NFL Week 12 Look-Ahead Lines: Close Games Across The Board

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on November 18, 2021
NFL Week 12 look ahead lines

NFL Week 12 look-ahead lines have hit the odds boards and a ton of close games dot the schedule. The market projects half of the games to land within a field goal, so it’s a good week to look things over and grab some early numbers before Sunday’s games cause line movement.

Every week, usually on Thursday, TheLines will post look-ahead lines from FanDuel Sportsbook. These look aheads give an early snapshot of the current market opinions of teams absent the week-to-week bias that can take hold following weekend results.

NFL Week 12 Look-Ahead Lines

(Eastern Time)
Bears at Lions
Bet now
Bears -3.5
Raiders at Cowboys
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Cowboys -7
Bills at Saints
Bet now
Bills -4.5
Titans at Patriots
Bet now
Patriots -3
Jets at Texans
Bet now
Texans -2.5
Eagles at Giants
Bet now
Eagles -2.5
Buccaneers at Colts
Bet now
Buccaneers -3.5
Falcons at Jaguars
Bet now
Falcons -1
Panthers at Dolphins
Bet now
Panthers -1.5
Steelers at Bengals
Bet now
Bengals -3.5
Chargers at Broncos
Bet now
Chargers -2
Vikings at 49ers
Bet now
49ers -2.5
Rams at Packers
Bet now
Packers -1.5
Browns at Ravens
Bet now
Ravens -4.5
Seahawks at Football Team
Bet now
Seahawks -3.5

Week 12 NFL Primetime Games

Thursday Night Football Odds

The Bills travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints, and the NFL Week 12 look-ahead line seems to reflect increased market confidence in them after the demolition of the Jets. It’s hard to imagine this line getting much higher as the Bills have a fairly tough game against the Colts on tap while the Saints play the Eagles. They’re short underdogs but have some matchup advantages, and if they win while the Bills come back to earth a bit against an actual NFL team, this line might wind up closer to +3.

Sunday Night Football Odds

Again, this one seems more likely to move toward the underdog than the favorite. The Browns are coming off of perhaps the worst performance of any contending team this season, so their market has reached its nadir. The Ravens likewise played poorly when we last saw them but they’ve played down to weaker competition all year. If they struggle to put away the Bears — ascending after a potential breakthrough Justin Fields performance — expect Browns +3.5 on the board next week.

Monday Night Football Odds

Not exactly a banger this week on paper as the Seahawks fly across the country to face Washington. This one could definitely see some movement as the market seems in flux on Seattle. Russell Wilson looked really poor in his return from injury. If he doesn’t provide a major boost this week then the Seahawks numbers going forward could shift big time. Washington just walloped Tampa Bay in shocking fashion so if they win again as underdogs that could make a difference, too. But ultimately this likely comes down to how Wilson looks against the Cardinals.

Week 12 Teams on a Bye

  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Arizona Cardinals


Titans At Patriots

The market has mostly seemed pretty skeptical of the Patriots but that finally changed after they embarrassed the Browns. Now, they have been installed as big favorites on Thursday Night Football. If they come through once again, this line likely grows past -3 — indeed, the juice already hints in that direction. The Titans are ripe for a letdown as they look a bit like a paper tiger without Derrick Henry. While they continued to win, the Rams and Saints both easily outgained them in yards per play. Grabbing the -3 now might be wise if you like New England.

Raiders At Cowboys

The Cowboys have a chance to make another huge statement if they can beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead. That might not have been the case a couple of weeks ago but there’s definite market sentiment that the Chiefs are “back” as they are favored against a team that has played better football than them all year. Assuming the Raiders play a tight one with the Bengals like the market thinks, this could inch either above or below -7 depending on how the Cowboys look. Sharps will likely hunt Raiders +7.5 if the Cowboys have a dominating win.


The look-ahead lines allow you a sneak peek at the projected lines for the following week’s games. This information from a leading online sportsbook will help provide lessons in understanding lines and projections before the current week’s games are played.

Many bettors tend to overreact to the previous week’s scores and results. The NFL Week 12 look-ahead lines provide a sense of stability from the oddsmaker. They sometimes offer a clear, unbiased snapshot of perceived team strength

Bettors can also gain an edge or find value in the lines once the weekend results take hold. See if you can find any over- or under-reactions by the market.

Of course, always take note of key injuries, travel and scheduling situations, and NFL power rankings. Making adjustments is part of the process, along with accounting for teams’ strengths, weaknesses, against-the-spread angles and personnel matchups.

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