NFL Week 2 Teaser Legs: Why There Are No Obvious Early Plays

Posted By Mo Nuwwarah on September 14, 2021

Teaser bets remain a popular option with many NFL bettors. But, you must use caution when selecting which teams you’ll tease, as you can’t win long-term without a sound strategy. At TheLines, we’ll go over each week’s NFL slate to see which teams fit best in teasers, starting with NFL Week 2.

Be sure to go over our primer on teaser bets hereIt’s imperative that you understand what to look for, from the numbers to the sportsbook juice being paid.

Before analyzing, let’s first highlight the three games that theoretically could fit best practices for Week 2:

Even The Best NFL Week 2 Teasers Have Red Flags

Unfortunately there don’t appear any slam-dunk teaser plays early in Week 2. While last week offered some clear-cut options in the Rams and 49ers, this week’s best options either don’t sit on the right numbers or have potential red flags.

Cowboys (+2.5) at Chargers

At first glance, the Cowboys may appear an attractive teaser side. After all, they’re sitting at +2.5 and buying six gives you the +8.5 you want, crossing the key numbers.

Furthermore, the Cowboys put forth an encouraging performance in their Week 1 loss. The fact their defense got trampled a bit can be excused somewhat since they faced the defending Super Bowl champs who brought back every starter and played at home.

On offense, they battled some issues with drops and holding penalties, but Dak Prescott fired for 403 yards and three TDs.

So, why should you tread cautiously with Dallas as an NFL Week 2 teaser?

The monster total of means a ton of points will likely light up the scoreboard. Certainly, the Chargers offense looked solid as Justin Herbert quieted concerns about sustainability with a fine showing against a strong Washington defense.

More points means less value on the points we buy. We have little reason to doubt the market here given both teams’ early showing matches preseason expectations. The line has also moved off +2.5 at some books.

Bengals (+2.5) at Bears

The Bengals looked pretty good in a Week 1 upset over the Vikings. They generated a surprising amount of pressure, sacking Kirk Cousins three times and hurrying him eight more. Their Hurry% of 15.1 ranked eighth in the league.

The Bears did about as expected. While they didn’t come close to covering against the Rams, they probably should have scored more points as they had some success moving the football on the ground (5.2 YPC).

The market took notice of the Bengals’ success and downgraded the Bears from the look-ahead of -4.5 to -3 (+100). DraftKings Sportsbook has moved them further to a teasable +2.5 number. Some prices north of -110 dot the market on the +3s as well.

Should you miss out on +3, this does look like a decent spot even on the road to tease the Bengals. The over/under of looks right about where we want to see it.

Broncos (-6) at Jaguars

This one seems a rather large longshot to reach a teasable number of -7.5.

However, it’s not out of the question. Note that line movement from the look-ahead number has already pushed the Broncos from -3 to .

Given how good the Broncos looked and how atrocious the Jags played on Sunday, a move past -7 could happen. Coach Urban Meyer seems in over his head thus far, so fading the Jags before the lines further adjust could be sharp. The early total of is also where we want to see it.

On the other hand, Denver’s on a back-to-back road trip, which isn’t ideal. Plus, if this line does somehow make it that high, you’d be buying off the worst of the number.

If you miss the early boat here and the line moves high enough, though, keep this one in mind.

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