NFL Week 11 Teaser Legs: Short Underdogs Galore

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on November 21, 2021
nfl week 11 teasers

Teaser bets remain a popular option with many NFL bettors. But, you must use caution when selecting which teams you’ll tease, as you can’t win long-term without a sound strategy. At TheLines, we’ll go over each week’s NFL slate to see which teams fit best in teasers. Today, we look at options for NFL Week 11 teasers.

Be sure to go over our primer on teaser bets hereIt’s imperative that you understand what to look for, from the numbers to the sportsbook juice being paid.

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The Best NFL Week 11 Teasers

Hopefully, NFL Week 11 teasers will prove more profitable, because Week 10 was not a good one for them. Although several good on-paper options existed on the board, most of them failed to come through. This week, a few more decent numbers are hanging, and we’ll see if any of them make sense to tease.

Vikings (+1.5) Vs. Packers

Minnesota has quietly rounded into becoming the most dangerous 4-5 team in the league. They’ve played one of the most difficult schedules and most of their losses could very easily have been wins.

DVOA has them as a top-10 team. Indeed, it rates them stronger than Green Bay.

The Packers find themselves pretty wounded as well. Probably their three most talented defenders — Rashan Gary, Jaire Alexander and Za’Darius Smith — may all miss the game. Only Gary has a chance to play. Despite the injuries, they have played great the past few weeks, but that seems tough to sustain.

A strong home underdog facing a hurting divisional rival in a game with a middle total () looks pretty strong for a teaser here. It’s probably one of the better ways to attack this spot since the Vikings are getting a mostly dead number, but the line seems to be on the move after it sat +2.5 across the board on Wednesday. Strike quickly if you want a teasable number.

Saints (+2) At Eagles

The Eagles seem to be a constant presence here as the market keeps expecting tight contests against other middling teams. They were the one good teaser side to come through in Week 10, but this week, fading them deserves a look.

Philly has settled into a run first, run second, and pass only when needed identity. It’s been working, but check out their last three opponents: the Lions, the Chargers and the Broncos. So, arguably the league’s worst team, the worst run defense in the league and a team with a front seven completely ravaged by injuries and trade.

The Saints have probably been the toughest team to run on in the league. They rank first in adjusted line yards and first in opponents’ rushing success rate. So, the battle up front will likely decide this one.

If the Saints force Jalen Hurts into a high-volume passing game, they’ll probably just win the game. Even if the Eagles have success on the ground, though, that probably means a lower-paced, lower-scoring game, perfect for teasing the underdog to a big number here.

Seahawks (+2) Vs. Cardinals

Russell Wilson turned in one of the stinkers of the season in his return from injury as the Packers blanked the Seahawks.

Hopefully for teaser hunters, he knocked off some of the rust from not playing football for a month. His track record says he should do much better here against a Cardinals defense that has started to come back to earth.

They allowed 24 points to a Packers team that had one professional wide receiver left then got trucked for 166 rushing yards by the Panthers of all teams. Even in their win against the 49ers, the Cardinals allowed 6 YPP to an unexciting offense that sunk itself with three turnovers.

This is a massive spot for the Seahawks. They should be circling the wagons and giving a huge effort as their season is probably finished if they lose.

While you might expect the total involving these two QBs to be too high for teasers, it’s actually a palatable .

Other Potential NFL Week 10 Teasers

Cowboys (+2.5) At Chiefs

No doubt the game of the week on paper, the market says the Chiefs and Cowboys will have a close battle on Sunday afternoon. That puts the line for Dallas right in teaser territory.

Amomg NFL Week 11 teasers, the obvious problem is the massive total of , one of the highest of the year.

Especially considering the variance in the Chiefs’ performance this year, this game looks tough to trust for teaser purposes. If KC turns in another sterling offensive effort like they did against the Raiders, they could easily win this by two scores.

If they stink up the joint as they did for a month straight, then Dallas should win outright and you’ll have bought meaningless points.

One thing going in Dallas’ favor is even if they’re down big and the game’s out of reach, Mike McCarthy looks committed to keeping starters in and trying to put up some stats. That’s what happened against the Broncos in a dead game, so the backdoor should remain open.

Bills (-7.5) Vs. Colts

This one sits mostly at Bills -7 across the markets tracked by TheLines, but there is one -7.5 (PointsBet Sportsbook) at the time of writing. If the market does move to -7.5, and you like Buffalo but don’t want to lay two scores, a teaser is worth a look.

Early in the season, a total would likely have been too high for teaser purposes between these teams. However, the market has increased respect for the Bills D as they continue to dominate, while the offense has scuffled more than expected. Thus, the is a tad high but not prohibitively so.

The Bills would seem well-suited to attack this Colts defense through the air and avoid their strength on the ground. The question is whether Indy can implement a similar game plan as Jacksonville and make Buffalo pivot to the ground and the short stuff.

Like the Vikes, the Colts have quietly become a solid team, ranking 10th in overall DVOA. Be careful fading them too strongly.



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