NFL Week 11 Look-Ahead Lines: Chiefs Favored Small Over Cowboys

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on November 14, 2021
nfl week 11 look ahead lines

NFL Week 11 look-ahead lines have hit the odds boards and a couple of short home favorites might surprise some bettors out there. The market gives the ever so slight nods to the Chiefs over the Cowboys and the Seahawks over the Cardinals.

Every week, usually on Thursday, TheLines will post look-ahead lines from FanDuel Sportsbook. These look aheads give an early snapshot of the current market opinions of teams absent the week-to-week bias that can take hold following weekend results.

NFL Week 11 Look-Ahead Lines

(Eastern Time)
Patriots at Falcons
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Patriots -3.5
Lions at Browns
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Browns -10
49ers at Jaguars
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49ers -6
Colts at Bills
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Bills -6.5
Dolphins at Jets
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Dolphins -2.5
Football Team at Panthers
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Panthers -2
Ravens at Bears
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Ravens -6
Saints at Eagles
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Saints -1
Texans at Titans
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Titans -10
Packers at Vikings
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Packers -2.5
Bengals at Raiders
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Raiders -1
Cardinals at Seahawks
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Seahawks -1
Cowboys at Chiefs
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Chiefs -2.5
Steelers at Chargers
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Chargers -3.5
Giants at Buccaneers
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Buccaneers -12.5

Week 11 NFL Primetime Games

Thursday Night Football Odds

Market opinion on the Patriots is cresting after three straight very easy covers including an outright win as underdogs against the strongly-regarded Chargers. The Falcons are big underdogs against the Cowboys. If the Pats show out once again and the market correctly pegs this Falcons game as a blowout, expect this number to lengthen. Otherwise, if nothing major changes, sharps may look to grab the key number of +3.5 early in the week.

Sunday Night Football Odds

Again, we have one team in a tough, close matchup and the other in an expected easy win. It’s hard to see this one moving too much unless the Chargers lose very convincingly to the Vikings. This looks like a good matchup for LA on paper because their defense has been very poor stopping the run, but the Steelers can’t run block at all (30th in adjusted line yards per Football Outsiders). Again, you might see sharps grab the hook and move this down to Steelers +3, but that’s probably as far as it’s likely to move.

Monday Night Football Odds

The Giants are off this week so they won’t have any impact here. Tampa Bay, however, does have a game in which they’re large road favorites against Washington. Any move here would likely be one-way traffic toward New York. Most convincing Tampa wins would just be par for the course, and if it did move toward them, it’s very unlikely to cross -14, so you’re looking at low-value numbers. On the other hand, a close game or even loss to Washington could see this drop to -10 or so.

Week 11 Teams on a Bye

  • Denver Broncos
  • LA Rams


Cowboys At Chiefs

Market opinion has begun to turn on the Chiefs as they continue to scuffle both in actual results and against the spread. They’ve moved five points down from the preseason line for this week’s road game in Las Vegas. If they look inept once again, and the Cowboys take care of business as big favorites, don’t be surprised to see this line flip the other way and make Dallas short favorites.

Dolphins At Jets

A game between two of the league’s dregs might seem an odd one to highlight but there’s potential QB intrigue on both sides here. It sounds like Mike White will get the start for the Jets after going down with an injury last Thursday. And Tua Tagovailoa continues to look iffy with a broken finger. The Dolphins might not want to press things in a lost season. If White continues to shine, the Jets can easily continue to start him under the guise of waiting for Zach Wilson to reach 100% health. And if that happens, while the Dolphins look inept on offense once again, the Jets could be favored here, amazing as that sounds.


The look-ahead lines allow you a sneak peek at the projected lines for the following week’s games. This information from a leading online sportsbook will help provide lessons in understanding lines and projections before the current week’s games are played.

Many bettors tend to overreact to the previous week’s scores and results. The NFL Week 11 look-ahead lines provide a sense of stability from the oddsmaker. They sometimes offer a clear, unbiased snapshot of perceived team strength

Bettors can also gain an edge or find value in the lines once the weekend results take hold. See if you can find any over- or under-reactions by the market.

Of course, always take note of key injuries, travel and scheduling situations, and NFL power rankings. Making adjustments is part of the process, along with accounting for teams’ strengths, weaknesses, against-the-spread angles and personnel matchups.

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