NFL Week 4 Preview: Los Angeles Chargers at Houston Texans

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on September 30, 2022 - Last Updated on October 1, 2022
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The Chargers (1-2) head into Houston for a matchup with the Texans (0-2-1). Los Angeles is looking to get back to winning ways after a dispiriting loss to the Jaguars last week. The Texans are looking for their first win of the season, with first-year head coach Lovie Smith looking for his first win as a Texan. The Chargers are point spread favorites and moneyline favorites. Chargers Texans odds feature a total of points.

Below we’ll break down every aspect of betting on the game, including offense vs. defense stats, injury report and player props. For more NFL Week 4 odds and game previews, click the small, bright green button at the top of this post.

Chargers – Texans Odds: Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under

The Odds table above effectively shows all the legal sportsbooks odds for each of the three main markets – spreads, totals, and moneylines – so that bettors can know what they’re getting is the best price. Just use the dropdown menu to toggle between the type of bet you want, and then make sure you’re getting the best price when you bet.

If you’re looking at spreads, getting an extra half point on either side can make or break the difference, and getting the best side of a total points market can be crucial as well. When it comes to Moneyline betting, you always want to get the best number possible – all three things that the easy comparison points of the Odds Table allow.

Chargers vs. Texans Player Props

The props tool enables bettors to effectively track any player’s odds across sportsbooks, to make sure that bettors aren’t missing out on a better total, or a better value, on a player prop.

Whether it’s getting a total you want to bet an Over on 5 yards lower, or a line where you have to pay less juice, the Props tool enables bettors to make sure they’re not missing out.

Chargers at Texans Betting News & Angles

Chargers offense vs Texans defense

Chargers OStats (Rank)Texans D
19.3 (16)Points/Gm19.7 (12)
0.294 (17)Points/Play0.272 (9)
356 (11)Yards/Gm410 (29)
297 (2)Pass Yards/Gm207.7 (11)
59 (32)Rush Yards/Gm202.3 (32)
5.4 (14)Yards/Play5.7 (20)
7.2 (12)Yards/Pass6.4 (13)
2.6 (32)Yards/Rush5.6 (31)
37.21% (15)3rd Down %36.59% (15)
54.55% (18)Red Zone TD %40% (5)
3 (8)Turnovers5 (7)
3 (3)Sacks10 (5)

Texans offense vs Chargers defense

Texans OStats (Rank)Chargers D
16.3 (26)Points/Gm28 (29)
0.266 (26)Points/Play0.454 (31)
287.3 (29)Yards/Gm350.7 (19)
204.3 (25)Pass Yards/Gm248 (20)
83 (27)Rush Yards/Gm102.7 (11)
4.7 (31)Yards/Play5.7 (21)
6.2 (28)Yards/Pass6.7 (19)
3.6 (26)Yards/Rush4.6 (17)
25% (32)3rd Down %44.74% (23)
50% (21)Red Zone TD %50% (8)
3 (8)Turnovers3 (18)
7 (17)Sacks7 (12)

Chargers vs. Texans Betting Insights

Why the Chargers can cover the spread

This line was -7 before Week 3, and while the Chargers looked really bad, this is still a talented team. Herbert wasn’t himself and the Jaguars offense was efficient, but it’s also hard to make the case the Texans will be able to do the same thing, given their 30th ranked offence per DVOA.

The Texans are not well suited to take advantage of the Chargers’ mediocre pass defense, but the Chargers should be able to play better, especially with a more healthy Herbert.

Why The Texans can cover the spread

The Chargers did lose Rashawn Slater for the season, a big loss on an offensive line that’s been 2nd in Football Outsiders’ Adjusted Sack Rate metric this season, and the Texans have the 5th most sacks this season. If they can get pressure on Herbert, it could go a long way to getting Houston’s offence short fields.

If the Texans can just do mediocre on 3rd Down offence, and not be last in the league in the league in converting 3rd Downs into 1st Downs, then they might have a path to controlling the clock and covering the number.

Reasons to bet the over

Justin Herbert’s ability to make big plays has been one of the consistent hallmarks of his career so far, and if he can hit on an early big play, it will force the Texans into a more up tempo playing style and facilitate more plays and ideally more points.

Davis Mills’ ability to throw untimely interceptions – as he did last week to cost the Texans a win against Chicago – also could invite short fields for the Chargers and a quick score, which would have the same effect of speeding up the game.

Reasons to bet the under

The Texans have been one of the worst offences in football so far this season, and it’s hard for games to go over the number if one side runs bad, inefficient offense. Even if the Chargers look better than they did last week – a low bar – this could devolve into a puntfest.

Throw in the fact that Herbert still might not be 100%, and the Chargers might not be able to put up 30+ points to drag the Texans over even if Mills can’t do much.

Chargers vs. Texans Props: Matchups To Watch For

Austin Ekeler rushing yards: O/U / ()

If Ekeler can’t find his way to some meaningful rushing yards against the Texans, who give up a league worst amount of rushing yards and are 31st in rushing yards against, there might not be any saving him. Without Slater the Chargers line will be a bit makeshift, but he needs a big game if the Chargers are to have any hope of a rushing attack all season.

Brandin Cooks receptions: O/U / ()

After 7 catches in the season opener against Indianapolis, Cooks only has 6 receptions in his last two games. If Davis Mills is going to be able to move the ball efficiently, Cooks is going to need to get separation and give Mills an outlet.

Final Thoughts

There is no case for the Buccaneers in this game that isn’t just some expectation that Tom Brady will be a different, and fundamentally better, quarterback than he’s been so far.

If he is back to some facsimile of his 2021 performance, then the Bucs have a chance to win this. Their defence is rightly one of the best in the league, and should limit Mahomes. The problem the Bucs have is that Brady has been a disaster so far this season.

The Chiefs have the better QB and the better coach, and their defence is also very good. There is nothing in the Bucs current form that suggests this game should be particularly close.

The Chiefs, so far this year, have just been better than the Bucs, who have yet to reliably score points. Unless Brady changes that, the Chiefs have the edge, even in Tampa Bay.

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