NFL Week 4 Odds: Point Spreads, Moneylines And Totals

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NFL Week 4 odds

The fourth Sunday of the regular season is complete. Now it’s time to turn our attention to next weekend’s games. View NFL Week 5 odds now.

The NFL season is chugging along like a freight train as the month of October has arrived. NFL Week 4 odds for this Sunday’s games are available to bet on now. Some of the best betting games will include the Ravens (+1.5) at the Browns (-1.5), the Falcons (+3) versus the Jaguars (-3), the Dolphins (+2.5) at the Bills (-2.5) and the Bengals (-2.5) at the Titans (+2.5). Compare live NFL Week 4 lines and more below.

NFL Week 4 odds

View all of the updated NFL Week 4 odds here. The pro football spreads, moneylines and totals shown below are from the best sports betting sites in the country.

Here are the most sizable NFL Week 4 spreads.

  • Commanders (+8.5) at Eagles (-8.5)
  • Cardinals (+14) at 49ers (-14)
  • Patriots (+6.5) at Cowboys (-6.5)
  • Chiefs (-8.5) at Jets (+8.5)

Here is a look at some of the tighter NFL Week 4 odds on the docket.

  • Ravens (+2.5) at Browns (-2.5)
  • Bengals (-2.5) at Titans (+2.5)
  • Rams (+1) at Colts (-1)
  • Seahawks (-1) at Giants (+1)

NFL Week 4 betting lines

Among the surprising results from this past weekend, the Cardinals’ upset victory over the Cowboys tops the list. Arizona closed as a 13-point underdog. It was also roughly +500 on the moneyline. TheLines preaches ad nauseam that betting splits shouldn’t impact how you wager on a week-by-week basis, and this game was another instance of why. Over 85% of the tickets and money were behind Dallas.

That said, let’s move on to NFL Week 4 odds. Here are three games on the slate and how their spreads have shifted from the look-ahead line.

Ravens (+2.5) at Browns (-2.5)

Baltimore was favored under a field goal on the look-ahead line, but that quickly changed after the Ravens were provided with a shocking loss in their own right. While John Harbaugh’s team was missing a handful of starters, the Colts still managed to pick up an overtime win despite getting outgained by 1.2 yards per play (YPP).

Couple that with the Browns’ dominant victory over the Titans, and Cleveland is currently favored to win this huge AFC North clash. The Browns boast arguably the league’s top defense, yielding the fewest EPA per play. Their next test is a bit stiffer — in the form of former NFL MVP Lamar Jackson.

Dolphins (+2.5) at Bills (-2.5)

What happens when a team scores the most points in a single NFL game since 1966? Their subsequent spread moves under the key number of a field goal. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Buffalo was initially favored by 3.5 points on the look-ahead line. The Dolphins’ offensive outburst (and then some) against the lowly Broncos shortened that number by a full digit. Moreover, Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa finds himself as the clear-cut favorite among NFL MVP odds (). In turn, Buffalo’s 34-point win over Washington was for not — at least in relation to the spread.

Nevertheless, Bills QB Josh Allen has shaken off his first-week cobwebs while boasting the third-shortest MVP odds (). Allen accumulated 6.8 yards per pass attempt (YPA) against the Commanders’ steady defense, tossing a touchdown and an interception.

Broncos (-3.5) at Bears (+3.5)

We undoubtedly saved the worst game for last. If the aforementioned Browns have the NFL’s premier defense, Denver’s unit is the exact opposite. It has surrendered the most EPA per play.

Which group ranks just two spots better than the Broncos? None other than the Bears, which allowed reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes to carve them up for 7.9 YPA on Sunday. The total is for this contest, but expect it to climb as the week moves along.

Raiders (+5.5) at Chargers (-5.5)

The Raiders versus Chargers line has gone up just one point in favor of LA since the look-ahead lines were released. The initial total was 50 points and that has dropped to around 48.5 at most sportsbooks.

It is looking like Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo will play in Sunday’s game against the Chargers as he was back on the practice field Thursday after entering concussion protocol earlier in the week.

How the lines are changing

Over the course of the next few days we will monitor how NFL Week 4 odds are changing. First are the look-ahead lines and then updated spreads, moneylines and totals will be added.

Lions at PackersPackers -1.5Lions +100 at Packers -11846
Falcons at JaguarsJaguars -3Falcons +138 at Jaguars -16445.5
Ravens at BrownsRavens -1.5Ravens -130 at Browns +11044
Bengals at TitansBengals -1.5Bengals -110 at Titans -10643.5
Broncos at BearsBroncos -2.5Broncos -134 at Bears +11444.5
Rams at ColtsRams -1.5Rams -126 at Colts +10846
Dolphins at BillsBills -3.5Dolphins +138 at Bills -16450
Vikings at PanthersVikings -2.5Vikings -144 at Panthers +12244
Steelers at TexansSteelers -4.5Steelers -198 at Texans +16640
Buccaneers at SaintsSaints -3.5Buccaneers +158 at Saints -18840.5
Commanders at EaglesEagles -7.5Commanders +290 at Eagles -36044.5
Raiders at ChargersChargers -4.5Raiders +194 at Chargers -23550
Cardinals at 49ers49ers -14Cardinals +640 at 49ers -95041
Patriots at CowboysCowboys -7.5Patriots +285 at Cowboys -35542.5
Chiefs at JetsChiefs -7.5Chiefs -340 at Jets +27544.5
Seahawks at GiantsSeahawks -1.5Seahawks -120 at Giants +10245.5

Here are the more recent NFL Week 4 odds with point spreads, moneylines and totals for every game on the slate.

Game SpreadMoneylineTotal
Lions at PackersLions -2.5Lions -134, Packers +11445.5
Falcons at JaguarsJaguars -3Falcons +136, Jaguars -16243.5
Ravens at BrownsBrowns -2.5Ravens +124, Browns -14640.5
Bengals at TitansBengals -2.5Bengals -142, Titans +12041
Broncos at BearsBroncos -3.5Broncos -164, Bears +13846
Rams at ColtsColts -1.5Rams -110, Colts -10645.5
Dolphins at BillsBills -3Dolphins +126, Bills -14853.5
Vikings at PanthersVikings -4Vikings -200, Panthers +16846.5
Steelers at TexansSteelers -3Steelers -148, Texans +12641.5
Buccaneers at SaintsSaints -3Buccaneers +148, Saints -17839.5
Commanders at EaglesEagles -8.5Commanders +330, Eagles -42043.5
Raiders at ChargersChargers -5.5Raiders +194, Chargers -23548.5
Cardinals at 49ers49ers -14Cardinals +610, 49ers -90044.5
Patriots at CowboysCowboys -6.5Patriots +225, Cowboys -27543.5
Chiefs at JetsChiefs -9.5Chiefs -480, Jets +37041.5
Seahawks at GiantsGiants -1.5Seahawks -106, Giants -11047.5