NFL Weather Report Week 3: Small Chance Of Rain At Two Games

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on September 21, 2022
nfl week 3 weather

After two exciting weeks of games with weather messing with a couple of them – and NFL odds – this week’s weather forecast doesn’t have much cause for concern, but it could have some impact at two games in particular. Let’s take a look at NFL Week 3 weather in Miami and Nashville.

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NFL Weather Report: Games With Possible Precipitation

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Miami is going to be very hot, very humid and very wet for most of the week leading up to the game, with some scattered showers in the area for game time. If it does rain, this could be very interesting for two offenses that have been very prolific to start this season.

If the game is wet – and even if Hard Rock Stadium is just not in good shape because of all the weather in south Miami – then there’s a decent chance that the vaunted passing attacks, reliant as they are on large, chunk plays, might stall out more, as wet balls don’t get caught or runners don’t have their feet under them.

If it’s raining during the game, expect to see Mike McDaniels use Tyreek Hill a lot in the Deebo Samuel role from the Niners offence, as a way of getting Hill more touches without having to risk throwing in bad conditions.

Current forecast is 85F at kickoff, with a 34% chance of rain. Sustained winds at 11 mph.

Las Vegas Raiders at Tennessee Titans

Here, the Titans are likely to get an advantage if the rain does hit, because they need to take the air out of the ball. If the rain comes, the Raiders won’t be able to use their shorting passing game nearly as much, and will take a lot of the advantage of their marquee summer acquisition – Devante Adams – out of the game.

More running has to be Tennessee’s gameplan, as without AJ Brown they need Derrick Henry to get back into rhythm, and if he can get some carries in a wet field – a situation he knows well from playing in the SEC in college – then the Titans will be able to take the air out of the ball, keep control of the game, and milk clock – driving the likelihood of points down and making an under seem even more attractive.

Current forecast is 83F at kickoff, with a 28% chance of rain. Sustained winds at 11 mph.

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