers -8.5
Steelers at Bills
Bet now
Bills -13
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Bills -12.5
49ers at Panthers
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49ers -3
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49ers -3.5 (-105)
Eagles at Cardinals
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Eagles -4
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Eagles -3.5 (-115)
Cowboys at Rams
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Rams -7
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Rams -6
Bengals at Ravens
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Ravens -3.5 (-105)
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Ravens -3 (-115)
Raiders at Chiefs
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Chiefs -6.5
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Chiefs -6.5 (-115)

Week 5 NFL Primetime Games

Thursday Night Football Odds

The Colts thus far have had three pretty poor performances, masked by a win that came almost entirely due to Chiefs miscues. The market favors them this week against the Titans. If that game goes like the first three, the Colts most likely take another loss, and this line could easily surpass the key number of three here.

Now, the Broncos certainly have their own issues to deal with. But the fact is they have consistently left points on the board week after week. They rank 10th in total DVOA while Indy checks in at 30th. That’s a massive gap and not all that surprising given that most of the Colts production against the Texans came down big, and there was no production to speak of against the Chiefs and Jaguars.

Sunday Night Football Odds

Round one of a key divisional rivalry expected to decide the AFC North will see the Bengals travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens. Last year, this game basically served as the Bengals’ announcement that they were for real, pasting the Ravens 41-17.

Both teams play highly regarded AFC East squads this week. But, the market favors the Bengals over the Dolphins, while the Ravens sit as home underdogs against the Bills. Basically, if you agree with the market or come close, and you like the Bengals here, now’s probably the time to go with it. You may not get hook next week, especially since some big Bills wins exist in the range of outcomes due to their explosive passing game against a shaky Ravens secondary.

On the other hand, if you like Ravens, this line seems unlikely to grow much barring injury.

Monday Night Football Odds

Both of these teams are in big spots in Week 4, so both have big opportunities to influence market opinion.

The Raiders must win to have realistic hopes of contending for a playoff spot. Starting 0-4 leaves them not 100% out of it, certainly, but drawing very slim in the ultra-competitive AFC. We should see a tremendous effort at home against the Broncos.

The Chiefs have more room to drop a game but play a high-profile one in Tampa Bay against the Bucs. The offense has been efficient but not outrageously so. Against a tough Tampa Bay defense, if the Chiefs look good and roll to a comfortable win, look for this line to hit at least -7 and potentially even -7.5.


Bears At Vikings

This smells like last call to get the Vikings below a key number of -7.

Few, if any, 2-1 teams have gotten there in less impressive fashion than the Bears. They won a rain-soaked game, got dominated by the Packers, then squeaked one out over Houston due to a late turnover gift from Davis Mills. At some point, the other shoe is going to drop. It’s impossible to win consistently in the modern NFL dropping back about 15 times per game.

If that shoe drops this week against the Giants on the road, you’ll see an adjustment to or through Vikings -7 here. Even a poor performance by them can likely get written off as a product of a London game.

49ers At Panthers

Speaking of last calls on key numbers, the 49ers have a nationally televised divisional showdown with the Rams on Monday Night Football. Should they win, and the Panthers keep playing like the Panthers, you will not see a -3 here come market reopening time. Already FanDuel Sportsbook has the hook for sale.

Now, the Panthers are favored this weekend against the Cardinals, however slightly. They’ve had an odd season so far, winning the only game in which they got clearly outplayed while takings Ls in their other two.

The safe approach is probably to take them later if you lean that way while snapping up the 49ers now. Given the Niners’ recent success against the Rams — they’ve won six of the last seven — waiting on them is a bet against both the market and recent history.


The look-ahead lines allow you a sneak peek at the projected lines for the following week’s games. This information from a leading online sportsbook will help provide lessons in understanding lines and projections before the current week’s games are played.

Many bettors tend to overreact to the previous week’s scores and results. The NFL Week 5 look-ahead lines provide a sense of stability from the oddsmaker. They sometimes offer a clear, unbiased snapshot of perceived team strength

Bettors can also gain an edge or find value in the lines once the weekend results take hold. See if you can find any over- or under-reactions by the market.

Of course, always take note of key injuries, travel and scheduling situations, and NFL power rankings. Making adjustments is part of the process, along with accounting for teams’ strengths, weaknesses, against-the-spread angles and personnel matchups.

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