NFL Week 13 Teaser Legs: Road Favorite Cardinals The Top Option

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on December 2, 2021
NFL week 13 teasers

Teaser bets remain a popular option with many NFL bettors. But, you must use caution when selecting which teams you’ll tease, as you can’t win long-term without a sound strategy. At TheLines, we’ll go over each week’s NFL slate to see which teams fit best in teasers. Today, we look at options for NFL Week 13 teasers.

Be sure to go over our primer on teaser bets hereIt’s imperative that you understand what to look for, from the numbers to the sportsbook juice being paid.

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The Best NFL Week 13 Teasers

NFL Week 13 teasers don’t really offer a bevy of options as of Thursday afternoon. There are a couple of decent spots — one that looks quite good — but overall it’s a light selection of teaser-friendly lines.

Cardinals (-7.5) At Bears

Playing the Cardinals on any sort of bet this early in the week requires a bit of a leap of faith that Kyler Murray and, to a lesser extent, DeAndre Hopkins will indeed return to the lineup. Positive news hit the wire on Thursday that both would play, barring a setback.

If you agree with that, then the Cardinals look very attractive as a teaser side. Aside from being a road favorite, they check all of the other boxes here. The total is pretty low (44 on Thursday), though that could change if Murray and Hopkins confirm they’re playing.

This play would probably become even better should Justin Fields return to the lineup. Andy Dalton did some decent work in his stead against the Lions and he’s probably a better player right now.

Unless Murray is Russell Wilson-level rusty, it’s a stretch to think of the Bears winning this game even at home. Remember, they’ve lost Khalil Mack for the year and may be without several key defensive and offensive players.

Football Team (+2.5) At Raiders

After both teams got big wins last week, the Football Team tries to keep its surprising surge up by heading to Vegas to play the Raiders.

This total is right on the border for where we should be comfortable teasing at .

There are a few concerns with this one, though. For one thing, Washington ranks 31st in defense DVOA. That’s pretty shocking and encompasses a bunch of games where they still had elite pass rusher Chase Young. The secondary has been particularly vulnerable, and facing high-variance weapon DeSean Jackson leaves them in a spot where the Raiders can quickly take a big lead with a deep bomb. That’s the sort of variance we want to avoid with teasers.

On the other hand, even if the Raiders do grab a lead, Dallas showed how quickly that can melt away if the pass rush doesn’t get home. Amazingly, Taylor Heinicke has the Washington offense fourth in passing EPA/play since their Week 9 bye.

Other Potential NFL Week 13 Teasers

Vikings (-7) At Lions

This one doesn’t quite fit the bill line-wise as the Vikings south of the prime teaser range by just a hair.

However, they are in a pretty good spot against the Lions here, particularly on the injury front. Yes, the Vikings lost Dalvin Cook, but Alexander Mattison has proven he can replicate most of Cook’s production. Better still, they have the eighth-best passing offense by EPA/play to hopefully replace some running plays.

Meanwhile, the Lions lost D’Andre Swift, who has basically been their only reliable source of offense for about a month. Particularly against a vulnerable Vikings run D, that hurts. Jamaal Williams is fine but lacks the speed to break a big play, which is of extra import when your offense is as bad as Detroit’s.

If you don’t trust the Vikings to run away here and/or the line ticks up, they could be in play on a teaser.

Eagles (-7) At Jets

This line did not look particularly likely to merit teaser consideration, but action on the Eagles has pushed them up from their opener to -7. So, again, they don’t quite meet the ideal criteria.

We do get a lower total here of though, and the Jets are, well, the Jets. If anything, this is a better week than usual to fade them since they come off a win while the Eagles scuffled to a loss against the Jets’ roommates, the Giants.

In that game, the Eagles had the more efficient offense but dropped multiple touchdowns. That hasn’t been a recurring problem and shouldn’t be a major issue on a team so run-heavy. Expect them to bounce back here, as long as Jalen Hurts doesn’t experience any lingering limitations from an ankle injury.

Patriots (+2.5) At Bills

Here we have a game tailor-made for teasers. The total has dropped to , potentially due to 15 mph winds and possible snow in the forecast. Bad weather means difficulty passing and that means extra value on the points we buy in a low-scoring affair.

Currently, the Patriots sit at +3 with some additional juice at most sportsbooks tracked by TheLines. That’s not a number you want to tease. If you like New England, you should probably pounce there and be done with this one.

But, if you miss the boat on +3 and the market moves further — it’s been bouncing back and forth between +2.5 and +3 a bit — the Patriots will absolutely make for a good teaser play.

They match up is favorable in several spots against the Bills, bringing the sort of running game to bear that the Colts used to demolish them recently. Furthermore, they rank seventh in frequency of explosive pass plays allowed, per Sharp Football Stats. Josh Allen has struggled at times when forced to work underneath.


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