NFL Week 4 Weather: Hurricane Ian May Impact Tampa, Carolina

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on September 28, 2022
nfl week 4 weather

With Hurricane Ian messing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers preparations for Sunday and the risk of its remnants getting in the way of at least one other East Coast game, the NFL Week 4 weather report has a lot of implications for bettors to monitor.

Let’s run through the NFL weather forecast across the league.

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Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here, fortunately, the weather isn’t going to be noteworthy, but its fallout might be. With Hurricane Ian’s path looking to hit Tampa Bay directly, there are concerns about having to move it.

The NFL has selected U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis as the contingency site for Sunday Night Football between the Bucs and Chiefs. At the time of publish, the game remains scheduled for Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Buccaneers, however, have evacuated because of effects from Hurricane Ian’s landfall.

Given the timing, there should be plenty of time for the stadium and field to dry out; however, the power grid in the area could also be affected. A Category 4 hurricane that hit Miami a few years back left the county without power for a week or so.

If the game is played in Tampa on Sunday Night, the forecast calls for 72F and sunny weather.

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers

There will be light rain during this game, and a game temperature of 63F, but the big thing about this game isn’t just the rain during the game, but the absolutely rain-soaked field that looks likely for Charlotte.

When Hurricane Ian finishes with Florida, the remnants of the storm will end up here for Cardinals at Panthers, leading to four days of heavy rain that ends on Sunday. Even if there’s only light rain on the day, the field is going to be drenched, which might lead to players slipping and open running lanes if the RBs can fake out defenders.

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

A storm system will be working its way through Baltimore on Sunday, with rain in the forecast and a gametime temperature of 63F, which should help the Ravens‘ running game. 13MPH winds and rain might make the Bills‘ chunk passing game just a little less effective, and if it induces even one drop on a third and long, then it could make a big difference.

On the other hand, Lamar Jackson’s ability to run a functional option offense when he needs to means that the Ravens will be well suited to a rainy, wet game where the ball can’t be passed as effectively. It won’t be the same level of disruption for them to change their offense if the game gets wild and wet.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles

The same storm system working its way through Baltimore is also hitting Philadelphia. The Eagles and Jaguars should have a bit of a wet time in Philly. Both teams are perfectly capable of more run-heavy offenses, and that’s likely what the weather will dictate, if the game is meaningfully wet.

Weather at game time looks to be 66F and raining.

Best of luck navigating the NFL Week 4 weather.

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