NFL Week 1 Teaser Legs: EIGHT Teams Fit The Mold; Are Any A Trap?

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on September 7, 2022
NFL Week 1 teasers

Teaser bets remain a popular option with many NFL bettors. But, you must use caution when selecting which teams you’ll tease, as you can’t win long term without a sound strategy. At TheLines, we’ll go over each week’s NFL slate to see which teams fit best in teasers. Today, we look at options for NFL Week 1 teasers.

Be sure to go over our primer on teaser bets hereIt’s imperative that you understand what to look for, from the numbers to the sportsbook juice being paid. Click on the odds anywhere below to bet now.

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The Best NFL Week 1 Teasers

Before we get into NFL Week 1 teasers, it’s instructive to remember that teasers operate on the presumption that the line is sharp. Therefore, the points you buy have some value. Keep in mind that uncertainty abounds early in the NFL season. Uncertainty reduces the value of teasers. Contenders can emerge out of nowhere (see: Bengals, Cincinnati) and make some of these lines look silly.

Many NFL lines fit the bill for teasers this week as far as sitting on the valuable numbers. However, we should be a little choosier early in the season. So, we’ll dive into them all, but a little more briefly than in weeks that feature fewer options.

Ravens (-7.5) At Jets

The Ravens sit mostly -7 in the market as of Wednesday afternoon, but news dropped that Joe Flacco will start for the Jets. After initial bad reports, rumblings had emerged that Zach Wilson could go, but that possibility has been quashed. The first -7.5 has popped up, and that could become the consensus number. If so, the Ravens make for a solid teaser look.

After dealing with a litany of injuries last season, the Ravens should bounce back. The Jets improved their roster a fair amount, but with Flacco unwilling or unable to threaten defenses deep, Baltimore’s defense should have a fine day here.

The question will be whether the Jets’ regression in run defense last year was a blip or a new trend. They had been solid in prior years, and Lamar Jackson does not have an impressive group of receivers.

Overall, with a middling total and a vulnerable opponent, the Ravens are worth a look.

Jaguars (+2.5) At Commanders

Action on Jacksonville has pushed this line down considerably, through the key number of 3. So, wagering on them against the spread has become quite a bit less attractive.

What about teasing the Jags against Washington? That certainly has some merit. Again, the total is attractive at .

The Jaguars do have an unusually large amount of variance due to the situation under Urban Meyer last year. Just how much damage did he cause? Almost all of the scenarios that see a big move from the Jags would involve improvement since there isn’t anywhere to go but up from picking No. 1 back-to-back seasons. Assuming this is just a normal below-average football team now, staying competitive with a Commanders team starting Carson Wentz and missing its most talented defensive piece in Chase Young shouldn’t be too terribly tall an order.

Browns (+1.5) At Panthers

With the second-lowest total of the week (, we’ll get to the lowest one later), this looks even juicier potentially.

While Jacoby Brissett is not what you would call a good quarterback, he has some teaser-friendly qualities. The biggest danger to a teaser is a large swing play like a huge turnover in a team’s own territory. A quick opponent score after can smash the dreams of teaser players who spent nearly the whole game inside the number.

Say what you want about Brissett but he takes care of the football. His 1.4 INT% sits just a hair above that of Aaron Rodgers (1.3%).

Both defenses look potentially fierce. Baker Mayfield is the QB more likely to give the ball away. In a low-scoring game, the short-handed Browns can stick close.

Colts (-7.5) At Texans

Mostly, this line has moved to -7. That makes it much more questionable for teaser purposes. However, the possibility always remains that this could move the other way later in the week.

On the surface it’s a fine spot to tease. The Colts absolutely destroyed the Texans in two meetings last year, winning by a combined 62-3. They improved their QB position in theory, although age-related decline looms for the 37-year-old Matt Ryan. Carson Wentz held them back last season, much to the coaching staff’s frustration.

Houston has a bottom-five roster if you want to be generous. Easy pickings?

Well, divisional road games are generally ripe for upset possibilities. That should make one a little leery of this one, which seems almost too easy.

Vikings (+1.5) Vs. Packers

How about a divisional underdog instead?

Minnesota has revamped its coaching staff, and they open with a rather stiff challenge facing the two-time defending NFL MVP.

While Aaron Rodgers made mincemeat of the Vikings last year — he threw for 673 yards, 6 TDs and 0 INTs — there are reasons to believe he and the Packers are more vulnerable on that end. Obviously, Davante Adams has taken his All-Pro talents elsewhere. But, critical offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins are returning from major injuries if they play at all. It’s an open question what level of play they can bring.

The Vikings have a mirroring issue with pass rushers Za’Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter, though.

If the new Packers offense ends up more ground-bound and less explosive, the Vikings should have a great chance to stick close.

Other Potential NFL Week 1 Teasers

49ers (-7) At Bears

While the 49ers currently sit a hair off the desirable teaser number of -7.5, the lowest total of the week () means this could be a prime teaser spot. And everyone is pretty much looking to fade the Bears.

So, what makes this an iffy teaser spot?

In a word (actually two words), Trey Lance. If Lance is just a pretty good quarterback, then this line makes some sense and a teaser probably ends up fine.

But the error bars are huge here. Lance could come out and completely dominate a bad Chicago team. In that case, the 49ers will probably win by more than a touchdown. Buying points won’t help you. Or, Lance could flop. In that case, the Niners may lose outright.

It’s just really hard to know what to expect here, and that makes a teaser not a great proposition.

Rams (+2.5) Vs. Bills

Many bettors will be excited to fire away for Thursday Night Football to open the season. But nobody gets excited to take +2.5 since games so rarely end on margins of one or two. Naturally, many will gravitate toward a teaser since this is a good number to tease.

However, be wary here because of the high total of . The market expects a potential shootout. If that occurs, you’re just better off taking the Rams on the moneyline with a best price of .

Cowboys (+2.5) Vs. Buccaneers

Another high total but this one also comes with some additional uncertainty.

Both teams have endured quite a bit of roster turnover at some key positions. The Buccaneers‘ offensive line was a key part of their success the past couple of years. It looks noticeably weaker in 2022 with the losses of Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen, and Tom Brady is not a QB who thrives under defensive pressure at his stage of his career. Micah Parsons is not the man you want testing out the weak points in your new line.

Also, Chris Godwin’s status looks in doubt.

Dallas‘ offensive line also took major hits with the losses of starting tackles La’el Collins and Tyron Smith. Likewise in the receiving corps without Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. It’s anyone’s guess how Dak Prescott will perform in his new environment.

Not a situation that looks good for including in NFL Week 1 teasers and spending hard-earned dollars on the buying of points.

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